Monday, September 20, 2010

Accutane Lawsuit

What I know about Accutane is the product’s effective method of curing acne and it devastated my friend when she learned that there are side effects when you use this drug, She has use this drug in the past but survived having major side effects. Now in relevance with this acne treatment medicine it was found out that it can cause Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. 

With its major effect on many users an Accutane Lawsuit was made for those who want to file for product liability claims from the company who made the drugs. Some had filed and won compensatory damages already so in case you’re one of the victims of this acne drug you can ask the help of O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath to help you win the case. Their experience and expertise will be of great help.


Unconscious Mutterings -Week #399

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Mustache :: beard, hairy, covered with hair
  2. Person :: human, someone, creature
  3. Restore :: replace, renovate, rekindle
  4. Discretion :: good judgement, caution, diplomacy
  5. Lamp :: lighting, street light, lantern
  6. Pillow cover :: pillow case, silk, cushion cover
  7. Arousal :: stimulation, encouragement
  8. Seattle :: USA, good coffee, tv show
  9. ATM :: bank machine, card, cash dispenser
  10. Custard :: cake, filling, flavor
Come and join here!


Little Boy's First Participation

Here are my son Joshua and nephew Matthew in their participation in the Nutrition Month program held in Little Jewels last July 30.  It's their first in their grade school.  I attended to these two boys because  Matt's  parents (my brother and SIL) went to Mindoro that day. These 9 kids were chosen from different sections and these cousins Josh & Matt volunteered to participate in the program.  I laughed when I heard it from Josh that when their teacher asked who can memorize lines easily they raised their hands lol! 

True to their words they easily memorized the lines in one day and never buckled a bit on the program.  Josh was the smallest of them all but he has the clearest and loudest voice.  His voice should make up for his height don't you think?


A Bankable Investment

Are you having second thoughts on your choice of investment? Well you should be because investing should be carefully planned and prepared for before doing some actions. It’s good to put your money on some investments but you should do it wisely with great consideration on your talents, skills, education and particular preferences. Heading on to investment without looking at your capabilities is not that good. I happened to visit United States Gold Bureau and learned that they have variety of investment ideas wherein you can buy their precious gold coins for easy investment. It will be safely deposited in bank or delivered to your place. Anyway gold is still the most bankable investment because it has proven its worth since the early generations of men. It can yield high returns for your capital.


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