Friday, February 19, 2010

Investment Opportunities

These past few months were trying times for our country because of the natural disasters that happened. Our economy cannot be relied upon to help us with our finances. Prices of basic commodities soared up higher and higher creating a big imbalance on purchasing power of people. The monthly salaries can’t cope up with sudden increase in our basic needs. The only way we can get extra finances is to get ourselves invest on assets that increase values over the years.

People should really think twice before investing on any asset. I came upon some good investment ideas by US Gold Bureau which encourages people to invest on precious metal of gold, silver and platinum bullion coins. It’s the best time to buy gold bullion now to guarantee yourself that your investment can produce good returns when the time comes. There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to invest on gold and other precious metals just visit their site and choose among their investment item ideas.


:Looking at the Sky on Friday #64

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This is a shot from Villa Dominga's plantation of banana, coconut, papaya (as seen here in the center) and many other fruit bearing trees. It's nice to see the clouds here making a perfect background for the trees almost dominating the whole area. There were so many clouds at that time and they're making up several images in the sky. Good for me as I love sky watching. The view at the Villa were really beautiful and I had good fun times clicking my digicam everywhere.

Happy sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Need to Finish Tasks Before the Contest

I need to keep on going even if I'm so sleepy. The scorching heat in the afternoon makes my eyes droop and makes me want to have some siesta. I'm relieved that I was able to resist the temptation of dozing off as I need to finish several tasks before I go to my kids' school to be with them when they watch the contest being held there. It was originally a money contest only but the good PTA officers added up some spice of question and answer portion, production number, photogenic, best gown and talent portion. Well I want to see those little kids that made it to the top later this afternoon!


Working at Home is the Best Choice

I’m in a rush today as my offline and online tasks keep on battling which will come first. Some of my tasks will be expiring this midnight and tomorrow but my duties here in the house can’t wait to be second priority. I’m just laughing it off as its better now than when I’m working in a company where I have to beg for my leave to attend to my kids’ small activities in school. There was a time that my kids’ birthdates were questioned because they can’t accept that I’ll be asking for my vacation leave to be signed many times in few months as I have 3 kids. Then I have those frantic days of asking permission to go on half day because of PTA school meeting or when I have to get my kids’ school cards. To add to this I have to explain using my vacation leave again to attend their recognition award ceremonies and graduation. Feels like I always have to explain that I have 3 kids and they need me in school once in a while.

Sometimes I get upset when I’ve already secured permission to leave but my boss will ask some work to be done before I left even if the time is obviously not permissive. My half day becomes under time though my leave will be deducted a half day’s worth. Anyway no need to be upset now as my time is my own schedule and it’s up to me whether I’ll check those reviews about the best weight loss pills first or go now to accompany my daughters in watching their school’s Ms. San Juan contest. They're so excited about it and requested me to come for them. The latter was chosen, can't resist my kids.


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