Saturday, January 30, 2010

Her New Phone

I’ve bought DH a new mobile phone for his birthday last week and uploaded our favorite Christian music into his memory card so he can enjoy music anytime. I can see that he’s enjoying his new phone now especially the music. On the other hand my sister had her touch screen mobile phone replaced with a more comfortable unit because she feels the fonts on her phone were a bit too small for easy manipulation. She showed me her new unlocked phone which I also liked upon seeing and has been busy for hours learning its many features. Oh well I think she will replace it again after several months.


Friday, January 29, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #61

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This is again a shot of the sky from Villa Dominga Resort. I took the shot across the conference hall where we held our fellowship service last December. The sky looks very hopeful here with two circle spots of white and pink in the center of the clouds. This shot is different from the other shots I have. While the sky here looks very bright the weather was so cold with dewdrops as early as 4:00 in the afternoon. Just love the sky and the place there perfect for sky watching!

Happy sky watching! Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the logo above!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Now Into My House Project#3 – My Garden Project

I’m laying out my plans now for my home improvement project no. 3 which is a garden landscape in our front yard. I’ve already finished project no. 1 which is the renovation/construction of our new bathroom and almost finished with project no. 2 which is the fence-gate project. I’ve consulted my brother-in-law who has knowledge in landscaping and he told me to hire someone to remove the gravel filling and replace it with garden soil so I can plant or have someone put carabao grass on it.

Bermuda grass is too expensive for me and we’re just near the national road so I think the carabao grass is just perfect for our front garden. I need to save more bucks for my other projects which will go to be upstairs in the second floor of our house. I’m planning to put bathroom no. 3 and I shall be needing some bathroom ideas too like getting some beautiful tiles, lavatory and a good quality bowl like that of Toto toilet I’ve seen online. Now I have to work hard for my little home improvement projects to materialize all my plans. I’m getting excited over it all!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

:WW - Crawling Iya

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Iya (as we fondly called my niece' baby Sofia) was starting to crawl here when I took a shot of her cutie crawling during our playing time. She loves looking at various colors of sheets and ove yellow colors the most. It's now her fave color just like my daughter Gen. She's smiling at me here when I called her for some shots. Find this pic so cute and lovely, don't you think so?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding Security in Different Ways

I have plenty of offline works today and in the middle of the day I just want to rest my feet and my back for a while to rest, eat and blog. Yeah I find rest in blogging, visiting several favorite sites and doing some photo memes. My Mom would always tell me that she could never really work as hard as I am and that she can never do multi tasking as fast as I can.

I may look that way but the truth is I also feel tired and over fatigue; it’s just that whenever I feel I have enough for the day I immediately rest and relax. I also eat some very healthy foods which is always fruits and veggies. When I feel much stressed I eat chocolates which I always tag as my stress tablet. Well we all have our own way of bringing back our strength and our way of relaxing just like some of my friends who feel relaxed and secured when they have a good life insurance policy. People are different in their own special ways and opinion of being secured. As for me I find security in God’s protection.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday 9: I Think We're Alone Now

1. What celebrity in a fantasy would you like to be alone with? Maybe with Jet Li because I really like him & his movies and I want to ask some questions about him.

2. Have ever dated a good friend? Yes. My hubby was a good friend for 2 years before he became a special friend :-)

3. What is the most embarrassing song that you like? None

4. What is your favorite tear jerker movie? I'm not much into tear jerker movie because I like action, adventure and suspense thriller movies

5. What about yourself makes you least secure? My tummy lol! Truth is I don't care much about my figure as long as I'm healthy and not over weight :-)

6. Do you believe in destiny? Yes and also in fate especially with ending up with someone you really love!

7. What 'issue' do you think your opinion is so right about that you end up trying to sway others to your point of view? there are many issues that I think my opinion is right but I'm not the type to sway or force others to my point of view. I tell them but if they don't believe I let them to their own opinion

8. What are 5 things you don't care about? politics, celebrity people- just want to watch them in tv or movies but that's the end of it I'm not the type to join a fan club, superstitious beliefs, too much traditions, gossip mongers

9. Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't sure if you were seducing or being seduced? Nope


Getting Premium Tickets Easily

After a day’s work we turn to entertainment to relax and have some bonding moments with our family. We always turn to television to entertain us and be informed of news and other informative shows. It doesn’t only entertain us but educate and teach us as well. Kids have grown so smart in this generation because of the forms of media that they’ve come to watch, hear and enjoy. Sometimes aside from the enjoyment that we derive from television we still want to watch our favorite concerts, musicals, plays, tournaments, circus events, sports and many others on live presentation. It’s good to indulge watching live shows on weekends with all our family members. That’s why buying tickets from is an advantage as they provide the clients with the hottest deals on premium Yankee Stadium Tickets everyday. You can browse over their ticket inventory to save more!

