Saturday, January 26, 2013

Musical Instruments’ Inventory

Our music ministry in our church is currently having an inventory of all our musical instruments and noting some instruments that need repairs, replacement and proper maintenance. To avoid further damage to some instruments little kids were not allowed to play them during break time as sometimes they sneak in and play on drums and microphones. Last month we bought some accessories and replacements for drum sets and we’re happy with the results because it sounds new again. 

Musical instruments should really be maintained properly in order to perform well and to last longer. Well upon complete inventory they found out that we still need additional acoustic guitar so we can carry it for outdoor services and a new amplifier to replace the old one. We all know that it’s a bit expensive to buy a new one so we’re still canvassing on prices. It’s good to buy high quality classic fender excelsior but we still have to save some money for that kind. When we buy instruments for the church they usually meet and plan first, ask the opinion of others then proceed with canvassing and purchasing.


Her Son’s Music Interest

My friend’s son is a member of the band in his school and when he reached secondary school he continued with being a member. Their band is always included whenever there’s a parade in town showcasing various schools and organizations in our town. My friend is such a proud Mom always accompanying his son on all performances he attends to. Well it’s kind of tiring sometimes especially when parade is done in the afternoon but she has no complaints as long as her son is happy with his chosen music interest. 

Suddenly the band needs cheap clarinet reeds and she asked me if I know some good suppliers. She’s in immediate search for a good store because their next performance is only two weeks away. I’ve taught her to find online shops so she can search and compare prices. Hope she’ll be able to find soon as they need to arrange their instruments soon.


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