Monday, December 27, 2010

Unlimited Shots and Videos

With our recent church camp meeting fellowship I was very satisfied with buying my new 4GB memory card and rechargeable batteries because I had a good time documenting our 4-day fellowship service complete with videos. My batteries lasted for hours of taking pictures of the campsite, the church service and my fellow brethren. I even recorded videos of exhortation, messages and choir of kids, youth and elders without running out on battery. Actually I really prepared on this camp meeting that I saved for purchases of my digicam’s accessories so I will not be limited on my shots. Now I have hundreds of pictures to share with my church mates.


Recycled Cards

It felt so nice receiving greeting cards not just online but the real cards you received from the snail post. I don’t mind if it’s expensive or cheap just as long as it’s mailed with sweet thoughts. I remember my daughter coming home from school with recycled Christmas cards she bought from the guests they had in their school. They bought the cards to help an organization who uses recycled items to make beautiful and thoughtful greeting cards. It’s a nice way of raising funds for a cause and you can get some help from others with a little exchange of goodies. I saw the cards and I must say they’re pretty good.


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