Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Different Tour Experience

My SIL who lives in Great Britain loves travel and vacation around Asia and Europe. Recently she has chosen a different route to her usual favorite vacationing places and that’s Mexico. Just looking at her pictures at the beautiful expanse of beach and in the luxury accommodations makes us all want to go there too. I was thinking that maybe next year she’ll go to New York and get to see lovely places there. I know she also wants to visit famous places like Times Square, Little Italy, Museum Mile, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty and a lot more but she will of course do it through New York Tour packages to have an exciting tour experience.

I learned that Gray Line offers sightseeing tours with their best double-decker, motor coaches and friendly tourist guide who will accompany the group throughout the entire tour. It will be fun for my SIL and it will save her time as the tour can cover the whole city in one day. She will have time for other itinerary she may need to go. I know that it will be a nice experience for her especially when she would have a beautiful sky view of The Empire State Building and Manhattan from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. It will be a different experience for her.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bus Rental New York

My cousin now resides in USA and on her first time there she planned on taking tour packages to see beautiful places in New York. It’s her dream to see NYC and eventually work and live there. She’s a little apprehensive that it might take her days to round up her planned visits to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center and many others but when she learned that she can book for a Bus Rental New York she’s happy enough. Go Buses NY provides custom packages for multiple-day outings, scenic tours and extended multi-state excursions with the use of their deluxe motor coaches and double-decker buses. Well with well-trained professional guides to guide you and inform you it can be an exciting experience.

That’s how my cousin told me about her tour experience of the popular city and now she’s working and living in the nearby town. Whenever a friend or relative visits her there she would ask them if they would want to experience visiting the best of NYC attractions because she knows that GO Buses will take care of everything to provide safe and dependable charter bus services for them plus they can hire the bus from the airport to their destinations.


Quite a Transformation

When I see men with muscles I assumed that they spend some of their working out to achieve those muscles. It’s not easy to earn those good-built looks because you have to discipline yourself on a lot of things. When my office friend was chosen to be a bridesmaid to her best friend she immediately enrolled herself in one of the gym workout near to their house because she knew that’s the only way to remove her excess fat beautifully. Crash diet is not a recommended way to lose excess pounds quickly so my friend didn’t resorted to unhealthy diet. 

Instead she did some workout every other day and limit herself to eating fish and little rice only on all her meals. It was a prescribed food for her as per gym instructor. She didn’t take any hgh because she didn’t want muscles on her body. I saw the transformation myself and I can say she became fit and prettier. Eventually when the wedding came she had no insecurities on wearing her gown. Maybe she didn’t look as thin as the others but when I looked at the wedding pics I noticed that she’s the most beautiful among them.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easier and Flexible

My work demands having a dedicated PC and internet connection 24/7 and for convenience it’s more applicable if we’re on a wifi connection. I was glad that when I was just starting this job I was able to do the network cable wiring myself and we had no troubles ever since. There were instances though of failed connections but those are basically due to our internet provider’s side. It’s great working anywhere in the house, upstairs or downstairs because we have fast access and connection. I’m very thankful also that we were able to buy laptop and notebook last year which also makes work easier and flexible.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Late Night Snacks

I’ve had plenty of rest today and I’ve overslept my nap time. DH woke me up when it’s time for our dinner and it took me some minutes to realize it’s already evening. Anyway I’m thankful for the much-needed sleep and rest although I must work on some tasks and spend the rest of the evening doing them. What I don’t like about working late is the possibility of having midnight snacks but I don’t have choice as I need energy to help me get through these late nights. Just as I was eating my snacks oxyelite came running through my mind as I feel a little guilty for not following my plans of getting fit and slimmer. I hope I will not get used to eating at the strike of 12 midnight because when I do that frequently I’ll be in dire trouble.


Skywatch Friday : Pensive Sunset

I’ve always loved sunset especially when I see it on the beach. This is the reason why I waited for the sunset to arrive before going home when we had our outing with our church brethren last January. Well it’s worth the wait isn’t it? I love the golden hues of the sky here, makes for some pensive thoughts!

