Saturday, February 19, 2011

Enjoying Fun Times with Loved Ones

The weather is getting warmer these days and I’m looking forward to summer break so DH and I can have fun with all of my kids. School break is always precious to me as this is the time that I can be with my schooling kids the whole day. Now that my girls are growing up fast and starting their adolescence stage we can talk about high school life, girl things, grooming, shopping and even acne products if they happen to incur acne. I hope they won’t and be like me who haven’t encountered having problems with pimples or acne. Or we can have fun and play on board games like scrabble, word factory, chess and some other games. With the kids’ flair for online games it’s refreshing to go back to the old time board games where they can learn many things outside the online world.


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