Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Delightful Hobby on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is fast approaching and with the kind of weather that we have right now I think summer has begun already. It’s only a month before our kids will be staying at the house to enjoy their school break vacation to rest themselves for a new school year ahead. Well it’s not as if they will really sleep and sit only or spend the whole vacation playing games online. For me it’s not healthy for the mind and body. They should learn something that they don’t do in school. You can enroll them in music, enhancement studies or engage them in sports.

My kids are so fond of clays and I’m thinking of joining them when they do it because it’s fun even to adults. Well if you’re kids are apt to this kind of hobby you can check out AMACO/Brent for a complete line of products that will supply all your pottery requirements. They’re the leading company where you can get your pottery supply for the whole family. It’s nice to have bonding with your kids while you enjoy some creative ideas to be put into reality.

Aside from sports it’s really good for our kids to explore their artistic and creative minds and playing clays and doing pottery can give them the benefit that you want. It’s an enhancer for the mind as well. See them enjoy their different colors of clays put into slump molds of their choice. I know it’s fun and exciting because I did it when I was young and still joining my kids when they play their doughs.

No problem now with getting supplies as AMACO/Brent have it all from pottery wheels, clays, hardening stuff, kilns, majolica glazes and more. The fun will never stop as long as you have creative imagination and ideas. It will make their summer vacation a delightful break from school.


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