Monday, February 28, 2011

An Enjoyable and Relaxing Outdoor Space

Most of my friends are planning for their summer vacation as early as now because they’re taking advantage of promotions and good deals. Summer prices will be higher on resort accommodations because the demand for vacationing places will increase also.  I don’t have plans for now as we’ve only planned for our summer camp meeting on the mountainous hill in our nearby town and that would fall on the Holy Week.  Anyway since most of our vacation will be spent on our home sweet home we might as well plan on making it more comfortable and relaxing especially on our patio and outdoor spaces.  I’m just glad that we have enough space to put in some patio d├ęcor as additional furnishing to make our outdoor area more inviting. If we want to use it as a retreat from the bustle of the city we should furnish and make it more restful.

Well for those who really want to turn their patio into something like that of some place they visit for vacation they could have the same effects with Outdora’s varied outdoor products.  For a great bonding with family and friends one could have a pool firepit for a lazy and relaxing chat over warm fire while cooking some grilled foods for the picnic. It could be a group gathering or a simple romantic dinner for two. Just as long as you keep the place very inviting for entertaining friends or having some quality time with family I think you‘ll have a memorable vacation even without going out anywhere.

Outdora changes the way you look at entertainment and relaxation as they bring the best to achieve excellent results in keeping your home and family happy together.  They have varied products that can help convert your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis that you can relax your weary mind and forget about the outside world.  They provide high quality accessories and outdoor furnishings that you can have like patio furniture, greenhouses, gas heaters, grills and barbecues, fire pit, patio umbrella and a lot more. All these quality and helpful products you can get at lowest prices available online with 100% satisfaction guarantee and minimum one year warranty.


:Unconscious Mutterings Week#422

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Leaning :: inclination, fondness, liking, preference
2. Projects :: plans, mission, assignments, tasks
3. 404 :: error code, error file, error links, mistyped URL
4. Page :: sheet, leaf, contact, summon
5. Twitter :: chirp, tweet, chirrup, peep
6. Renaissance :: rebirth, new beginning, new start, regeneration
7. Webinar :: is something that I've got to know now
8. Community :: neighbourhood, village, society, area
9. Illustrate ::show, demonstrate, point up, exemplify
10. Clean slate :: clean tab, clean account, clean bill

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They Love Arcades and Playground

Josh loves playing in the arcade just like his siblings. On many special occasions of the kids they would always ask us to give them time to play on arcade and when they play we would play also so we can have more bonding moments with them. We love basketball and baseball and we play it as family. Whenever we’re in some park or resort they also look for some commercial playground equipment to play and to satisfy their longing for big playing equipment. My little boy had it in school but they’re allowed to play on very limited time only. I’m relieved that he never asked me to buy him one of those because I know that it’s too expensive for personal use only. We’ll just bring him to the park more often.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

:Photohunt: Mostly Black - Black Clouds

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This is my view in the late afternoon when we had our outing in Cavite beach together with church brethren.  I saw all black greyish clouds looming atop the sea sending signals to us that rain showers are coming.  It's good that it happened an hour before we left the place and just a few raindrops.  It was the first day of the current year and we always go to the beach or somewhere to welcome the year with good vibes.  

The kids spent the whole day playing sands and swimming. They only come back to our cottage when they're hungry or thirsty. They really love the beach and so do I. Anyway the mountain looks dark also and they told me that beyond the mountain lied the province of Bataan.

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Tired from School Activities

It’s a long weekend and I spent this weekend thinking of delicious recipe for my family as they’re all here since yesterday. Yesterday was the celebration of 25th anniversary of EDSA revolution and schools have no classes. It’s also a good break as the little boy was tired from their family day and field demo in school. Before the presentation they had series of rehearsals so I’m glad for the break. Both the little boy and I were tired and we slept past 6am the next day. 

We always wake up before 5am but yesterday we really took advantage of the holiday. How I wish we have those hot tub I saw online so we can use it when we want to relax our tired bodies. I’ve seen the hot tub spa covers and I agree that it’s really a must to get durable cover for the hot tub. If only I have it I would take good care and buy the best covers to protect it. Hmm maybe I can save for it.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

:Thursday Challenge: Movement - Winners!

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"MOVEMENT" (Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,...)

