Monday, October 31, 2011

Preparation for December Camp Fellowship

Since we’re going to Baguio for our December camp meeting I’m now making a list of the things to bring for our four-day stay there. We’ve reserved few months ago in one of the buildings there but changed our mind when a friend of my Mom offered her 3-storey vacation house. It was such a blessing for us as we’re going to spend huge amount of money just for the venue site only. DH, Pastor and 2 others went there last week to check the house and when they finally saw it they’ve decided that it can suffice for our needs. They even saw that the 3rd floor would be ideal for our fellowship service and the other floors have plenty of foambymail latex mattresses for our sleeping beds.

We will just bring extra blankets for extra warmth and buy some basic disposable dining wares so we will not be using the house owner’s things. Since we want to travel light we will buy our groceries and food when we get there as there are plenty of supermarket and stores where we can get all our supplies. We’ll be having common food for all now that we’ve saved a lot of our venue money . All in all we have everything we need this coming December and we just have to continue with saving some of our money so we’ll have enough to spend on our vacation and fellowship. Everyone is excited and looking forward to having our fellowship first time in the summer capital.


Help in Getting Hearing Specialist

I’m sad to hear that one of my former office mates who happen to be the daughter of my very close friend in my kids’ school failed in the hearing test in her job application abroad. She was supposed to go to her Auntie in Qatar for a contract job and they’re only waiting for her complete medical exam results for her to fly and work there. My friend was devastated upon learning the condition of her daughter and search for good specialist to check on her. She told me that she needed big amount of money to finance medication and if she recovered she wouldn’t allow her to work abroad to protect her daughter’s health. 

I’ve asked some of my friends who are into Audiologist Jobs if they can refer me into a good doctor who can diagnose and treat such case. While waiting for some references I’ve told my friend to go to my neighbour who is a specialist on hearing difficulties and check if she can help them. My doctor friend will understand their situation and will not charge them huge fees if ever they will decide to start the treatment. I hope that in few months I will hear some good news about my office friend.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Choosing the Best Nursing Home Care for your Elders

We love the elderly members of our family and we care for their safety and ease in living. Sometimes even if how much we love them we can’t give them our uninterrupted attention and time because of our work. When we don’t have other members of the family who has no commitment elsewhere we should be able to hire someone who can take care of them efficiently and with tender loving care. If our aging parents are not perfectly in good health we should be careful in choosing people who will take care of them like Nursing homes Indianapolis which provides quality nursing home care for seniors in short and long term living arrangement. They have a cadre of skilled nursing aide who have good references, background, work experiences and the right attitude on caring for senior people.

For those who need daily care and help but hesitant to let their seniors stay in home care they can avail of Assisted living Indianapolis which offers help for the seniors’ daily living activities. They can provide necessary assistance with meals, housekeeping, bathing, dressing, washing and other services needed by the elders in our family.

If you’re not very careful and cautious in hiring care giver by yourself you’re in the risk of endorsing your senior to unqualified and incompetent personnel. You must check references, background and observe proper dressing, punctuality and over all attitude. As these things can be quite hard to achieve it’s better to hire the professional nursing home care for your elderly loved ones.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Stop Shop for His Car

I just had a talk with my brother and discussed the schedule of our plans to go to our hometown this coming weekend. He’s a busy man and it’s hard to fit in his schedule especially now that both his cars are in shops for checkup and maintenance. I asked about his Ford Everest because it’s only almost a year that they’ve bought it, surely I believe that it’s in perfect condition up to now. He’s not worried about the expenses on it because it’s covered by insurance but still it has to be checked up in the best shop and if ever there’s a replacement needed it should be installed with original parts.

He’s actually looking for a good supplier and came upon a stop shop for all his needs. MKM Customs offers diesel performance parts for Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge. Aside from the quality parts that they offer they also provide assistance to clients on their inquiries and questions. So for those who want the best quality parts only for their cars they’re a good source for bumpers, grilles, EGR delete kits, lighting, upgraded EGR coolers and a lot more components. 

They maintain a cadre of professional sales representatives who has good knowledge of their field and can offer help anytime to their clients. Shopping for the parts will be so convenient and easy with their categorized inventory or you can browse for the manufacturers that you want. Best of all if you can’t find what you need on their site you can always call them for assistance and help.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Physicians’ Exclusive Network

Education has brought a lot of good effects to mankind as those who has great gifts in innovating our gadgets and other communication tools never stopped in improving their crafts. I’m glad to learn that even in the medical field they have embraced the vital need for active online communications among their colleagues. I’m glad to browse over Doximity which put a lot of ease in going around the network of physicians like Francis Ferraro MD whose expertise and profile can be easily browsed over by co-members of the network which is exclusive to a group of physicians only. With the help of this tool members can locate specialists, send messages and share vital information exclusively within their network quicker and easier.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flexible Staffing Solutions and Job Opportunities

Looking for jobs might be easy for few but for others it’s hard and cost them not only money but a lot of their best effort and time. According to some HR experts sometimes even if you are qualified there are other factors that may affect your employment application. I came to learn about these factors when I was assigned as HR officer in my previous job. You need to pass psychological exams as well as some other specialized tests to determine your skills and capabilities in handling applied position. Work experience counts a lot also as it will clearly define how well you know your job. More often work experience weigh as much as your education because some employers look beyond your degree especially those who want an output-oriented employee who has the probability of giving more work than expected. 

