Sunday, April 22, 2012

Proper Maintenance of Musical Instruments

We had a general meeting yesterday at the church and our agenda includes our next December camp fellowship in Baguio and the condition of our musical instruments. We’ve discussed the options we will have to take if our Baguio plans will not push through. Next we’ve talked about and exchanged ideas on whether we will have the drum set repaired or replaced with a new one. The drumset is rather old which is a gift to church by my own brother 16 years ago and we’re having it auctioned at very low price to church mates so we can use the fund for new drum set.

I didn’t noticed that we also need a stand or mount for our manual projector we used in praising. Maybe a nice projector premier mount would handle it safely and would add an extra look to the projector. We’ve discussed everything from good deal purchase up to inventory and taking care of the instruments. It should be properly monitored by one of the ministers who play the instruments to track updates on malfunctioning instruments and to have it repaired immediately. It’s good to have a proper maintenance and monitoring of all our instruments and things so we could lengthen their life span and extend their durability.


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