Saturday, April 30, 2011

Managing Side Effects

I like to be as healthy and as fit as possible that’s why I’m making a plan to resume my diet meals and workout exercises again. I just need the proper scheduling, guides and a great amount of discipline to achieve my goal. There are plenty of alternative medicines that promise fast and effective results but we should take note of the pros and cons on using it. Even the best and popular ones can produce adverse results but there’s no force factor side effects claimed at the site. This force factor is mostly used by the athletes to improve endurance and strength and is known to help build muscles fast. Now due to natural ingredients it has no adverse effects thus highly recommended for everyone.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Infectious Diseases and Birth Disorders

I’m busy attending to my sick kids’ needs as they have chicken pox since Monday. I don’t know if they got it from being in near proximity to their playmates or the intense heat we’re having now in our country. This summer season was announced and quoted as the season for infectious diseases like measles and chicken pox. The hot weather made these sicknesses harder to bear with fever and itchiness all over the body. I feel so sad for my little boy yesterday when he feels so hot, sick and itchy. 

Most mothers will feel the same way as I do when their children are sick and in bad condition just like what I’ve observed when I was in hospital. The mother felt so sad when she saw the abnormality in her new-born baby who was born with a cleft lip. Although we know that it could be remedied through surgery it’s still sad to learn that your baby has a disorder. Well I’ve read that this kind of disorder can be due to Topamax, an anti-convulsant drug which can be taken also for migraine headache. If taken by pregnant women it can be a cause for cleft lip or palate thus if you happen to be a victim of this you can ask help from professional lawyer and file a Topamax lawsuit to seek fair justice for the damages done. 

You can call or visit them at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 so you can consult about your case.


Diamond Plating and Other Abrasion Solutions

I’m not much acquainted with industrial companies except that my Industrial Engineer friend talks a lot about her job in one of the manufacturing firms she has worked for. It’s strange to me to talk about these things but when she talks about the things she do in her job it’s worthwhile to hear it from her as I learn something in that kind of industry. I was also employed in a manufacturing company but it deals mainly in the production of transformers for computer peripherals and it’s mostly in the line of electronics and computers which relates to my educational degree. It’s my first job and I was assigned in header assembly and in some other departments. I learned a lot from that first job of mine and I enjoyed it but it’s not something that I can make a career so I entered the corporate world after some months of working there. 

Anyway in one of our chat this friend of mine shared about her problem in their work as they have to secure safety for their tools, dies and molds because they’re undergoing some difficulties in the maintenance. They need effective  metal abrasion and wear solutions for their equipment and tools and she’s really looking for the best company to do it for them. As it’s going to be a big factor in their manufacturing business they need to be assured that they will get the best solutions for their problems.

As I’m always online and versed in surfing for sites that can help me in my everyday needs I found Bales Mold which provides hard chrome and electroless nickel plating services which will solve and protect molds, tools, and dies from having abrasions and from wearing out. They also offer wet blasting services if there’s a need for this kind of service. With their diamond plating it can offer super abrasion protection with exceptional lubricity and release. It can provide the most advanced coating material and long lasting protection. Bales Mold have diamond chrome coating, hard chrome coating, NIHARD coating, NIBORE coating and some other coatings and finishes for abrasion problems.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning Mom's Birthday

Mom is suffering from arthritis pain again and I’m glad that after taking her medicine and massaging oil on her knees she felt much better. I’m actually surprised because she usually experienced those pains when we have cold weather. By the hot temperature we’re having she still feels the pain in her knee making me think of having arthritis knee brace for her though I know she wouldn’t have it. 

Anyway I hope that she’ll feel better soon as her birthday is just a month away and we want her to enjoy the celebration without pain on her knees. She’ll be turning 79 on May and we’re now busy planning where we will celebrate it. Last year we had it in Lake Villa Resort in one of the towns in Rizal where we joined with our relatives in Mom’s hometown province. They came all the way from our province and Mom was so happy. Hope we’ll have another happy celebration this year.


Open Office, Instant Messenger, Notepad Downloads and More

The online world which I embraced to be my sole workplace for nearly two years now has everything I need for my online writing job and more. It has given me access to downloadable software that helped me a lot in dealing with my everyday online tasks plus the daily chats with my friends. These are some of the beneficial sites that I came to find online:

1. Miranda IM
This free instant messenger is the smaller alternative to instant messaging because it has a low memory footprint. As a user of daily instant messenger I’m glad to find another IM that can give me ease and comfort in chatting with my friends plus I love their add-ons.

2. MPlayer
This is the software for your movie playing needs. It runs on many systems thus it plays many different video formats like DVD, DivX, WMV and a lot more. Can be use on Mac OS X or Linux user.

3. NotePad++ Downloads
I’m a constant user of Notepad and I find it just right for my usual notes at work. I’m glad to find NotePad++ offers plug-ins for various needs and supports several languages. 

