Monday, April 27, 2009

Balancing Work and Faith

I'm always looking forward to Sunday Fellowship and Wednesday Bible Study because that's the time that I can recharge my faith battery. As a working mom and a born-again christian I'm exposed to many temptations of not living up to Christian right attitude and principles, my job requires me to deal with a lot of people locally and internationally. I do collection and payables and it necessitate me to enforce rules and discipline to settlement.

There are also things that your employer wanted you to do or wanted you to work on Sunday that will test your patience and a lot of perseverance in explaining and making them see your point of view. I had difficulty in my early years of working when my work deadlines gets in the way of my church service, good thing my boss has a kind heart to see my reasons for not working on Sundays. You just have to pray to God to touch your boss’ heart and see clearly your reasons and point of view. Line up God as your priority and everything good will follow. Make Him the center of your life and He’ll watch and care for you everywhere you go.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Common Sickness Of Today’s Women

Yesterday JennyL and I visited the wake of my high school teacher Ms. Elida Rosas and found out that she suffered from cancer of the pancreas which was diagnosed six months ago. We met our batch mates there and discussed about the common sickness encountered by our other friends. We noticed that cancer diagnosed patients have little time to spare after being found out with that sickness. Is it environment or the food that we eat that’s causing this sickness to us? My godmother who passed away few years ago died of cancer also and she was one of the first cases that died few months later after being diagnosed.

My friend just a few blocks away from us died of cervical cancer and she also had little time to prepare her children for her last days.
It’s a painful and expensive sickness, one that medication can’t be afford by many but if you have noticed a great percentage of it is lurking on women. I just pray to God that whatever is plaguing this society will not surpass the power of God’s healing hands. Let’s all reach the hands of God for His protection and care. Never let go of HIM.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learning Photography

As I’m on vacation from my work and working only once a week I had the time now to study my digital camera and all its features. My Mom was smiling always at me whenever I show her my photos, nice that she can see my shots now unlike the past weeks. I’m reading and viewing photos online and began to learn about different angles of shooting, how to adjust my point and shoot camera for better capture. What I like most are my macro shots especially on my flower pictures which I used for Today’s Flowers meme. My bes JennyL is a good photographer and sometimes I ask her about taking photos. I love visiting her Scraps & Shots blog because you’ll see her beautiful projects there.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanksgiving to God

My siblings and I were very happy about our Mom’s condition and promised ourselves to give a thanksgiving to God for all His unwavering assistance and help to us. Redge and I both testified to our church how God’s loving hands continued to take care of our mother. It’s hard to see your loved one having difficulty in moving because she can’t see a thing so it’s a celebration for us to see her happy with her operated eye.

In our church we told our brethren to bring the necessary things to cook something for salu-salo for our thanksgiving but we learned that one brother also wanted to prepare food for his birthday so it became a big celebration as we cooked 5 kilos spaghetti and gallons of ice cream. Everyone was happy about the condition of my Mom and sent their regards through us. They packed some of our food for her.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Doctor’s Statement

It’s my mom’s checkup schedule with our doctor and we want to surprise him with our good news so we didn’t inform him about the new changes in my Mom’s left eye. Upon reaching the eye center we talked to Cecile his assistant and told her that mother can see with both her eyes now. She was surprised and told us that she might just imagining it. She told us that some elders tend to talk about seeing with two eyes but the real fact is they’re just imagining things.

Dr. Aragon Belza was smiling happily when we told him about this. We told him that we include our mother in our church prayers and God has answered our prayers. He asked my Mom what she did to make her left eye see again. My Mom told him that she prayed hard to God to make her see again. He examined the both eyes with much amazement in his eyes and when he has finished with both eyes he declared that truly my Mom’s eye was healed.

He made a statement that brought us joy in his heart. He said that ‘As per my record and detailed observation last month your left eye can’t see a single ray of light, I will not take any credit on your eye, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t put any medicine and whatever happened to you Ma’am it’s all because of HIM!

See even our doctor with his expertise in medicine on eyes recognized the miracle that God has given us. All praises be given unto God.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jehovah Rappha

God’s blessings are bounty and nothing is impossible to Him. We thanked God for all His guidance to us during those times that my Mom can’t see and walk, on her eye operation and everything that He bestowed us. After the right eye cataract operation we discussed about my mother’s left eye which the doctor pronounced as impossible to see any light again. Her left eye suffered a breakdown of nerve connected to retina making it impossible to regain its sight through medicine or operation. Knowing this we still never stopped on hoping and praying because nothing is impossible to God, just believe on Him and He can do miracle. Faith can move mountains and this same faith can heal blindness.