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What Kind of Friend Are You?

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen to your friends.
And you're the first to lend a shoulder to cry on.
You're there through thick and thin. You won't stop being friends with someone when times are tough.
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A Good Month to Start Anything

January is a good month to post vacancies on job and it’s also a good month to start employment with a new company. I often heard my office friends years ago that when they apply for a new job they want it on the first month of the year. For me it’s a good month to start business, transfer to a new home or start something good in your life. Since it’s the beginning of the year I find it just perfect to start up anything be it opening a store, getting married or taking advantage of job opportunities like healthcare job search or any other job you may want to apply for. Well for us here in our house this month has many things to celebrate for as this is the month of my parents’ wedding anniversary, my second daughter’s birthday, my hubby’s birthday, my pretty niece’ birthday and my friends’ birthday (Jan, Rissa, Jen, Ellen, Joyce, etc.). This is an occasion-full month for me.


Friday, January 22, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #60

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This is a shot of the sky from the beautiful villa we rented last December camp meeting. The sky looks very bright and peaceful as we are also on that day of fellowship. The beautiful sky looks very perfect here as a background of the banana and coconut plantation of the villa forest resort. I have plenty of sky shots in this place and I'll share it in this site in the following weeks to come. Just love the sky and the whole scenario, It's fun sky watching here!


Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Be a Healthcare Professional

I’ve known many students who want to pursue a degree in medicine or any healthcare education but failed to enroll due to different reasons. Some lack the financial capabilities and others don’t have the time to study because they were already working for their families. Some students were forced to work after secondary education or high school because the need for earning additional income is so significantly needed. Most of them work and study at the same time but I find it very exhausting on the part of the students as after working you don’t have the energy to study and hear what the professor has to teach. Because of these reasons and difficulties many failed to achieve their dreams and just contented themselves with what job they can grab for their undergraduate qualifications. It’s good to know that now you can study conveniently in the comfort of your home through online university decreasing the problem of travel allowance and time hindrances. Anyone can study and learn without going to normal schooling through online education.

WGU offers online healthcare degree programs to individuals who want to gain knowledge, skills and qualifications on becoming competent health professionals which is very in demand nowadays. With these programs it’s not anymore impossible to gain those bachelor’s degree programs like online nursing degree and other healthcare degree. You can now achieve your goal of becoming a talented healthcare professional and land the job you’ve dreamed of. You can even master your skills if you’re already a professional with WGU’s master’s degree healthcare programs. It’s also good to know that their nursing degree programs are now CCNE accredited.


Foods that are Good for Our Teeth

My kids are growing up and so are they teeth lol! It’s very expensive to repair bad tooth and it’s usually painful especially to those who have low resistance on pain. Well I have learned lately that there are certain foods which can prevent tooth decay. These foods I may say are only common and everyday foods. They deserve their status as 'miracle foods" because they've been scientifically shown to significantly prevent tooth decay.

The first is the apple. They say that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, now it's proven that it will also keep tooth decay at bay.

The second miracle food for tooth-decay prevention is one that compliments apples quite well – certain kind of hard cheese. Hard cheese like cheddar contains enzymes which neutralize the harm done by decay-producing acids in the mouth.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

DH Advance Birthday

Just had a good day spent with the whole family here in our own sweet home. Tomorrow is DH’s birthday and he took a leave off from work today to go to Tagaytay Picnic Grove to have some relaxing day there but something came up and we cancelled the trip, we’ll just schedule another day for that. Since he’s at home and will not be here tomorrow for his birthday I decided to cook something for his birthday. We went to the mall for some of his electrical needs for the house and I bought some food for our feast. I’ve prepared fruit salad, pasta, chicken and bought a chocolate cake for him.