Happy students! They're very glad to know that they've won places in the District Press Conference.  My daughter Gen won 4th place in Article Writing, Her friends/classmates Carlo won 1st places in sports writing, editorial and article writing, Gian in sports writing too, Fatima 1st place in photojournalism, Charles 2nd in Filipino edition and some others.  I don't have the copy with me but they've bagged more prizes than other schools and we're proud Moms there :D

Btw I'm the official photographer there lol!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dental Procedures and Services

I envy people with strong and beautiful teeth because previously before I delivered my 3 kids I had very strong teeth. My cousin is a dentist and when she’s graduated and start working she fixed my protrude teeth at the front. She made retainers for my teeth and it worked out best for me. When I got married and started having babies my teeth weakened and I wasn’t able to have regular checkups. Now I want to save my teeth and hope that it will return to its former best condition. I had check-up with our family dentist and suggested fixed bridge on my missing tooth and other small spaces in between but I’m having second thoughts whether to have dental implants instead. It’s nice reading about Raleigh Dentist and all about their services and procedures done in their clinic. It informed me of the things I want to know.

They specializes in many aspects of family dentistry like dental crowns, dental implants, dental sealants for children, dentures, root canals, sealants, tooth fillings and a lot more. Raleigh Family Dentist helped me in some way in deciding what I should do with my teeth. My dentist quoted a big amount of price that I don’t want to go through it without thinking carefully about it. I learned that there are things I should consider when subjecting myself to the suggested procedure from my dentist. I was glad I’ve browsed their site. Now I’m fully informed that people with diabetes, smoking habits, chronic drug habits, immune and deficiencies are not good for the implant. Glad that I don’t have any of that so I can choose either implants or fixed bridges it in the future.


Online Tax Filing

It’s just more than a month and it’s time again for tax preparation for companies, businesses and individuals both private and public offices. I was employed before as Accounting Supervisor and this season is the busiest in our department because we have to prepare plenty of work for our company’s taxes and financial statements. We also do the alpha list of all our employees and assist them in tax filing. This is done with care and accuracy because the government’s bureau assigned to tax will check everything that we filed and it will also determine the tax refund of employees.

Well not everyone knows how to file income tax properly and if there’s no one to guide and teach them they might get wrong in the computation. So this online free tax filing I browse will be some help to expedite tax preparation. With the help of Liberty Tax Service’s professional expertise you can prepare and file your tax online for free. eSmart Tax is an easy-to-use, eFile tax preparation and filing service. They provide tools to help you get big tax refunds while having the most accurate, secure and safe preparation of your tax. 

Now if you don’t want to use eSmart tax and wanted to file the traditional way there are Liberty Tax locations to assist you in whatever service they can help you.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drinking Cold Water After a Meal

My Mom and my husband has been telling me and the kids not to drink too much cold water but I always answer that I feel incomplete whenever I eat and then drink room temperature water. I'm talking about lunch and dinner as cold water is really a no-no in the morning. I remember my Mom's cough stopped when she starts drinking slightly warm water. Now I just browse upon an email from a friend sharing me information that drinking cold water after a meal can cause cancer! Really! Can you believe this?

Here’s what I learned from the emailed information. I know how it’s nice to drink a glass or two of cold water after a meal but you have to read the process in order to believe this one. The cold water will solidify the oily foods that we consumed and it will slow down the digestion. Then once this reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will definitely line the intestine and soon this will turn into fats and lead to the deadly disease cancer.

So it’s best to drink warm water or maybe hot soup after the meal to help digestion of the food. So now it will also help my constipation problem and my weight loss goal.


Fashionable Medical Uniforms

I’ve been seeing the modern uniforms for health care staff in the hospital near us and I must say it’s a lot different from what I used to see. It’s a refreshing sight to see and makes them look more attractive. It’s not that I don’t like the clinical white uniform that they used to wear but the colors make a friendlier look. I always think that hospitals shouldn’t be all white in color as it make me somewhat nervous seeing all white in walls, ceilings, floors and medical uniforms. It makes them look cool and very approachable.

I really like this new trend in uniforms because nurses and doctors can look more stylish while working especially when they get if from Blue sky scrubs. I’ve been browsing the site for discount nursing scrubs for my niece and was delighted to find various colors and style available. With nice stitching at the pockets and tapered waist it flatters the figure. Now these medical staff can be fashionable at work.

