Thursday, November 26, 2009

When Kids Get Older

I was having some inventory of my kids’ shoes, toys and clothes and found some really nice ones that I can give to some of my churchmates’ kids which are a lot younger. I always give my daughters’ Sunday dress to those who want to have them for their Sunday fellowship clothes. The clothes don’t look old because my daughters seldom wear them. I’ve collected many of these dresses when my two girls were still young and I’m the one who choose what they’re going to wear.

Now that they’re older they have their own preference and style with their clothes, shoes and bags. When I shop for their clothes and things I prefer to bring them with me then I let them choose what they want but subject to my approval. Because my eldest is really getting bigger we almost have the same size of shoes and when I buy something that she wants she would ask me if she can have it. I’ll then buy another for me; kids are really like that most of the times. When I browse online for some of the things I want she’ll also view some of the finds I get like those Naot shoes we saw yesterday. She’s pointing one pair that she wants. I can say now that online shopping can also be a bonding for Mom and daughters.


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