Monday, December 31, 2012

Printing Store in Our Community

I’m so glad that my kids are on their holiday vacation and they will come back to schooling next Monday. It will be a relaxing break for me as I don’t have to wake up so early at dawn to cook and prepare their food for breakfast and lunch. On the other hand I feel like vacationing also but it’s only a wish as we have office work as early as the 2nd day of the coming year. Anyway school break means rest from school activities which always require numerous projects and printing requirements. 

We have our own printer but for volume of printing needs we give it to our favorite printing store where they give us good discounts on all our print orders. They also accept business cards, brochures, banners, cheap label printing, photo printing and a lot more. One good thing about the store is the proximity from our house because they’re just one block away from us just like neighbors. The owner of the store has become friends with my hubby and often he gives us lesser price than others that’s why we always go to him whenever my two big girls needs volume of print jobs done.


Mary Engelbreit Stylish Nursing Scrubs

My niece who has graduated from a nursing degree has finished taking her nursing board examination and is now readying herself for hospital training. She has undergone a lot of on-the-job training and has rendered hospital services for several months before she finally graduated. It’s part of their curriculum requirements and she spent most of her times in the hospital who accepted her application. My cousin drives her to any place she’s assigned to ensure her safety. Their duties have shifting schedule and they can’t choose the time schedule assigned to them so her father always accompany her to wherever she goes. 

Now in her voluntary job in a hospital she’s chosen she’s required to wear medical uniform and she’s looking for a scrub that will make her look in fashion even while working. Some of my friends suggested that she  buy Mary Engelbreit scrubs because they carry numerous good brands like Cherokee, Dickies, Grey’s Anatomy, Landau and a lot more that she will surely love. They carry high quality products for men and women alike such as solid tops, print tops, laboratory coats, jackets, dresses and skirt, accessories, hosiery, scopes and footwear. They’re now having 20-25% Christmas sale for the entire site. I know my niece would be happy to see their wide variety of products to choose from.


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