4. OpenOffice Downloads
This one is the most flexible for me as it covers programs for the usual software I used in doing my tasks like word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations and more. Well OpenOffice has new updates and improvements and I’m yearning to explore its functions.

5. Pidgin Download
Communication bridge differences between people and with the influx of chat networks it makes communication faster and more convenient for people in all walks of life. Pidgin offers solution to connecting all of your chat networks simultaneously.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apartment Renters Insurance

Some people spent their money on securing themselves, their properties and all their belongings. They get insurances for their life and all their valuables items like house, lands, jewelries and other properties. This gives them assurance that whatever happens they can replace their properties again. Well not everyone can afford it but some really strive hard to get their properties insured because they say that it’s better than be homeless or poor when they encountered fire, flood or robbery. With this in mind it suddenly answered my idea of how can our tenants be protected with their belongings. 

I learned that there’s an apartment renters insurance which covers stolen goods from your rented place. As the landlords don’t pay for the renter’s insurance it’s up to the tenant to secure for themselves a good insurance that covers valuable belongings like television, clothes and furniture. Well iMingle Renters Insurance have all those protection plus a personal liability protection to pay for damages or injuries to others. 

They also cover full replacement value at no extra charge and include Loss of Use coverage which reimburses some expenses that can exist when you’re displaced from the apartment you’re renting. Visit them now and see some other additional coverage fro your specific needs including liability and medical expenses to other. It’s better to be prepared than be caught unaware when something bad happens to you or your belongings.


Backyard Patio Design Ideas

It’s summer again and with the hot weather we love to stay in our patio where we can have fresh air and breathe the smell of fruit bearing trees we have in the backyard. It’s relaxing to stay outdoors where we can have barbecues, play board games or just sit, relax and read some books. Now that the kids are having their break from school we’re thinking of things to do to make their vacation worthwhile. They’re enrolled already in our town’s summer workshop and enjoying their chosen workshop topics. The little boy is learning his beats on the drum and the girls are seriously taking and understanding their piano lessons. On their free time from the workshop they help us with the house chores and review their old books in school.

In the afternoon we stay at the patio and that’s when I thought of looking for some backyard patio design ideas that will enhance our patio for a more comfortable and functional usage. Since it’s the most frequented area in our house we should improve it so we’ll be satisfied when we’re out there in the backyard. We and the kids can invite our friends for a chit chat or picnic together if the patio would have the necessary furniture and designs for an inviting recreational and relaxing spot. I’ve found inspirational ideas from Elemental Gallery and I’m sure it will help me improve patio for a more refreshing outdoor area.


Side Effects of Topamax

Health is wealth and as mother of three kids I always bear it in mind that one of my priorities in life is giving them the proper care and nourishment to make them healthy. I give them nutritious foods to make them strong. I make them take necessary vitamins to build in them enough resistance to various sickness and diseases. I know that all mothers want the best for their kids and they will do everything just to see them happy and healthy. So it’s saddening to see birth defects especially as the mother would think that it’s their fault not knowing that certain prescribed medicines can cause side effect to the baby in their womb. 

If you have taken Topamax during your pregnancy and your child suffered from cleft lip and palate disorder it can be a side effect of the medicine. You can consult professional attorney about justice on this and attorneys at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath can help you win a Topamax lawsuit as they have the capabilities to guide and assist you during the proceedings of the case. You’ll have the best chances of winning your lawsuit with their help. Visit or call them at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sale of Used Cars

We’ve packed our bags and things now as we’re leaving early tomorrow for our summer camp meeting. I did the list of things to bring so we’ll not forget anything when we leave the house. It’s important that we have everything we need because we usually camp in the sites that’s far from the stores or markets. Anyway it’s not that hard on me as I’ve been doing all this since the kids were babies. Now my girls are in their teens and know how to arrange and pack their clothes for any camp activity we attend. 

Last year we didn’t have car because it was hit by the big flood and we decided to sell it after that. The repair and maintenance quotation was too big for an old car. We looked for another preowned car and were lucky that my brother offered his other car to us. I told him before that it’s fine if compro auto usate  when there’s available because I know we can afford the price.

The pickup car is perfect for us as we really need the large compartment behind to carry the bulk of our travel bags, beddings, instruments and food supplies for 2-4 days for summer and December camp meeting. It feels like it’s really for us and God has only used my brother to buy it and then give to us on instalment payment. Hubby and I were both looking then in some vendita auto usate for hope that there’s one which will fit our needs and budget but we didn’t find any. 

