Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Rev-A-Shelf, 5CW2-2122-CR, 21 in  Cookware Organizer Two-Tier/Chrome

As the year starts again with a new beginning we also want to make this a good year for us not just in our health but for other aspects of life as well. As we always stay in our homes we want to make it the best place to stay where we can relax and rest from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. We have renovated part of our house last August coinciding with my eldest daughter’s debut and we want to continue with other parts of the house especially the kitchen area where I stay most of the time to cook for my loved ones. 

Kitchen room seem to be the most cluttered place especially when someone is cooking and if it’s me because I tend to cook 3 dishes all at the same time. With my practice of simultaneous cooking I need to have all my kitchen gadgets, tools and accessories in their exact places when I need them. This will be very helpful to me as I can save time in finding for my desired tool. 

Well no need to worry as there are plenty of home ideas online where I saw creative ideas in organizing things in the kitchen like ovis drawer slides, cabinets, shelfs, organizers and plenty of home suggestions to make your kitchen look clean and organized as well. We’re planning to do the renovation this coming school break or the summer season.


Monday, January 11, 2016

How To Get And Remain Healthy In 2016

Now that 2016 is in full swing, many people feel that they haven't kept their health-related New Years resolutions. However, there's no time like the present to change the game and attain a level of wellness you never dreamed possible. Luckily, there are numerous simple health strategies you can begin implementing today to start looking good and feeling incredible. Here are three health strategies that can help you do so:

1. Watch Your Work Environment.

Unfortunately, your work setting can pose several health and safety hazards. Luckily, many business owners are conscious of this reality and will implement various standards and procedures to ensure that employees are safe. Be sure that you familiarize yourself with your company's unique principles and procedures to decrease your susceptibility to illness or injury on the job. And if you're a business owner, make sure that you're implementing all of the health and safety strategies that will keep you and your employees well. In the event that you work in an industry that requires the use of dewatering pumps, be sure to regularly update your equipment with Master Pumps & Power. This safety measure can help prevent unwanted accidents on your business property.

2. Move Your Body.

Unfortunately, only half of Americans have tapped into the infinite power of working out regularly. Don't overlook exercise and all of the amazing health benefits it can bring you. In addition to fighting depression and regulating your weight, regular exercise can help eliminate toxins from your body and thereby contribute to clearer, more youthful skin. Typically, the key to making exercise an integral component of your life is finding a form of physical activity you enjoy and developing a support system. By doing these two things, you can start reaping the benefits of regular physical activity with lightning speed!

3. Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet.

One of the worst components of the modern world is processed food. From fast food meals to prepackaged goods that are loaded with nutritionally vacuous additives and preservatives, our contemporary culture is replete with processed foods that detract from our health and vitality. By removing these foods from your diet, you can start reaping a wide range of wonderful health benefits. Replace these items with healthier options like fresh fruits and vegetables to take your level of wellness to a new height.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Blissful Fellowship Vacation in Baguio City

Now that holiday has passed and we’re back to regular life I only have our pictures in the upper cold city to look at to remember our fulfilling vacation a week ago. We always go there during Christmas holidays as it’s the best time of the year when we can allocate longer holidays to have fellowship and vacation as well. It was a very happy occasion for us from the day that we travel in one big bus accommodating all of us to the day that we packed our things back to Manila. It was like a field trip as few people travel like us in great number. 

We’ve rented a three-storey house, the same house we’ve stayed for 3 consecutive years now, where we held our fellowship in the morning and where we stayed after our visits to different tourist places in Baguio city. We cooked in the morning before the fellowship and spend lunch time to different restaurants before giving ourselves a taste of our vacation like going to popular spots in the place, enjoying the cold weather and scenic view in the park, buying some souvenirs and delicacies and giving our families the best bonding moments. 

The place is perfect not just for relaxation but for enjoying music as well. We brought our guitar and let the music ride with the cool winds. If only we could bring some of our bigger instruments too so we can have complete music like bach trombone, keyboards or drums but we know it’s impossible to do it as we only travel in commercial buses and not in our own cars. Maybe we can just do it in our summer camp as we always held it not so far from our places.


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