Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Investment Ideas

I’ve been talking to my friend in my kid’s school and she’s so happy that her daughters have stable jobs now. She experienced some financial problems in the past which made her work hard to help her husband who found himself out of job for several months. The husband was able to get freelance job but it was not enough for the schooling kids. Now my friend is so happy that her husband and elder kids have permanent jobs and there’s no need for her work hard. In fact she’s not working for about two years now and she’s only taking care of her family’s needs.

We’re talking our usual friends’ chit chat when I told her about the good value of gold coin and some investment ideas on it. I learned that we can expect higher returns of capital on precious metals like gold, silver and platinum so we might as well think about the good possibilities of buying them. Well the price is too high for us now but who knows? We might have a chance to afford those valuable investments in the future.


Hurrying Up!

I’m hurrying up now because in three hours we’ll be going to our midweek bible study. I’m amazed at how I’ve finished half of my pending tasks that will be due later after midnight. The words are overflowing my mind and I’m pretty confident that I can do marathon blogging. Blessing of outpouring tasks has come again and I was lucky to grab plenty for all of my blogs. I keep telling myself to relax and don’t panic even if I only have today to do all my due tasks because we’re heading off to Calamba to celebrate our Pastor’s birthday in one of the resorts there. I hope before 5 this afternoon I will be able to complete my tasks or I’ll be doing them before our service will drop by here.


TheThought Bubble Test

Your Thoughts Are Emotional

It often seems like you think with your heart instead of your head. Passion is often clouding that brain of yours.
It's hard for you to be aware of your own thoughts, and you find yourself acting before you think things through.

Your thoughts often overwhelm other people, and they sometimes overwhelm you. You tend to say whatever is on your mind.
You react quickly and change your mind just as fast. You're always thinking about something!

I must admit I can be emotional sometimes but I’m not so hard headed at all.  I’m really a heart over head person but I have the ability to balance my feelings and emotions to arrive at the best decision.  I’m a mixed personality person but decision making is very important to me, planning is my forte and contrary to the test I think many times before I do things which is quite the opposite of my dear husband who is an impulse person.  When he thinks it over for a few minutes he’ll do it in the next minute.  I say what I think and what’s on my mind, a very frank person and avoid plastic personality on people.  But the most that this test is right about is that I’m really thinking about something.


Education and Investment

We’ve been lazily conversing about the possible college courses that Ruth will want to take after four years when she finished secondary education. I think she’ll be good in Media Arts, Advertising or IT Courses. I can see in her a good future in those fields but I told her she can take any course that she feels would make her dreams come true. Now she really enjoys the changes in her life when she entered high school. She experience lots of changes and she’s very happy about it. Education is becoming more fun and exciting for her.

I’m glad about that because education is a key to everyone’s success and I would want my kids to finish their studies up to college. That way hubby and I will feel satisfied and secured that our kids will have something in them that no man can steal. It’s like having a sure investment like gold coins that appreciates value throughout the years. You’ll feel secured that no matter what happened you’ll have your returns from your capital. Precious metals increase in values over the years so when you have them in storage or safe bank deposit you’ll soon be reaping profits. That’s the way education and good investment relates to each other.


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