Saturday, June 11, 2011

Importance of Education

Education is very important in the development of one’s personality. It doesn’t only enhance your knowledge but cultivate your skills as well. When thinking about your future career you should determine your potentials and capabilities so you’ll be able to love your chosen degree and be able to excel in your field. It doesn’t matter if you want a career in arts, sciences, engineering, education or any other field as long as your goal is to finish schooling. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by your friend’s choices like when they enrolled in Arlington beauty school or any other similar schools but you have to understand that following your heart’s desire is also one of the criteria in choosing a good career.

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Recovering Mildly

Still sick but feeling quite stronger with the change of medication DH discovered to have great effect on me. He's such a good nurse warming me up when I'm chilling and massaging me with my fave ointment when I have severe back pain. I guess my cough and back pain goes together all the time and it will not pass unless I have a complete massage therapy from my Mom. I'll have to wait for a long weekend to schedule my therapy because it will need a long rest afterwards. For now I have to feel stronger because school opening for the little boy and the girls will be on the coming Monday. I still have to accompany Josh to look for his room and section on his second grade. His teacher told him that he'll be transferred to the cream section because of his outstanding performance last year. Josh is so excited about the school opening.


A Victorious Glory

We had all seen all kinds of high tech equipment used in most popular movies. Maybe some have doubts in the past if the Robin Hood movie will click in the cinemas but it proved that almost everyone patronized and loved it. I’ve seen it myself also and kinda liked how they go through the story and the things they used in the movie. It’s still one of the top movies of the world to remember through the years even though the lead actor in the movie uses only the bow for his victorious fight. For all bowhunting supplies you use and wear, you will remember and admire this very spectacular movie which reminds us that winning a game or war doesn’t need high tech or big weapon but a strong determination to win.


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