Now for those who want to dress their kids like little nurses or doctors for playing Blue sky have scrubs for kids which has the same fashionable stitching at the pockets and available in ceil blue color. I suddenly remember my cousin’s nursing uniform when we were kids. She loves playing with her uniform and always pretends to be a nurse. She didn’t pursue being a nurse and she’s now a teacher.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Should Read the Bible?

The Holy Book or the Bible is a lot of help to those who seek God's words to guide their lives and to know the lessons in life. Some people may not realize it but it should be a daily reading book so you'll know best ways on how to deal with life, love, career and almost all aspects of life. Here to share what are the things that we can get from this very important book which contains the life of Jesus and all His words written for us to cherish and behold. Now we'll be asking a question to awaken those little thoughts in our mind.....

The Young - To learn how to live.
The Old - To know how to die.
The Ignorant - For wisdom.
The Learned - For humility.
The Rich - For compassion.
The Poor - For comfort.
The Dreamer - For enchantment.
The Practical - For counsel.
The Weak - For strength.
The Strong - For direction.
The Haughty - For warning.
The Humble - For exaltation.
The Troubled - For peace.
The Weary - For rest.
The Doubting - For assurance.
The Sinner - For salvation.
The Christian - For guidance.

Hope this will inspire your day.. God Bless!


Better Sleeping Days

I’m so tired from working all day and all I want after my work is a good night sleep to give me enough energy to take care of my kids tomorrow. I have to make sure I sleep at least 6 hours a day to keep my mind and body function normally. I can work overnights and sleep for 2-3 hours only but at the end of the day following that I will feel dizzy and that makes me feel sorry that I’ve been abusing myself. Anyway I’m just thankful that I can sleep well now because several years back I had insomnia and it felt really bad that I thought of using natural sleep aid to make me fall asleep. 

Before the insomnia sickness I’ve been spending overtime and overnight hours in my work for several days doing bidding documents and technical proposals that never seems to end. If I could only buy sleep then maybe I’ll pay just to have regular sleep. That’s past now and I’m given the chance to sleep when I can because I’m working now in the comfort of my home. And though I have to get up at dawn to cook and prepare my kids’ school things I can spend an hour or so in the afternoon to make up for waking up so early. I feel so blessed with my present work.


Online Workout Exercises

I needed a regular workout that would make me healthy, fit and toned. Few months ago I found this gospel aerobics at instructed by Paul Eugene and that's when I started my regular exercise.  I stopped last December and came back again this month.  My body coordinated well with the series of exercises that includes dance fitness, cardio boot camp, hi lo cardio, gospel aerobics and a lot more.  Now I spend an hour four times a week to do series of workout here.  It was hard at first but enjoyable when you're constantly doing it.  Just remember to have a glass of water beside you before starting i.  Enjoy this video:


Good Grasp of Property Values

My brother deals with everything that concerns his residential and building projects. He’s mainly concerned with design, construction and permits to start the project. After he has completed everything in the contract he also help his client gather property insurance quotes that will fit his client’s budget. Being in the assessment job for several years before retiring he has a good grasp of the value of properties so the client sometimes ask him to search for comparable quotes. My brother’s clients are lucky that they can always depend on my brother for whatever problem they have on their house and some other properties because he’s willing to help at all times.


Replacement for the Old Medicine Cabinet

We’re planning for a repainting job on the living room and kitchen as paints are showing some fading signs. We’re now thinking of the color because we just seen the work done by DH siblings on their home in Montalban. Well they’re painting experts and their house is a model of their painting expertise. If we can have our house painted by summer it would be more refreshing to look at. I’m thinking of pastel colors for now but I’m still not decided on the shades.

For the bathroom maybe we’ll just add accessories and cabinets like Robern Medicine cabinet which can organize the soaps, shampoos, medicines and some other things needed in the bathroom. We’ve discarded our old cabinet few years back and we still haven’t replaced it. Also I want a more modern look than our former wood cabinet.


