Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mom’s Successful Operation

We had an off-site prayer together with our church brethren yesterday night for the success of my Mom’s eye surgery. It’s an early day for us as we have an 8am operation schedule. We’re earlier than the scheduled time to relax before the operation. We asked and checked our Mom if she’s not nervous or something because the patient to be operated must feel confident for an assuring surgery.

The hospital staff attended to her immediately and after checking all needed things she was pushed to operating room. The surgery lasted for about one hour and 20 minutes but it includes all medicine tests, eye drops and everything. The cataract operation for the eye actually lasted for 15 minutes only. As we waited for her outside we prayed to God that everything will be alright for my Mom. God is good all the time…. When my Mom resurfaced she can see us in full light. She’s very happy that she can see again with her right eye.


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