Ruth and Gen were surprised as they know that by the time they arrived we’ll be in Tagaytay. When they arrived home from school they jumped to their Daddy and smiled happily that we’re going to have an advance celebration, well it’s very evident with the pasta and the cake on the table. Well we didn’t dwell much on the cancelled trip as we spent the day bonding together. Of course the kids were happier that way since they’re not available to go with us to Tagaytay this morning and they told us that they want us to schedule it on weekend.

More of his birthday here!


Planning Up Our Family Vacation

Lately I’ve attended some reunions among family and schoolmates and I can’t help to think that it would nice to have a get-together with friends and family on a nice resort by the beach. It would be easy to just relax and enjoy the day chatting with everyone in your group. This coming summer vacation has been giving me some thoughts on having a real vacation free from work, internet and text messages lol!

I’ve picked summer time as I would like to bring my 3 kids and hubby with me if ever my plan for family vacation materialize. Actually I want to go somewhere near the beach as nature will be around you like Karisma resorts which offers many vacation packages for adults and children alike. Their family and friend vacation package takes care of accommodations and gourmet foods so you don’t have to worry about anything. And why worry if you can have this wonderful package that’s great for your family and friends.


Effects of Colors in Your Life

Sometimes we feel bored or drained in life which gives us a feeling of slight depression. This is not a good feeling so we must try to evaluate what factors are giving us some effects in our lives. What colors are you living with? You can add some colors in your life or change some of your preferred colors hmm. Pink can sap you energy and make you a little passive. You can try changing your pink to blue color. The color of blue will give you a feeling of power, just right to stop the feeling of depression. Other colors elicit other emotions and I’ll post them soon.


What Kind of Fabric Am I?

You Are Cotton

You are conscientious, thoughtful, and compassionate. You care deeply about the world.
It's likely that you like cotton because it's natural and environmentally friendly.

You examine your actions and decisions carefully. You never forget that you affect others with the things you do.

You probably live a fairly back-to-the earth, green lifestyle. It's organic cotton all the way for you!

This is quite true as I'm like the cotton, much like simple, caring and honest. I just find this personality test quite impressive as they almost got the real me as in 95% I think. If you want this test try this!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 2010 Acura TSX

A lot of car companies and manufacturers suffered from the recent economic and global crisis and their business was greatly affected. Some of them didn’t pursue in their fields and stopped operation. I’m glad that my sister’s company and their suppliers of beautiful cars have somehow managed to maintain their financial stability and managed to survive because demand for new cars has not stopped until now. Some companies have no other choice but to close down to stop financial difficulties in the end. Despite the crisis that’s enveloping many countries now many people still look and search for the newest model of their favorite cars because to some people collecting different cars has became a hobby .

Well for those who really want they could visit some sites where they can read reviews of chosen cars like Honda’s acura tsx which is a sporty front-wheel compact sedan suited for the younger clients because of the car’s high tech look and perky performance. With its cool high-tech features, quiet refined interior and power train your money is all worth it when you buy this car. It also comes with standard safety gear which includes anti-lock brakes and curtain airbags. Btw you can easily hook up your favorite MP3 player here and it has a Bluetooth where you can send anything you like.


: WW : Hanging Giant Gifts!

Click images to get larger view!

This site took my fancy and can't help clicking my cam! Just imagine if that's your gift, that big! My son asked me what could be the contents of those big wrapped gifts. He told me that if there's a robot inside it he'll be happy to unwrap it. Good imagination huh! How about you, what's you guess?

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prenatal Vitamins

I feel like getting back to my bed now as I don’t feel good staying late. I just recovered from back pains and from my fall last month and I can’t afford to be sick again as my work is affected. I’m thinking if I should go to my doctor and ask for advice on what vitamins should I take for my strength that would not make my appetite bigger. I want to be healthy but I don’t want to be over weight.

I’m not much so keen on taking vitamins because I’m more adapted to natural ones like fruits and the only vitamins that I took was when I was pregnant. Pregnant mothers should take prenatal vitamin to get enough nutrients for them and their babies inside the womb. It’s a kind of supplement that’s perfect and made only for the mother and babies. Guess I’ve passed by this stage already, I’m happy with my 2 daughters and son.


Working at Home

It’s getting late again and I know I should be stopping now because as per doctor’s advice I should refrain from working too late at night to restore my strength again. I guess I can’t help it once or twice a week especially if I have too many tasks on due. With the current economic crisis now you’re lucky if you have a stable job, some business that has enough earnings or if you have online job like me. It’s really comfortable to work in your own home and it’s like hitting two birds in one stone and that’s earning good income while taking care of the kids. Just the thought of not having a helper now made me smile because I don’t have to allot funds for them. These days every little expense should be taken in consideration and before indulging in some things we should be wiser in our spending ways.