Vitamins and Hair Products

I bought an extra bottle of the kids’ ascorbic acid supplement because sometimes I get too busy to drop by the drug store. It’s not available on other stores so I make it a point to have stocks of it. Coughs and colds are prevalent now in various areas like schools, malls and parks so the kids should have enough protection to prevent them from incurring those diseases. My daughter is now starting to have momentary coughs and I’m making her take double doses of vitamin C. 

I’m still searching for the best vitamins for them since the two of them are past the 12-year threshold. Along with my searches I also found some beauty products for the hair and skin. I don’t usually browse those products but when I saw some tips and reviews about hair products I stayed and read some more. It’s always good to know the good and bad reviews of the products that we commonly used for health and informative reasons.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Legal Advice on Commercial Laws

Starting and running a business takes a lot of financial, management and marketing expertise. You have to deal with all these to effectively build and maintain a good operational business. When I resigned from my 16-year stable job I plan on starting up a small business but it didn’t materialized because my online works took all my time and attention. I’m actually waiting for the husband to resign from his job to take care of the business. He did resigned but we decided that he concentrate on going back to school for a better job opportunity in the future. Our kids will be in college in few years from now and as early as now we’re planning for it. The business would have to wait until he gets settled in school and be adjusted. Soon he’ll start our business planning and hope to manage it soon.

There’s a lot to learn and as of now we’re doing first the feasibility studies so when we finally have the time to start we’ll know the proper approach and strategies. We should also be aware of the commercial law that governs business and commercial transactions so we will know how we should conduct it the right way. Entrepreneurs should know about regulatory schemes involving businesses and in dealing with employees and customers like safety laws, health laws, privacy laws, food and drug laws and a lot more. We keep in mind all these things including registrations and getting business permits. Generally we should keep in mind to save enough funds not just for the operation of the business itself but for the times that the business would encounter low peak season.

And in all businesses I know of be it small or big we should have a legal adviser to help us in practical and legal issues of commercial nature. One that can give us advices and services on the many facets business like contracts and agreements, share sale and purchase agreements, licensing, franchise & distribution agreements, company secretarial matters, specialist taxation advice and more. They should meet all requirements needed to facilitate commercial needs.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Discipline and Control on Foods

I was so busy the whole week that it’s only now that I finally had the time to cook our dessert. It’s just the ordinary gelatin that I’m always cooking up for the husband and kids but work really got all my time. Anyway I really would like to pass eating desserts now as I’m disciplining myself on taking too many sweets but on second thought I can lessen the sugar on gelatin.

My plan to eat healthy and less fattening foods started this month only but I’m determined to do it for as long as I can. I’ve read some adapexin reviews just now but I think I will not need any of those if I just stick to discipline and control. My goal is not only for slimming down but for health reasons as well. My blood pressure plunged down last December and I’m now taking ferrous sulphate and vegetables that’s good for the blood. I’ll have my BP checked up again this month and hope that it will be normal soon.


Enjoying Fun Times with Loved Ones

The weather is getting warmer these days and I’m looking forward to summer break so DH and I can have fun with all of my kids. School break is always precious to me as this is the time that I can be with my schooling kids the whole day. Now that my girls are growing up fast and starting their adolescence stage we can talk about high school life, girl things, grooming, shopping and even acne products if they happen to incur acne. I hope they won’t and be like me who haven’t encountered having problems with pimples or acne. Or we can have fun and play on board games like scrabble, word factory, chess and some other games. With the kids’ flair for online games it’s refreshing to go back to the old time board games where they can learn many things outside the online world.


Complete Transition

I have friends in my past job who were fat but when they started working out in gym their fats lessened and muscles were developed. I was surprised when I saw one of them in FB. He’s now working in call center and sporting a different look he has when we’re still working in consultancy firm. At first I thought he’s using an HGH but he told us that he really did strived hard to achieve his lean built now. He enrolled in a gym workout and disciplined himself on avoiding fats and sweets and eating more on protein-rich foods.

Well if you must know HGH can give lean muscle mass, reduced signs of aging, improved skin, increased energy and a lot more. You can click here to learn more about getting all these. Some people really want to have muscles in their body not just for the looks but for a great feeling of achieving something in their workout. Well the site will help you find out criteria like quality, benefits, side effects and details about the supplement.


Is Liposuction Right for You?

