Monday, April 23, 2012

Labels for Life

With the influx of modern technology there is also emergence of bad people doing everything just to steal not just goods but even your identity. I have experienced hackers on my account asking my friends to give me money because I met an accident on my Paris vacation. The hacker emailed all of my contacts in my email account and sent an email asking all of them to assist and help me financially. I was lucky to discover it a 1-2 hours after being invaded by hacker. The inbox and sent folder messages are being erased when I got to my account and I immediately changed the password before the hacker change it. It got through my nerves and I was extremely nervous that I will not be able to sign in my account. That was a bad experience and I was happy that I only got small damages on my account. Still it was such a bad act of people trying to make illegal transactions. 

People should be aware of their emails and their security over it. It’s not only online as it can happen on transactions outside the internet. So I can say that it’s very important to always wear your ID’s in case someone might pose as you in delicate transactions. Identification cards are a must if you are entering your work premises not just on your but on your cars as well. You can always have labels on on your car so security officers can identify them easily and immediately when you passed by. It will not only protect their building or office from intruders but will promote easy identification as well. It can be a good parking permit also.
Well if it can be such a great help in terms of putting security measures, identification and advertising we should get customized Labels for Life which provides durability and can last for a long-term usage. With their weatherproof label you’ll be assured that it can withstand bad weather or extreme heat of the sun without tarnishing the label. Maverick offers wide range of custom printed, roll, fanfold, digital, sheet and stock labels you can order online for easier and more convenient way. They offer barcode labels, business card stickers, car stickers, business card magnets, bumper stickers and a lot more.


Piano Lessons and Training for Church Musicians

Since we’ve decided to buy a new drum set in the church through our meeting yesterday we also talked about disposing and selling some of our excess amplifiers and speakers. We’re going to sell items we’re not using anymore to add to our funds for the new drum set and possibly bass combo amp from gallien krueger if we can raise enough funds. I hope that in the next years to come we could also add piano or organ in our list since my kids are studying piano lessons now and in a matter of few years they want to play piano in the church. As of now we don’t have pianist because the one who knows how to play also handles the guitar. Actually he’s the one who told me to train and have my kids schooled for piano lessons so they can include one of them in the row of their musicians. Hope it will be soon.


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