Cleansing Diet

I’ve been reading books and glad that I’ve found some really good tips on losing some excess pounds through exercise, healthy foods and proper diet. I want to start a cleansing diet but afraid that it might be too soon for me. I know I should limit my intake of food first before diving into cleansing diet to train my stomach into taking lesser foods.

Cleansing foods are really good not only to remove excess pounds but to cleanse our system as well. I’d like to try this before I heed to my friend’s advice of taking some fat burners to eliminate some pounds immediately. I’ve been reading diet reviews like hydroxycut review and I think they’re not for me as I’m accustomed to having natural diet plan. I’ll try to remove pork meat in my regular food plan and replace it with fish and veggies.


Unconscious Mutterings : Week#364

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Weak :: coward, sick
  2. Flashy :: proud, showoff
  3. Sack :: rice, race
  4. Business :: capital, profit, company
  5. Purple :: violet
  6. Fan :: electric, manual
  7. Airline :: airport, international
  8. Guide :: tourist
  9. Lunch :: break
  10. Exercise :: physical, gym, workout
Want to join the fun? Join here!


School Days Reminisce

I was visited by my old friend in school and it’s been years since we’ve seen each other. School day stories were endless and look as if one day is not enough for us to recover from missing each other. She’s still working in accounting firm and was shocked to hear that I’ve been employed to do accounting works as well. She knows that my profession is Computer Engineering and she laughed at my stories of how I managed to work in accounting department with no formal education on it. Anyway it’s really a good-old-days’ chat but she didn’t finished the whole afternoon with me as she’s having some difficulty in her sitting position and she forgot that she has a doctor schedule for treatment for hemorrhoid. So that’s the reason also of her painful feeling but she said this doctor she had an appointment with is a good one and guarantees a good treatment. She’s promised to return again as soon as possible.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Stop Vices and Start a Healthier Life

I’ve worked in a building where there are many call centers renting the place. It was the owner’s priority to have tenants with business like that. So I get to see some of the ways of their employees and I noticed that their employees go out of the office every break time just to have some smoking session at the ground floor outside the entrance foyer. It’s in their system that every time they took a break it would be for smoking one or two sticks. Every time I see them I’m very conscious of what might happen to their health if they continue living like that. Smoking is very dangerous to health and when you started early in your life smoking there’s a big possibility of having lung cancer when they grow old. Sometimes sickness comes early in life if the person’s body is not strong.

If they only knew that every single cigarette and alcoholic drinks that we inhale, smoke or take into our body decreases our life span and make us vulnerable to deadly sickness. Worst thing is they’re not the only affected people as anyone who inhale or smells the smoke can also be a candidate for lung sickness or disease. Non-smokers developed lung cancer if they’re exposed to smokers so people who smoke endanger not just their lives but the lives of other people as well. I hate to think that many people could be sick for someone’s vices.

It’s really better if people start to live a healthier life as it’s not only painful to be sick but costs considerable amount of money also. Same with having heart problems as this sickness is a traitor; you’ll never know when it will hit you. Cardiac arrest is frequently the causes of many deaths among people past the age of fifty but there’s a solution for this as early detection could save them their lives. With CVTSA’s provision of efficient and reliable treatment to cardiac patients there are bid chances of surviving. They performed cardiac surgery through experienced cardiac surgeons and nurse which results to fast recovery of cardiac patients. There are many operations performed successfully by them and these include lung transplant, heart transplant, robotic surgery and other related cases. In view of all these things to avoid deadly sickness we should all try to live healthy, eat the right kind of foods, have exercise and avoid vices.


Sunday Stealing: The Trivia About Me Meme

Do you get regular massages? Not so often.
Do you have an answering machine? None.
What cuss word do you use the most? None
Are you underweight or overweight? overweight
Can you see your veins? A little.

Soap? Safeguard
Fruit? Pineapple
Kind of red meat? pork
Fish? milkfish, salmon
Candy bar? Snickers, Happy Dreams

Have You Ever…
Eaten a whole bag of potato chips? With someone .
Eaten lobster? Yes
Climbed a mountain? A bit.
Been skydiving? No!
Been water skiing? No.

