Thursday, January 16, 2014

Roofing Tips: How to Replace a Shingle

If you live in an area where the wind blows across the plains, or anywhere where the wind blows strongly, you may have to replace a lost shingle from time to time. More than likely, you will have to remove a damaged shingle and nail a new one into place. If you have asphalt shingles, this procedure isn’t too difficult. While you could call in professionals like those found at Pyramid Roofing to repair your roofing in Manchester, NH, with a few tools, some common sense, and a willingness to have a go, you could replace that shingle on your own. 

How to Replace a Damaged Shingle 

Before you set about doing the job, first be sure that you are using proper safety procedures. Make sure you have someone holding the base of the ladder as you climb up onto the roof, and be certain that you are careful about maintaining your balance. In order to replace a shingle you need a few things: a hammer, a flat pry bar, some roofing nails, a little roofing cement, and a replacement shingle of the right color and design. 

1. First, understand that in order to pop out the damaged roofing shingle, you will need to loosen two rows of nails. Shingles are usually nailed in two places, adding a double layer of stability. Slide the flat pry bar beneath the shingles two rows above the damaged shingle and pop out the nails directly above the slots between the tabs. 

2. Next, pop out the nails under the row of shingles above the damaged shingle in order to set the damaged shingle free. 

3. Slide out the damaged shingle and lay it aside, and then thread the new shingle into place exactly where the old shingle sat, weaving it into the pattern. 

4. Now that the new shingle is in place, hammer the roofing nails into place in the same areas where you removed the old nails, giving the new shingle two rows of anchor points. To make sure that the shingle stays put, place some roofing cement under the tabs of the shingle and the shingles above to prevent wind from gaining a future foothold in this vulnerable area. 

Replacing one shingle isn’t very difficult, and it should be done as soon as possible to prevent any water damage to the roof. While you may be able to do this job yourself, if you are uncomfortable for any reason, call in a professional like those at Pyramid Roofing, and they will make sure the job gets done quickly and expertly, preventing a very costly job later on should the roof have been left with this single chink in its armor.


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