Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink Room for the Girls

Even though we still don't have enough for our dream duplex homes I'm having plans and designs on how the rooms will look.  I have flair for designing homes and remembered doing it with my sister on our school breaks.  It turned out only my big brother got into the field of designing and construction houses and buildings.  Both Redge and I decided to take up computer courses.  Well anyway it has remained a hobby for me to search and look for good layout plans and beautiful designs of houses.  Since everything can be found online little by little I collect designs that I found lovely for my dream home.  

This one suit my concept of a girls' room.  Since my girls are into teen years no more cartoon characters or teeny weeny designs in the room.  A touch of pink would always remain as I find it so cute.  My eldest has an artist blood in her heart that she can also add more designs of her own here if we did create something of this in the future.  Btw, I love the stripes on the wall, a respite from the normal plain walls. Nice concept!


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