There are other factors aside from the ones I mentioned but those are specific requirements from immediate superiors that will handle new employees like good looks, pleasing personality, good interview results. These things are somewhat tasking for some companies so they hire companies or group of people to handle recruitment of employees like NJ Employment Agency which provides flexible staffing solutions to employers and companies who needs employees but find it hard to do all procedures in hiring staff. They also help find job openings and career opportunities for job seekers whether they want a full time job or part-time only. Finding a job will not be hard when someone like NJ employment agency will be there to help both employer and employees as well.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black Friday Discounts

I’m doing my wish list now for my birthday in two months time and of course it will include a new digicam to replace my 3-year old one which died on me last July. Since I don’t want to replace the over exposed lens once again I really plan to buy a new one. The old digicam which I bought 3 years ago is not actually useless as it’s still running smoothly on videos but since I really need a cam which has a higher megapixels and optical zoom I think it’s just worthy to buy myself a new one.

We’ll be having travels this coming months and it will be fun to have my dream digicam on those travels. Now I’m looking for the best store to buy and since I really need a discount and good deal I’m thinking of buying on Black Friday sale. I heard from my friends that it’s the best season to buy and discounts are overflowing. It will be also more relaxing and convenient to buy it online and use my PayPal or card. I just hope that the camera I want will be sold at desired discounted price.


Gifts For Special Men

My friend asked me to give her ideas on what to give her husband on their 12th wedding anniversary which is approaching this last week of October. Since they’re both working abroad we only communicate online and she’s asking me to help her find the best gifts for men to choose from. She wants to surprise her husband but they’re always together even at work so we’ll be working hand in hand to order it online.

Oh well it’s actually an easy task because there are many online sites where you can find the best and unique gifts for your special loved ones especially our beloved partner in life. For the men there are wide varieties of choices for them like watches, bags, car gadgets, accessories case and a lot more as the gift would depend on their preferences and hobbies. I’m actually thinking also of buying hubby small gifts to use for his Sunday service accessories like ties, cuff link and cases. I’ve seen some nice ones online and it will be very useful to him.


Memories Still Lives

When I visited the school of my second grader and paid for his quarterly school fees I noticed that they’ve nice personalized name tags in the administration department. There you can see their individual designation and position. Of course the most noticeable is the administrator’s and principal engraved name which are written in gold in a distinctive letter font that I love best. 

Suddenly I remembered my father’s name tag when he was still working in our town municipality. I love seeing it when I was a child, somewhat proud that he’s one of the best officials in town as proven by the appreciation awards and plaques collected from his twenty years of service. The name tag is still with us together with my father’s old personal things when he was still alive. He has passed away but his memories still lives with us.


Monday, October 3, 2011

History of OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or what is commonly referred to as OSHA, is an agency under the United States Department of Labor, set up by the Secretary of Labor during that time, James Hodgson, on April 28, 1971. The agency is dedicated to preventing work-related injuries, job related illnesses and occupational fatalities by enforcing safety standards in the workplace. They are the reason why osha 30 and 10 hour safety training courses are now being offered to the employees of the general and construction industry.

The agency was born when former President Richard Nixon signed the Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act into law on December 29, 1970. The main objective of the law was to give the national government the authority to set, monitor, and enforce proper safety techniques around most workplaces. Essentially, the OSHA set forth a number of law, rules, and regulations that all occupational health professionals had to adhere to. 

The history of occupational health and safety was a messy one before the OSHA was created.

Prior to the formation of the agency, there were no safety regulations to protect workers from occupational hazards and no clear documentation on the benefits and compensation. In fact, many workers often found themselves faced to work with machines that were in no way safe and need replacement. Since there were no rules about updating and quality control on various business sectors, most business owners would choose to save money and risk accidents with employees than to replace machines or install safety nets within their procedures. 

OSHA changed all that. When the agency was created, it received a lot of criticism from various sectors. There was a huge uproar over the need for detailed documentation from small and large businesses and most refused to be under the OSHA’s control. Once OSHA began implementing safety regulations within the workplace, businesses were forced to comply and change safety levels within some of their facilities.

Two tragic workplace accidents in 1973 however proved the need for safety regulations in the workplace, and this led to OSHA’s officials working hard to bring governing rules updated with safety and health regulations.

During the time of former President George H.W. Bush, OSHA implements certain hazardous exposure rules within the workplace. It gave the right of workers to know about hazardous materials and whether or not they are exposed to it. In January 14, 1989, OSHA mandated exposure limitations of a worker from 52 chemicals from the original 24. 

OSHA has risen in importance from the time of its conception, and now almost every single business displays special OSHA posters on their walls to inform workers of their rights. 

OSHA grants workers important rights and plays an important role in the identification and correction of workplace problems. An employee can complain about threats to health and safety and can file in person, telephone, fax, postal mail or electronically through the OSHA web site.

The various safety signs you see in the workplace: fire extinguisher signs, running man sign leading to exit doors and standpipe signs are just few of the many examples of what OSHA has brought and contributed to the safety of workers in the workplace environment.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture

Since last week I always have back pains and I’m just waiting for long weekend holiday to succumb to back massage therapy. It’s the only health problem I experience whenever I’m overworked but I’m on close monitoring if I can bear it longer because I don’t want to take a leave off my work. Actually I’m considering some possibilities that our bedroom furniture is not fit for me the reason why I’m having hard back pains. 

I’m thinking now if we will switch to rustic bedroom furniture because it looks as if it’s more relaxing to lie down, rest and sleep in the naturally beautiful and comfortable log bed. I’m impressed also with the latest designs they have for log bedroom furniture which looks stylish but very nature looking. Oh well maybe it will solve some of my back pain problems in the future.


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