Do You…
Wish you could change something about your life? No.
Like your nose? Yes.
Like salt and vinegar chips? Yes.
Eat salsa? Yes
Own a boat? No.

What Is…
A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences? Needle!
Your most macho trait? None.
The longest relationship you’ve ever had? DH (dear husband)
Your most embarrassing thoughts? Secret :-)
Your most shameful moment? can't remember (don't want to remember)

Bath/Shower? Bath
Markers/Crayons? Crayons
Pens/Pencils? Pens
Jelly/Cream Cheese? Cream Cheese
Bagel/Toast? Toast

My greatest weakness is…Dark Chocolate
I wish I was…given a chance to have more time for traveling
Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are… eat insects, kill someone, sell my loved ones
The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is…raw mackerel
Credit card you had? Citibank
Loan you got was for? an appliance
Paycheck was for how much? PhP2,800
Time you had stitches?None
Time you went to the hospital for something? When I was born

List everything you ate in the last 24 hours? Tapsilog (beef tapa with fried rice and egg), Pinipig crunch, Ube dessert, steaming mami noodles with egg, ham, pineapple, boiled saba, cheesy ensaymada, ampalaya con tofu
Last thing you used a credit card for? Paid my domain
What was your job previous to the one you have now? I was an administrative and HR officer, accounting supervisor, billing and collection officer and international carrier settlement officer of a small telecommunications company for 6 years before I decided to leave my job and concentrate on my family and on being a work-at-home Mom blogger, well if you can consider it a job!
Last thing you celebrated? My second daughter Gen's 11th birthday!
Last time you were at a sports bar? I've never been to any sports bar.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Noticeable Changes

I’m beginning to see some changes in my eldest daughter Ruth since she reached 12 years of age. The first one is her height which is becoming very noticeable among her friends and I’m also receiving some remarks from other mothers that she’ll soon be taller than I am. That’s a good one because I stand almost 5’4” so she must be growing up to be a tall lady. Her body started to have shapes and she’s not so thin anymore because she has very good appetite on food now. She loves to cook and try to eat varieties of food including vegetables. She’s now learning how to do her hair in more ways than the usual ponytails and headbands.

Now I’m teaching her how to care for her skin especially on her face so she’ll not be worrying in the future for acne medication. I know that acne is part of growing up but if you learn early in life how to prevent it you’ll be spared of acne problems. I didn’t experienced so much problems in my face when I was in my teens that’s why I’m teaching her prevention of it. I believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


Friday, January 15, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #59

Click the image to see larger view


This shot is from the side of a fourth storey building and the view is across a national highway. What attracted me is the solid formation of the clouds creating a circular motion as if they're going to drop down anytime. A little bit scary if it's stormy day but since it's late afternoon it's understood that the color of the sky is only due to the start of sunset! I will never cease to wonder at the sky, i just love sky watching!

Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Safe and Sound!

Just returned to work after finishing so many offline tasks and duties. I’m still tired from yesterday’s fire in the neighborhood and I can’t seem to end my heartful thanks to God for keeping us safe from this disastrous fire. The place still smells smoky and there are still many ashes in the air. Faith and prayers can really move mountains, but this time it’s not mountain but fire and God stopped the fire before it reaches our house. Electricity was cut off until 5pm and I was in a real hurry because it’s also my bible study day and I didn’t want to miss it. A neighbor taking up nursing was asking me to help her in her assignment on diseases and cure like heart disease transplant, digestive problems, herpes simplex treatment, and many more. Actually I have a compilation on that subject as I used to do some research work for my SIL and I’ll just lend it to her.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

:WW - Sisters at the Camp

Click images to get larger view!

These are some of my sisters in our church and we had fun posing here during our lunch break while our kids are getting ready for their choir presentation. We had a fulfilling 4-day fellowship camp meeting service at Villa Dominga Resort in Indang, Cavite. The weather was so cool because it's beside Tagaytay City and it made us wear layer of clothes at night. For me a cotton jacket is not enough so I brought along my thick cardigans for extra protection from cold.

I have other entry of the ministers' pic at the camp here!

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Monday, January 11, 2010

A Relaxing Thought on a Hot Afternoon!

Weather these days is unpredictable. My Mom told me when I was young to have a careful watch of the weather for the first twelve days of January as it would certainly be the weather for the twelve months of the year. Each day represents a month and that will start with January 1 for the month of January, January 2 for February and so on. Well I used to believe this one when I was young but now that I’m matured enough I take it as just a guess from the older generation, maybe true or not. Well with global warming happening in our planet no one can really deny if it will rain on summer days.