Most women will agree to me that reaching and maintaining an ideal weight can be tasking. It’s even harder when they reached the age of 30 when metabolism slows down. We all know that most women who have delivered babies past their 30’s are the ones who are having difficulty in returning to their old slender form. They’re usually busy to spend time in the gym to workout, go to some place to walk, spend time playing their favorite sports or have a diet plan. Caring for the kids and managing household is enough to consume their time so what’s left in their time they spend it resting. I’m one of these Moms who are busy with family’s activities that planning a diet regimen and workout exercise is real hard.

Well even those women who finds time to diet and workout have other problems in some areas where weight attempts have no effect. Problem areas are usually in the tummy, thighs and waist. I heard celebrities and some popular personalities are trying out easier way of eliminating excess fats like liposuction which helps trim down non-responsive areas. This procedure not only improves the shape of the body but makes your skin youthful as well. While it will do great changes on your body this procedure has some risks and it could bring out side effects like pain, swelling, scarring, bruising, unusual lumpiness and dents on skin. The more fat removed the higher the risk. So you have to be prepared for it. You need a proper consultation with a good surgeon to know if the procedure is right for you.


Enjoying Her Real Career

I just had a chat with an old friend who after leaving the corporate world returned to her nursing career. I guess she was only bored at that time when she chose office over her real career. Now she’s enjoying being a nurse in one of the good hospitals in the country. She told me that times are different now than before because even the health care industry is embracing the modern innovations in technology. She’s also amazed at the medicines available now for curing deadly diseases. She told me that with current liberalism in buying medicines sometimes young people take advantage of it.

Sometimes they were able to buy medicines easily without prescription and use it badly. She’s just relieved that some medicines can’t be bought easily and since it’s a bit pricey one has to have some money to be able to buy it. There are plenty of things that we talked about and we realized that we haven’t seen each other for more than 10 years now. Times really flies and if we don’t make the most of our time we will be surprised that we’ve gone old and did nothing to make it worthwhile.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Kids’ Inclination and Dreams

My kids are talking about their ambitions and the jobs they want to have when they graduate from college. The eldest is inclined to arts, music, culinary and computers, the second is into education and business and the youngest told me he wants to be an Architect someday as he loves designing houses. No one wants to be away from me and leave the country for greener opportunities and just like me they want to live and work here. I hope they remain the same when they grow old because I would worry about them when they work abroad especially in maritime jobs because hazards abound in that environment.

Maybe it’s just me and my fears of sea but I’m really not comfortable in working as sailor, ship’s crew or any other work at sea. Just three months ago I heard some fire accidents in the ship where my friend’s father is working. I know that whatever happens to them they can seek assistance from Offshore Injury Lawyer to help them get their rightful claims but still I’ll be worried to death on such incidents and circumstances. Even though I learned that all staff were trained at their best there are still factors that may cause harm like faulty in equipment or other’s negligence. It’s just good to know that there are laws created for maritime protection.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Incorporation Solutions

My friend has been praying for weeks for guidance on good decision. Finally I heard her saying that it was confirmed for her and she decided to move up another level in her career. She’s starting up a new company with some partners. It’s a big move on her career and I know she can do it. She’s been a good manager to us in the past in the company where we were both employed. I’ve been her assistant all throughout her tenure with the company and we learned a lot from each other. She’s not only my manager but a friend as well and having her as both delighted me so much that staying in the company became an exciting one.

Well now that she’s starting up a business with her partners she’s facing tremendous work and challenges. They will begin with setting up the company, build organization plans and apply their business for Company Registration. They will be financing start-up costs because they will need advisers and accountants on doing this. They’re only a small company but they will go through the same process as when you apply big companies. It’s really hard when you’re just incorporating or starting up a corporation but others just hire companies like Wisteria Formations to do the job for them.

Wisteria Formations offers an easy way for promising entrepreneurs to incorporate their business. They provide a simple and efficient step-by-step process to guide the user in setting up a business or company. They use an animated character to provide advices as the users go through the company incorporation. With their help new companies will be spared of start-up costs and they can focus their time and attention on other important things that needs to be done like hiring employees, establishing connections and marketing their products and services.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High Risk Auto Insurance

Almost everyone wants to get insurance for themselves and for their properties because it give them security that whatever happens their family won’t be penniless. Insurance somehow gives the feeling of being safe and secured. But getting insurance is not that easy as you’ll have to submit few requirements and some checkups. It’s even harder to get one if you have a bad record especially if you’re getting auto insurance. Insurance companies categorize people depending on some vital factors that they think would be a criteria in passing auto insurance application. 