View more beautiful capture of sky!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs Campaign

When you have a business it’s important that you have the proper advertising campaign to promote your products and services. It’s the best medium to introduce your business and what you have to offer to the public consumers. Now there are various kinds of advertising that you can consider like having customized LED business sign to showcase your products. With electronic message center sign you can control your advertising and have unsurpassed promotion directed at your mobile customer base. Your sales will definitely increase with this for a cost of only dollars a day. This electronic reader board will be your advertising strategy over the years.

Having signs showcasing your business really helps a lot like the gas price signs which seems to solve the constant change of prices that would be difficult with the staff. With this kind of signs prices can be changed without so much an effort with just one button from inside, no need to change it right there outside. Strickler Signs made this possible by bringing their customer a sure increase in sales by customizing on premise sign advertising for pylon sign, customs electric signs, message centers, shopping centers, banks, electronic business signs, neon signs and a lot more. 

They use high quality materials that will make the advertising to ensure that the signs they make will last for years to come. I’ve visited the site and look among various samples that they’ve made including the lighted church signs which shows information on the name of the church, the days of their fellowship services and their Pastor. I’ve looked around attractive samples and noted that they have innovative design ideas and fair prices to go with it. Getting a customized signs that will increase your sales will ensure a good return of investment and I should say it’s a good advertising move.


Business Plans for Summer Vacation

My kids are finalizing their school activities next week to start their most-awaited school break. The little boy will end the earliest as it’s their last day tomorrow. My eldest will finish her last exams tomorrow and have three days more next week. Gen will be graduating on April 4 and started on having graduation practice since Monday. She was hoping for a good place in the honor roll and I told her that no matter what number will she get I’ll always be happy and proud of her. She has spent 7 years of schooling in her school since Preparatory level and kinda sad that she’ll be leaving the school to enter secondary education. She’s a consistent honor in her class and aspiring until now no matter how hard it is to be included in the top positions. 

Now that she’ll be joining her sibling in high school we will be facing higher school expenses this coming school year. We’re now thinking of putting some money on sure investments like small business or buying gold bullion but we’ll have to add more capital because our savings is small for that kind. For this coming summer vacation we’re starting up our small fruit store to add some funds for next school year and to see where we can be good at. I’m calling some suppliers now from our hometown to ensure that we’ll get lower rates than if we get it here in the city.


TC: Green - Health Week Presentation

for fun and learning
"GREEN" (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,...)

 This shot was taken months back during one of the programs in my son's school.  They were celebrating  health week and each grade level presented their unique poem, songs, dances and drama with the theme focused on health and nutrition.  We also had our share on our own as all parent officers prepared healthy foods to feed to all students of Little Jewels Christian School.  Notice the costumes of the kids here representing vegetables.  They danced to represent the value of eating vegetable with the song 'Makulay ang Buhay sa Sinabawang Gulay....' (life is colorful with soupy vegetables).

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Commercial Litigation for Businesses

My friend is starting up a business with her partners and I’m helping her out with some initial documents. It’s not easy to start as you have to deal with legalities, registrations, financial forecasts, marketing strategies and management approach. All these things should be properly noted and taken care of in order to ensure that business will run smoothly throughout the whole process. Then you have to hire personnel with the right knowledge and enough experience to handle their jobs effectively. I know these things because I’ve been a part of this kind when my former boss ventured into another business while I’m employed in his first business.

He asked me to help him and when he finally started the operations he transferred me to his new telecommunications business. It gave me excitement to venture on new responsibilities far from my field of work but I was able to handle it all. There are things to learn then especially the commercial litigation that governs business and commercial transactions so we’ll be able to apply it to our operations. 