As this day has given our town a good welcoming sunshine I’m beginning to think of a vacation in one of the beautiful resorts like myrtle beach hotels oceanfront because it’s good to savor the fresh air of the ocean breeze when it’s hot. Anyway with my current workload now I know that it will not possible now. In the next couple of months that would be possible but I’ll have to save some bucks for it. Just some relaxing thoughts!


Just the Simple Car For Us

We’re still using my brother’s car every time we need a car for attending church service or for family’s activities and travel. We just maintain and look for parts that needed repair so the car will be as maintained as our former car. The car was a pre-owned car and bought just recently so we really expect some minor repairs and maintenance. Actually we’re looking for some car parts to replace a small part in the car and I saw some online shops for parts. Some sells for the parts we need and some sites caters only for the beautiful and model cars like Ferrari parts, Lamborghini and other hot cars. Well they are for me since we only have the simple ordinary car in our garage.


Bonding Day with the Kids

We spent the whole Saturday afternoon in the mall to celebrate partly Gen’s 11th birthday because that would fall tomorrow which is a school day. They asked me to let them play in Tom’s World and since they have hundreds of tickets earned they brought it for some goods exchange. It’s my way also of making the day happy for them as we decided not to join their educational tour as we’re saving up for Ruth and Josh’ private schooling next year, Josh in elementary and Ruth in high school. We also decided to opt for this year’s field trip as they’ve joined for two years already and have already gone to the scheduled places in this year’s field trip. Since it’s a repetition we thought it practical to join next year if the trips would be new to them.

After the 2-hour stay and playing at Tom’s World we rounded up the stores in the mall looking for Gen’s birthday clothes but Gen (as usual) didn’t want any of the blouses in the stores. She didn’t want those ruffled and flairy blouses as she only want the simple ones. We dined at Greenwich and the kids enjoyed the Hawaiian pizza, pizza fries and spaghetti. We ended our malling with grocering for our supply, kids’ foodie and Gen’s birthday food tomorrow. Will post pics later!


Life Insurance Leads

My cousin works for an insurance firm and as we’re talking about our particular work she told me that nowadays it’s hard to get a client. She usually gets a client to insure themselves when they have businesses or the above average families. For the working class and those receiving minimum salaries and a little higher than minimum they content themselves with the mandated social security insurance which is not so much to expect. Since my cousin has been in the business for several years already she copes with the latest low market with her skills and experience. She still reaches her quota even in these days of economic crisis. Good for her as I also know that people get life insurance leads online now because it’s better to research and compare insurance quotes in the comfort of your home via online surfing.


My Focus is Mostly Inward

Your Focus is Inward

You prefer to spend most of your time alone. Other people tax your reserves.
You appreciate and enjoy your own company. You can always find a way to entertain yourself.

You don't believe in being bored. In fact, you don't think it's even possible.
With so many ideas, books, and places to explore, you are never lonely - even if you're all by yourself.

Actually I'm not a loner as I enjoy the company of others most of the time, it's just that I also enjoy being alone as I can do many things if I'll be given my own time without interference. My personality is a combination of outward and inward lol! Want to see if your focus is inward or outward?


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stop Your Problems with Math

I grew up with the family of teachers which include my Mom, plenty of my Aunties and my cousins. With this environment I grew up with I know how hard it is to impart knowledge to students with different levels of intelligence, different communities lived with and various status in life. Teachers were experienced to balance students whether they are the top ones or the least witty. My Mom used to teach my neighbors for almost free tutorial just to make them knowledgeable in basic education which are reading, writing and mathematics. Of all the three main subjects I find Math to be the hardest on most students. There are few students though that really excels in this subject but majority just can’t get over the hardship of solving problems. Most of them find Math a tough subject to deal with and badly needed a Math Help to understand the concept of Mathematics.

With those students who needed guidance in learning the best way to cope with Math subject they can have good Online Tutoring through the help of which provides lesson videos to cover 2,700+ math topics. Best thing about this one is that you can have it online in the comfort of your homes. No more searching for hours on hard subjects like Algebra as you can have Algebra Help and have your assignments finish in quicker time possible. With videos to study on you can have the liberty to play it over and over unlike the real tutor who will be upset if you ask to repeat the lessons for many times. It will also help the parents get over the hardship of making their children learn Math and cope with up the easiest way.