The car is really a blessing to us and to think that it’s a preowned car doesn’t make a difference. I know my brother bought it in some car shops like auto usate Milano of, a company that provides expert service in buying and selling of cars. They’ve been in the business since 1978 and been doing excellent service since then with skill, efficiency and professionalism. They also offer leasing repayment, car assessment, purchase in cash and off-road car.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Machine Safety Products

Working in manufacturing or industrial companies expose you to a lot of work hazards and companies should have enough safety products and preventive maintenance to deter accidents. My first job was also in manufacturing business and I was assigned in the header assembly of transformer used in computers. I’ve experienced following machine safety  rules in doing my work giving carefully attention on the guidelines needed to operate machines. I was also assigned in other departments that needed full concentration on how the machine operates because negligence in rules will cause hazards and accidents. At an early working age I learned how to be extra careful with my work, my environment and the equipment that I use. It’s very vital in our operations which involve assembling, testing, tin dipping, labeling, soldering and many other works needed to produce transformers.

In a manufacturing environment like the one I’ve worked for safety products are really needed to provide necessary protection for engineers, technicians and line operators so certain hazards will be prevented for a perfect performance of machine and work force as well. My husband has been employed in warehouse all his working life and he always tells me the importance of motion control systems in his work. It helps them maximize the capabilities of machines. Well B&R’s machine safety products can provide all these with their intelligent and integrated line of machine safety technology where you can monitor, prevent and react to upsets of machine with less downtime, hassle and hazard. To maximize usage and ease in using their products their consultants give training and answer all queries about the product.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Career Growth in GM

Many of us know that General Motors is a company that really speaks of success when it comes to cars; in fact they’re one of the world’s largest automakers. They produce cars and trucks and have business in several countries selling brands like Cadillac, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Isuzu, Baojun, Buick, FAW, GMC, Holden, Jiefang, Vauxhall and Wuling. I came to know this company when I worked in one of the transportation companies in the country and the company purchase their vehicles from them. With their success they need professional and skilled employees to develop and improve the company’s quality products. 

As their focus is on developing lean, flexible manufacturing systems and processes worldwide they open a wide horizon of career opportunities for those who possess the needed expertise and skills that will help the company attain their goals and objectives. Those professional and skilled individuals who can answer to their demand to fill up mechanical engineering companies will have potential for career growth. They offer and provide stimulating projects, comfortable learning environment, opportunity to learn real-world skills, respected professionalism and plenty of opportunities for responsibility and career growth.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Childcare and Learning Centers

All parents want the best for their children and they will do everything just to give them a good and happy life. We rear our child in the way we think is best for them and take care of them just like precious jewels. But we can’t be with them at all hours because we have to work and they also have to start learning their ABCs and numbers. That’s when we should plan on how we can provide them a good place of Childcare while they’re learning their way through their first schooling experience. Choosing the best preparatory school seem to be hard at first but when you get to know good schools you can relax and entrust your kid in their custody.

Learning should start at home so parents should be able to teach and guide their kids before they start to go out of their protective shells and mix with other kids in school. Our duty is to find a good place for them to play, study and interact with other kids of the same age. In Ireland they have a place where they left their children in Preschool Dublin where their kids are given the best care and early years of quality education. 

They have facilities where places for learning, playing, eating, resting and sleeping are specifically provided for with professional and well-trained Educare staff to nurture and teach the children well. The Giraffe Childcare and Early Learning Centres in Dublin, Ireland delivers quality childcare and early education to infants, toddlers, pre school and after school children with unwavering commitment and dedication to help your kids develop fast progress in learning.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Her Teaching Ambition

My daughter graduated with honors from primary level and we’re so proud of her. She really worked hard for it and has really shown diligence and patience in studying. She has many plans when she reached college and planning to take one of those teaching degrees because she got my Mom’s fondness for children and teaching. I told her that she would make a good teacher because she herself is a good student and has a record of a good character as from the comments of her grade school teachers.

We’re from a clan of people who graduated with teaching degrees and among the new generation of our family she’s the only who has shown a great deal of interest in the teaching field. Anyway whatever she wants to be I’ll always be at her side to give my love, guidance and support.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Place to Stay

Our patio is the best place to stay when I feel like resting from my tons of work. It offers a relaxing atmosphere for me where I can relax and enjoy peaceful moments. For the whole family we usually play our games there and have some picnic together. It’s the season of summer that we always stay in the patio because it’s so much cooler there in the afternoon. I just want to add some furniture and outdoor lighting so we can be comfortable whenever we’re there. The kids are becoming bigger and the furniture looks smaller for them. For the lights we really need them for security purposes and for additional brightness in our patio.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Skywatch Friday#2: Before the Sun Sets

Click the image to view larger image

This is how the sky looks just before the full sunset sets in, so  breathtaking in beautiful shades of color.  This is just the perfect background for the silhouette of the kids taking advantage of the darkening sky to dip in the sea for the last few minutes before we set off going home.  Some picked up various shapes of  shells while walking down the beach.  It's the first day of the year then and we welcomed the new year  on the beach thanking and appreciating God's wonderful creations and blessings.

I've always love sky watching wherever I go and whenever I want! Click the badge for more beautiful capture of sky!


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