This morning my Mom was so excited to tell me her good news, she told us that she can see everything now even if her operated eye is closed. God has returned her eyesight without the help of doctor or any medicine. The news has brought us so much happiness and overwhelming joy in knowing that God loves us so much. God has showed us again that He’s the great healer of all times. He’s really our Jehovah-Rappha!

JEHOVAH-RAPPHA: "The Lord Who Heals". From "rophe" ("to heal"); implies spiritual, emotional, as well as physical healing God heals body, soul and spirit.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Summer Camp Fellowship At Indang, Cavite

We traveled early at 4am and headed to our meeting place in GMA Cavite. We had a very clear sky on our way to Indang, Cavite passing through the towns of Cavite and Tagaytay City. I’ve always love seeing the majestic volcano, rows of vacation townhouses and beautiful sceneries of the place. The weather suddenly changed. It’s colder in Tagaytay and Indang Cavite that’s why I love the place, just the right temperature for comfort. We reached the place around 8am and every one took their share of responsibilities to get our service started. Of course mothers were the busiest with their children and baggage to take care of.

We’re now far from Manila and away from the bustling city of traffic and pollution. It’s nice to breathe the air there, fresher and smelling like the newly cut grass of the field. At this time of the year the flowers were blooming everywhere, great for my flower photography session. Kids and adults were simply happy to be far from their homes once in a while; even if it’s a summer camp fellowship we can also say that it’s also a vacation for us.

We had a fulfilling day of praising songs, testimonies, and messages and on night time we had communion and feet washing. We ended the night with big bonfire. On the second day the ministers had their dawn service which gave them a very good foundation for the second day’s fellowship as all burdens were unloaded and a feeling of lightness within themselves transpired to give them energy for the day. At the end of our fellowship we felt like extending our stay there as two days were not enough for us. We decided to reserve longer period on our December camp.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer Camp Reminders and Last Minute Details

We held the last meeting for our summer camp fellowship and we discussed service ministers assigned, food schedule and volume, youth fellowship and kids’ activities. Everyone was reminded of the instruments assigned to carry on their vehicle. Parents were requested to bring all necessary items, food and clothing for their children as we don’t encourage going out of the camp just to go to the market.

As the place is a very wide area villa with plantation around the camp place we’ll have a bonfire to keep us warm and to ward off mosquitoes, mothers should take precaution on this so they were told to have off lotion. Everything was listed and everyone was reminded on so we’ll just have to be equipped with all essentials for a successful and worry-free camp meeting.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Month-Long Recovery Period

After my Mom’s operation there are lots of do’s and don’ts doctor told us about. We have to drop three kinds of medicine for different purposes. The schedule of the drops needs a full-time attention as one drop is every one hour; the others are every 3 hours. I’ve made a list of the hours for me to forget the scheduled hours and set the timer also on my mobile phone.

My mom will not be left to take a bath by herself as it’s too risky, her glasses must be clean at all times and her eyes may be cleaned only by cotton buds dipped in sterilized water. She must not be allowed to droop and lastly she must eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies and fish. That’s not a problem as she’s a health-conscious woman. It’s good that I go to office once a week only and on that one day Redge will be absent from her office. With this all in hand we’ll make it until she passed the 30 days critical period of the post operation recovery. God will not forsake us I know.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mom’s Successful Operation

We had an off-site prayer together with our church brethren yesterday night for the success of my Mom’s eye surgery. It’s an early day for us as we have an 8am operation schedule. We’re earlier than the scheduled time to relax before the operation. We asked and checked our Mom if she’s not nervous or something because the patient to be operated must feel confident for an assuring surgery.

The hospital staff attended to her immediately and after checking all needed things she was pushed to operating room. The surgery lasted for about one hour and 20 minutes but it includes all medicine tests, eye drops and everything. The cataract operation for the eye actually lasted for 15 minutes only. As we waited for her outside we prayed to God that everything will be alright for my Mom. God is good all the time…. When my Mom resurfaced she can see us in full light. She’s very happy that she can see again with her right eye.


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