These videos are approved by professional and experienced teachers so there’s no need to worry about the quality of Math education. Guaranteach will also diagnose your learning style and will customize the lesson for you so you can work with the videos more comfortably as it’s adept to your style of studying. Students can enjoy the convenience of studying different tutorial Math subjects like Algebra Tutoring and other hard math subjects because they can watch, learn and share it with their parents at home. Education opportunities can be very well practiced this way and it’s also a kind of bonding for family as learning can happen right in your own homes. If you want to try it you can do so by watching 5 videos with their trial account.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday 9 : Call Me

1. Who is someone that phones you routinely that you never seem to be up to talk to, but you are not ready to push them out of your life?

My former friend.

2. What is something that effects you deeply, to your core, no matter your mood or what else is going on in your life?

Things concerning my family and my churchmates.

3. Tell us of something that relaxes you and always makes you happy.

Long travel with a stop over at a nice restaurant. Travelling gives me time to think and meditate somehow as long as I'm not the one driving lol. Since I can't and I don't want to drive travel relaxes me and it also gave me a chance to my photography hobby, I shot and shot while traveling.

4. If you could take the train from anywhere to anywhere, where would 'anywhere' be?

Anywhere as long as it's heading to countryside and I prefer faraway place. I love long travel!

5. If you could look into the future, how far down the road would you like to see? 10 years? 100 years? A million?

10 years is good enough for me. I don't want to be so futuristic.

6. Did you do your shopping online for this Christmas, how did it go? Did things come in on time? Any significant failures? ...and if you didn't, will you consider trying online shopping sometime this year?

I did all of my shopping offline since most that I need are available in the stores I frequent.

7. What people or projects are worth your time, money or effort?

House and church project are always worth my time. When it comes to family it's always worth my time, money and effort. I'm inspired to work because of them.

8. Think back when you were in high school. Are you proud of the way you dressed, or do you wish you could go back and change it all?

I was pretty happy during my high school days but I'm not so conscious of the way I dressed or the way I look, I'm really a simple person, I care about other things than my looks. I care about sports, music, my poems, my friends, and my grades. I'm not proud or ashamed of my looks but I managed to dress in my own style without so much effort.

9. Do any of your friends, family or co-workers know about your blogs? For those that do, did you tell them or have they stumbled upon it by themselves?

Yes everybody knows my blogs, my officemates, my school friends in all levels, my relatives and my churchmates. I invited them all to visit it. lol!


Affordable Moving Out and Portable Storage

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This is really a better option of moving to another location where it usually required a costly rental and tiring packing and unpacking. Their mobile storage containers can hold a room and smaller boxes can also be used for a more flexible sorted things. They will be delivered to your home and you’ll only pay for the ones that you used because they will refund the unused and empty boxes, great isn’t it! That’s why my friend searched for storage st. paul when she decided to shift to another job and changed her house location. It was a good move for her and she never complained of anything when she transferred. It was a fun move out and a good travel too. Smartbox’s state of the art way of moving is not only convenient but economical too!


Friday, January 8, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #58

Click the image to see larger view


I'm really fond of sky watching and I'm so glad that I was able to catch some of the beautiful formation of clouds in my digicam. I actually have a big folder full of sky shots and wherever I go I make sure that I have a shot of the sky in every place I go. Clouds differ from where you choose to take your shot and it changes its formation for few minutes. I remember loving one scenic view of the sky and another 15 minutes it was gone, I learned my lesson so when I found a good sky shot I fumble as fast as I can for my cam.

Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Fast Result Search

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The company accepts listing of the town’s businesses and index them as per their address and phone numbers just the things you needed most in searching for stores, shops and business. They’re listing it for free so any business can go to them when they want their establishment listed for people local online search. It’s a great advantage for the businesses and a great convenience for the customers. Imagine clicking Buffalo, NY and getting fast results when you want some repair shops for your car, homes or appliances. It’s great living in community with access like these and you can avail this with

I read some testimonials on how great this service is and most have been so relieve with finding the right shops for their emergency needs like a towing service for the car that broke down or some emergency needs that requires fast and good results. I even read one man’s story of finding 20 results compared with 3 in the regular phone book. It’s really good finding convenience searches through online like clicking St. Louis, MO in the map and finding the right shops for your needs in the fastest possible time ever. Well, in this time and age everything must be fast and accurate.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings Week #362