Businessmen should know about rules and regulations concerning business and its management. It’s imperative to know about licensing laws, privacy laws, health laws, safety laws, food and drug laws, labor laws and some others. I’ve learned enough about some of these laws and was able to handle registrations, business permits and other licenses from government agencies. When all these things are taken care of the owners will have to ensure that the business has enough funds to sustain it all for at least 3 years even if they will encounter low business peaks.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

School Reservations

I've been struggling with my time now since I got plenty of errands in school. My daughter is graduating from primary school and will transfer in secondary Christian school. I'm arranging reservation for the little boy for his second year in Grade school in LJCS and for the two girls in TUMCS. Both schools sent their forms to confirm our intent to enrol the kids next year to their respective schools. I've already sent the forms back to school Administrator and will come back this summer for enrolment. School will end this month and I'm looking forward for my two-month break from school. Got myself a part-time work in office to help a friend. Anyway I can do some of it online so I'll still be active in blogging.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Safe Travel

I was chatting with my friend abroad and we were talking about some dreams of us which we love to have when we retire from work. Of course for me I love to buy and own a motor home because we’re fond of travelling to faraway provinces and motor home is the only all-around vehicle that would help us in our trip. Considering we have three kids it will be of much use to us because it contains everything we need during and after travel. 

Well it’s not bad dreaming for one, after all it’s free to dream and when I’ll finally be able to buy I’ll make sure I’ll get the best and affordable motorhome insurance so no matter what happened I’ll be at peace that we’re covered with insurance. Anyway I’ll have to work hard before I can own one but I’m super excited at the thought.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Legal Help for Road Accident Victims

Summer is starting now. Yesterday we attended a small church gathering with our brethren. When we travelled back home we encountered so much traffic different from all the other Wednesdays we had. We felt bored and hot from the humid weather and we thought it’s going to be a long traffic ahead but we discovered that an accident on the U-turn slot caused the traffic jam in the area. The careless driver who drove recklessly and hit another car in the middle of the slot caused the heavy traffic. 

I’m sure some passengers were hurt and would demand justice for the accident. I know they will get their lawyer like Austin personal injury lawyer who will help them legally and assist in whatever compensation they should be getting from the case they filed. It’s just fair to have compensation because some people lose their job when accidents hit them. They need the money to start a new life after the ordeal of the accident. So if you’re in the Austin area and you need help about the accident you can contact O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 423

I say ... and you think ... ?
1. Ugly :: hideous, repulsive, dreadful, unsightly
2. Shed :: hut, shack, cabin, cottage
3. Contrary :: opposing, different, unlike, rival
4. Yellow :: pale, pallid, sickly, sallow
5. New Jersey :: USA, state, place in America
6. Point :: direct, aim, end, tip
7. Actually :: truly, in fact, really, essentially
8. Endeavour :: try, effort, venture, attempy
9. Blondie :: fair-headed, pale, flaxen, light-coloured
10. Speck :: fleck, dot, spot, scrap

I had fun with words. Join us too!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Enrolment Cash from Gold

The current school year is ending now and I’m looking forward to being with my kids all day for two summer months. For college students some don’t want to take a break and they also want to enrol for advance subjects this summer vacation. Well that would mean additional expenses for their family and if you’re one of those whose thinking of extra cash for their summer schooling why not turn your broken, old or scrap gold jewelries into money. This way you’ll have instant cash for gold and it will solve the problem for extra finances for education. Education is an investment and it’s good to give our kids a good education. In the future it will help them get a good-paying job.


Monday, March 7, 2011

:Blue Monday: Little Boy's Fun Day at the Beach

My little boy excitedly posed for me here while playing at the sands.  We've just arrived at the beach and he immediately ran to feel the sands and the waves.  He told me that on our previous visits to the beach he was so young to remember it.  And he's right about it as he was just a baby when we last brought them to the beach. It's not a planned visit though because we just decided it a day ago.  It was New Year's day and a great welcome to the new year ahead.  We had our food from new year's eve celebration and we were with our church mates.  It was not just fun for my little boy Josh but for the whole family as well.
Smiling Sally

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