Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm A Twenty Dollar Bill

You are a pretty ordinary gal or guy. There's a lot of people like you in the world, and you probably tend to run in a pretty tight pack. You may not be able to buy everything you want in the world, but you do okay. You're able to be comfortable. Compared to most people, you're not really materialistic. You see how money is useful, but you don't obsess over it. As long as you have enough money to pay for what you need, you're happy. You don't feel rich or poor. 

This is just a quiz but all things said are true.  I'm not materialistic and I don't let money run my life.  We need money to sustain our needs but it's not all we need to be happy.  Working to have money is just right but we should only aim for enough that we need and not for everything that we want.   We should be happy with what we have and not with the things that others have.  It's ok if we can afford some of our whims but if we can't we should be contented enough.


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