I learned that drivers are classified high risk if they have multiple violations on the road; they’re new to driving or newly licensed teenagers or those with DUI/DWI charge records. Most of the times  risky drivers getting car insurance gets higher rates because of the categorization. They seem to get inflated quotation rates because they’re tagged as high risk drivers. 

Well they should know that if they will just search and look in some  high risk auto insurance companies they can get insurance for lower price no matter how risky they are. Best to visit and fill up form so you can get an instant quote comparison rates and you can decide on the most affordable rates that can give you needed coverage and protection. They carry large pool of insurance companies which offers great coverage and reasonably priced to meet the driver’s budget.

Take a look at this high-risk ins video here informing everyone what they should do to get the most affordable yet best coverage auto insurance. The video showed various quotations offered by companies and how it will be of great help to be able to compare them to come up with the most suited high coverage low cost auto insurance for you. Just fill up a short questionnaire and you’ll have your quotations fast and easy.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Business Solutions

When starting a business there are many factors to consider and things to manage. You have to be financially equipped and must possess enough knowledge in the chosen field of business. When you have finally started and running your business well you have to take care of recording, accounting, financial statements and many other things. If your business is just a small one you don’t have to hire a whole accounting department to do it for you as you can get it outside so you can focus on your business.

It’s easier to concentrate on growing your business if you will hire a company like Steiner Business Solutions to do bookkeeping Richmond VA for your business. They help and provide their clients onsite or offsite, part time or full-time services on bookkeeping, accounting, controller services, financial analysis and other solutions to your business needs. You’ll never worry about the updates of your books and you can also ask their help for tax problems. This way you’ll have plenty of time to achieve your goal of making your small business a success.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Printing Kids' Photos

I’ve gone through compiled pictures of my kids when they’re toddlers and remember the days when I would make a collage in my computer and print pictures in my printer. I had no idea then that there are specific photo printers that’s especially designed for printing photos because when you print your pictures on the printer it would give an output of super clear and vivid colored shots. I’ve seen it in my friend’s internet cafe and learned that it has advanced features for photos. I have two printers now and one of them is a photo printer where I print favorite pictures of my kids. Well for the bulk pictures that I want to print maybe that can be ordered on companies with large printers because I can’t possibly be printing hundreds of pictures on my own.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preparing for Yearly Car Registration

It’s nearing March now and soon we’re going to register our Mazda pickup for the first time. We had it October last year and we’re glad that now we were able to fully repaired and maintained it to good running condition. DH used it in his ROTC examination in a far town of our province and it runs well for two road tests. It’s a one-hour drive over an expanse of rice fields and few zigzag roads and I’m glad it came back well travelled. It actually became well conditioned after the long drive gauging from the sound of its engine.

Now we’re looking for cheap car insurance quotes so when the time comes for the registration we’ll be ready with the insurance. I’m confident that we can find a cheaper one this time as my friend is also finding some quotes for us. Whatever money we’ll save from finding cheap insurance will be used for other things we need for the car.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cash for Your Gold

Some people are fond of collecting something of value or importance to them.  This fondness commonly ends in having it as one of their hobbies.  I know this thing as I’ve gone through collecting stamps, stationeries, song books and old coins when I was younger.  Now that I’ve grown past my childhood things I just maintained my old coins collection. I gave all other collection of mine to my nephew who is fond of collecting such things also.  Up until now I’m keeping some of the old coins of the past decades and increase my collection every time the government issue new coins.  I kept some of the unusable coins in my collection box.  Some people have their collection habit too in other things like antique furniture,  jewelries, books and a lot more.  There comes a time that we’re growing out of our old things to make way for new things for us that we may want to sell gold jewelry that’s broken or run out of style. 

