Saturday, July 7, 2012

Choosing New Musical Instruments

My nephew who knows how to play piano, guitar, drums and other musical instruments wants to buy a new electric guitar and accessories but he’s waiting for musicians friend promo code so he can buy his needed things at a much lower cost. It’s really nice when you’re buying your things through the help of promo code or special deals and discounts. It makes you feel very economical and wise at the same time. So my dear nephew will now have to choose what instrument she will be choosing.


Food Cart Business

As I go about thinking of how we can augment our family’s financial status I noticed the food cart being sold at the ground floor of our rented building. We’re renting at the fourth storey of a commercial and office building for our fellowship venue and at the bottom of the floor a well-known dealer and supplier of variety of food carts. Some of the carts they’re selling are those that can sell hotdogs, burgers, fried noodles, dimsum and a lot more. What I like about the carts are the presentation and nice design of carts enough to attract attention of buyers which is good in selling business. I also want to buy a franchise on one of those carts but I’m hesitant because there’s no one to manage my prospective business. Maybe I’ll think about it again when I’m ready to leave my corporate work and return to working at home again.


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