Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking Care of Elders

The only elder in our home right now is my own mother and we live with her since I got married. My father died when I was newly married and I know it will make my Mom sad if we will live somewhere other than our ancestral house. Since she’s a retired teacher she takes care of my children with the added benefit of teaching them the way a good teacher can. My friends keep telling me that part of my kids' reason for being good in school is my Mom’s direct supervision and her superb teaching abilities. I’ll agree to their statement because Mom really exercises her profession together with being a super grand mom to impart good breeding and learning abilities to my children. I’m a lucky daughter to have a super Mom like her.

Now she’s older I decided to quit my job and take care of my children because I know it would be easier for her if I’m working in the house. That way I can take care of my kids and her while I’m working as a freelance writer at home. I also plan to buy a franchise of well-known meat products or perhaps a cleaning franchise whichever is better. It was a good decision backup by prayers and waiting for God’s perfect will. Working at home proved to be a good opportunity to earn bucks more than my office salary so I know its God’s plan for me.

My life is different now unlike what I had for the last two decades of employment as I’m my own boss and I can do whatever I want in my own time. My job experiences helped me tackle multi-tasking job and I’m glad I can cope up with my writings’ expectations and pressures. Now I’m with my Mom the whole day and I’m taking care of monitoring what she eat, I’m very particular with her meal which consists of fish, vegetable and various kinds of fruits. She has rheumatism and I take note of the foods that’s not fit to eat for rheumatic person. When I was working in office employment we set her foods for the whole day but sometimes she has less appetite when she’s alone in the house with only my little boy with her. It’s different now because we eat together and that gave her more appetite which gained her some pounds.

I’m not alone in taking care of my Mom as my sister is also with her who takes care of her when she gets home after office work. We love her and we will never ever put her in a nursing home as long as we’re physically able to take care of her. It’s like giving back in return all the love that she has unselfishly given us throughout the years.


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