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. 365 :: days of the year
  2. Tombstone :: cemetery
  3. Dumb :: innocent
  4. Intrusive :: meddling
  5. Fat :: overweight
  6. Axe :: wood cutter
  7. Planned :: Scheduled
  8. Spike :: tires
  9. Bleach :: white
  10. Shopkeeper :: owner of the store


Business Plans and Opportunities

Start of the year and I’m thinking about my previous plan to put up a meat products’ shop in front of our house. As per my feasibility it would gain profit because I’ll have less monthly expenses for my business space is mine and I don’t plan to hire a staff. Since I’m working online I can bring my home office to my shop and work on my blogs while managing the store. It seems so easy at first to jumble up everything I mean continue with online tasks and sell meat products. But how about my family, I keep thinking that I might not be able to cope up with my online and offline tasks that until now I didn’t started my shop. Well online opportunities are still lucrative but I’m also saving up just in case it slows down.

I’m searching some new online jobs and opportunities right now but I’m also advised to try franchise business like Buy franchise Ontario where I can have the ease of having a product that marketing is not a problem as they’re in-charge of those things. They’re very much helpful in helping to find the right franchise opportunity for the clients so you’ll have no worry Whatever plans I’ve made for our business and family I know some of them will materialize soon. Now I’m very much contented with work-at-home jobs that I’m doing and in taking care of my family. More often the simple things in life are the things that make you happy.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

:WW - Family at the Camp

Click images to get larger view!

I'm posting here our family picture at our recent December camp meeting in Villa Dominga Forest Resort where we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights. My kids are fast growing up and in a few more months or years my eldest Ruth (to my right) will be taller than me and her daddy. Gen is growing up fast also but still a baby to me. Anyway we'll always have a smaller kid as Josh is only 6 years old now. More years before he grow up and we'll still have his funny antics all the time! We had great moments in our camp fellowship. Visit the kids' pic at the camp here!

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project Management

In every company there must be a system that will make the tasks easier not only to simplify things but to make the tasks and duties transparent. Small companies can afford some work to be in manual settings but when we talk of big companies it’s not advisable. I’ve been exposed to work of different kinds during my 19 years of working on different companies and have rounded up various kinds of business such as semi-conductor, government agriculture department, transportation, construction, consultancy and the latest work I’ve been in telecommunications industry. All of these companies have their own system to run their departments but the best I came to see was the one who used some kind of project management software which simplifies work, makes inventory and audit easier and more transparent and all works became less time-consuming. These days it’s not that costly and it’s recommended by many who have used it and been greatly satisfied.


Top Droppers for December 2009 myspace graphic comments

This is to express my appreciation and thanks to all my regular visitors and droppers here! Hope you'll continue to visit me always!

Dropper # of drops
Yummy-as-can-be 31
A Simple Life 31
moms..... check nyo 31
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The Modern Mom 30
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Trends Finder 24/7 30
Jean sQuared 30 29
Warcraft Blog 28


Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Sickness

I’m back from vacation from work and the holiday was so fun and happy although it made my health suffer from over fatigue. Up to now my limbs are somewhat numb and I have some dislocated veins. I’m so hopeful that within this week I’ll be well and good with the help of my Mom’s wonder massage and rest. I’m not blogging seriously for the past few days except some pre-posted greetings here. For my online tasks I just started today with slow and careful watch how my typing and exposure to PC will affect my health. I have lots of ideas to share, plenty of pictures to post and many activities to write but that will wait until I’ll be 100% well. For now I’m visiting few blogs, managing my emails and just doing my due tasks. My brother has been very busy with their camp meeting also and they have hundreds of visitors from provinces that’s why he’s asking me if I know some shops who will do rv repair because one of their RVs showed signs of disorder. They need it to be repaired as soon as possible so the owner will return to their province sooner.


Friday, January 1, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #57

Click the image to see larger view


This is a shot from where we usually eat every Sunday after our morning fellowship and the building on pic here is the rented building of our church, well that's the rooftop and we're renting one of their fourth floor units. I just happened to love the clouds formation when we're walking back to the building that even if I had the cables and wires' participation I forego with my shot. It's still lovely to me despite the obstruction. This is a late post because I've been so busy lately. Actually just came back from a whole day swimming in Laguna.

Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


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