If you’re thinking of selling your precious collection and want to get a good amount of  cash 4 gold you can try selling them to online buyers like USA gold buyers which offer great cash payouts for gold jewelry, rare coins, bullion, bars, flatware, industrial and electrical scrap metals  and other precious metals.  Don’t think that your old jewelry or old coins have lesser value because with gold buyers every real gold has a value and they will give you the best value for it.  They pay based on the 2nd London Gold Fixing rate the day they received the customer’s gold items.  Rest assured you’ll get fair deals with them.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Dad’s Creations and Memories

I’ve always love visiting furniture store even before DH resigned from his work. He used to handle furniture, appliances and gadgets in his stock inventory and when I drop by their store I would take a peek of their products. I love both antique and modern furniture depends on my needs. We have mixed styles of furniture in the house because my father built them by himself several years back. His creations were of the highest quality because of the materials used and the craftsmanship. He’s a graduate of law but find tailoring and carpentry quite interesting. He found out he has above average skills on both. He made tailoring his business while he devoted his carpentry on our house. After he died we still kept our antique furniture in good condition to preserve his creation and memories.

Now we try to find and buy modern home furniture that depicts some character and distinction because it will add certain ambience in the house. Some others are just plain beautiful without the appeal and character. I guess it’s hard to find quality furniture at an affordable price. Dad must be so lucky that during his time raw materials are of high quality but a lot cheaper.


Work and Health Hazard

My friend applied in a semiconductor company doing some parts in advanced technology for phones and when she got employed I learned that it’s for a local big company here. She used to be my office mate and she hold a regular position in the company but we figured out that their department is really not a stable one so she resigned and transferred to another company. That job she replaced with her former one didn’t last long so she applied to another. She’s very competent and flexible so she didn’t find it hard to look for another job. She’s also young so there are no limitations yet. 

I remember myself working in semiconductor company also in my first year of employment and so amazed with what I’m doing. It’s nice to work in manufacturing companies sometimes because you get compensation for overtime work unlike in offices where it’s often free. The only setback is that it’s not that safe sometimes because of the equipment and machines just like in the past decades when workers in some manufacturing companies were exposed in asbestos. They incurred deadly sickness from that exposure and later found themselves asking help from Mesothelioma lawyer to seek justice and rightful claims on their compensation. 

It’s hard ending your job like that because you’ll not be able to work anymore with incurred diseases. It’s unfair that some owners and employers didn’t warned workers of hazardous materials present in their work. It’s their responsibility to do such things as alarming and warning workers of the deadly risk they’re taking when exposed to some chemicals and elements. I’m glad that asbestos was banned decades ago.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Legal Help to Get Rightful Claims

I’ve heard news of sad events that happened to law students that became victims of bombing. It was so tragic for me as the one who planned it has caused despair and hurt to those families of bombing casualties. Their dreams wouldn’t come true anymore because they’ve died from the incident. They’re innocent victims who were just there to celebrate an important occasion. How could some people do such a thing? Victims of accidents like that should seek help from legal adviser like Texas wrongful death attorney who will help them get fair justice and rightful claims. It will help the family of every victim recover and start a new life again. Best of all, the one who did all the chaos and trouble will be punished.


Caribbean Vacation Experience

I received a message from my primary school friend who's been so close to me since we were just little girls. She was treated to a getaway from her husband and now she's telling me all about her caribbean vacation experience.

It was like browsing through magazines and ads offering vacation deals when she has showed me her vacation pictures. She doesn't look her age and I can honestly say that she's really beautiful in all shots he captured of her. Obviously she enjoyed the break from her work because it reflected on her face. She's based abroad and promised to visit and have some time with me next year.

I would also love to have a family vacation at some resort in caribbean islands, to enjoy the beautiful beaches I've been reading about, the soft sands I've wanted to put my feet on and to see the nature at its best. With all the work I've been doing these past few months I really need some time off, but I'm willing to wait for the kids' summer break from school so we can have a week-long vacation.

While thinking about my friend's dream vacation at the resort in the caribbean, I learned that Breezes Resorts offers a Super Inclusive Package that solves the problem of having to think about separate expenses for meals, snack, drinks, entertainment and other activities. This package includes everything from deluxe accommodations, meals, unlimited premium beverages to sports and entertainment. You never have to worry about anything because it's all there in the package. Sure makes it easier for budgeting and definitely more affordable. If you want to see more of what I learned, go to


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