Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Delightful Hobby on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is fast approaching and with the kind of weather that we have right now I think summer has begun already. It’s only a month before our kids will be staying at the house to enjoy their school break vacation to rest themselves for a new school year ahead. Well it’s not as if they will really sleep and sit only or spend the whole vacation playing games online. For me it’s not healthy for the mind and body. They should learn something that they don’t do in school. You can enroll them in music, enhancement studies or engage them in sports.

My kids are so fond of clays and I’m thinking of joining them when they do it because it’s fun even to adults. Well if you’re kids are apt to this kind of hobby you can check out AMACO/Brent for a complete line of products that will supply all your pottery requirements. They’re the leading company where you can get your pottery supply for the whole family. It’s nice to have bonding with your kids while you enjoy some creative ideas to be put into reality.

Aside from sports it’s really good for our kids to explore their artistic and creative minds and playing clays and doing pottery can give them the benefit that you want. It’s an enhancer for the mind as well. See them enjoy their different colors of clays put into slump molds of their choice. I know it’s fun and exciting because I did it when I was young and still joining my kids when they play their doughs.

No problem now with getting supplies as AMACO/Brent have it all from pottery wheels, clays, hardening stuff, kilns, majolica glazes and more. The fun will never stop as long as you have creative imagination and ideas. It will make their summer vacation a delightful break from school.


Lazy to Go Out

Whew this scorching heat makes me lazy to go out of the house. I’m glad Bes Jen offered to cancel my plan to go there in their shop because I’m full to my neck with my online tasks and going out at around 2-3pm is like going to a battlefield with the sun’s excessive glare and heat. No wonder many people now are having illness associated with the heat like measles, skin allergies and heat stroke. We’ll just meet tomorrow in the afternoon and have a good time again. As for my plans to go to Ruth's school I'll just do it next week. I just don't want the sun to feast on me lol!

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One Stop Shop for Sculptures and Potters

This coming summer it’s enjoyable to give way to your skills, talents and hobbies. It’s like an outlet to whatever bad things that happened to you in the past few months. Giving in to your hobbies can relieve you of your stress because of the joy you feel when you do the things that you like best. As of now I’m indulging on some of my hobbies and that’s reading, blogging and cooking.

For those who have a heart for pottery it’s really exciting to form your original creation of vase or pots on your pottery wheel clay as it can give you a lot of fulfillment. They say when you put your heart on everything that you do it will reflect on the output. So if you exert all efforts and patience on your hobby it will pay on the outcome of your labor.

Like any hobbyists you should find the right place for your materials and for potters you can find all the things that you need for pottery at AMACO/Brent, one of the leading companies that provides products for sculptures and potters such as pottery wheels and equipment, clays, glazing products, sculpting compounds, brushes, tools and mold-making products,texturing tools and all pottery materials you’ll need to come up with a pretty vase or your other creations. It’s a one-stop shop for sculptures and pottery so you can get them all here.

It’s better to give way to your hobbies like this as it will not only relax and enhance your skills and talent but it’s also a way of having one nice hobby for the whole family. Yes the whole family will enjoy this. Visit AMACO/Brent and check out what supplies and products they have for you.


Waiting for Graduation Sked!

I’ve planned to go to TUMCS today to get Ruth’s hardcopy of exam results (got it over the phone last week) and the school’s letter of requirements to be completed prior to enrollment but due to pending tasks I’ve decided to do it tomorrow or next week since it’s too early to enroll Ruth in high school. They still haven’t got a date for graduation ceremony and DH was worried because they need to seek permission for a leave of absence way before the real date. Josh will have his graduation on the 22nd of March and I’m hoping Ruth will have her schedule before April.

The school is still waiting for the district decision of date and no one is authorized to do that than the district head. Janet and I were elected as two of the graduation officials for this year’s graduation but Janet can’t reserve the venue without a date, oh well she’s smart enough to reserve the last week of March as per our guess lol! I’ll keep on praying that it will not be on the 31st of March as we’ll be going to Tagaytay at midnight.


Taking Care of Elders

The only elder in our home right now is my own mother and we live with her since I got married. My father died when I was newly married and I know it will make my Mom sad if we will live somewhere other than our ancestral house. Since she’s a retired teacher she takes care of my children with the added benefit of teaching them the way a good teacher can. My friends keep telling me that part of my kids' reason for being good in school is my Mom’s direct supervision and her superb teaching abilities. I’ll agree to their statement because Mom really exercises her profession together with being a super grand mom to impart good breeding and learning abilities to my children. I’m a lucky daughter to have a super Mom like her.

Now she’s older I decided to quit my job and take care of my children because I know it would be easier for her if I’m working in the house. That way I can take care of my kids and her while I’m working as a freelance writer at home. I also plan to buy a franchise of well-known meat products or perhaps a cleaning franchise whichever is better. It was a good decision backup by prayers and waiting for God’s perfect will. Working at home proved to be a good opportunity to earn bucks more than my office salary so I know its God’s plan for me.

My life is different now unlike what I had for the last two decades of employment as I’m my own boss and I can do whatever I want in my own time. My job experiences helped me tackle multi-tasking job and I’m glad I can cope up with my writings’ expectations and pressures. Now I’m with my Mom the whole day and I’m taking care of monitoring what she eat, I’m very particular with her meal which consists of fish, vegetable and various kinds of fruits. She has rheumatism and I take note of the foods that’s not fit to eat for rheumatic person. When I was working in office employment we set her foods for the whole day but sometimes she has less appetite when she’s alone in the house with only my little boy with her. It’s different now because we eat together and that gave her more appetite which gained her some pounds.

I’m not alone in taking care of my Mom as my sister is also with her who takes care of her when she gets home after office work. We love her and we will never ever put her in a nursing home as long as we’re physically able to take care of her. It’s like giving back in return all the love that she has unselfishly given us throughout the years.


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