Wednesday, June 23, 2010

:WW - Josh Overlooking Taal Lake

It's his first time to see Taal Lake this close. The last time he was there was when he was just one year old so this is an exciting day for him. He enjoyed the whole day even if it rained most of the day as you can see from the pictures that it's a little blurry. We're there for his Daddy's Discipleship Training. I assisted some of my sister brethren in cooking food for the ministers.

Happy ww even though I'm not wordless :-) Click the badge for more WW entries!


I love coupons and discounts

I always love to shop whenever there are super sale because discounts are plenty. I remember buying my kids’ black shoes last March because my favorite shoe store has discounted tags on various shoe items. We were lucky that Gibi shoes are one of the brands on sale. I got three pairs of shoes for my three kids at 50% off the original price. That’s a happy thing for me same as having coupons when I purchase my favorite items online like books, children’s items and many more.

I just love shopping with discounts especially when it’s online as I can avail it immediately with the use of my credit card or paypal. Easy and affordable shopping isn’t it?


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