Friday, June 4, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #79 - Lake Villa Resort


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This is a shot at Lake Villa Resort where we had our Mom's birthday celebration last Saturday. This shot was taken around 5 in the afternoon so I had the chance to capture the resort and sky near sunset time. I was at the back almost at the front of the lake capturing the view at the front with my two girls on each side of the picture (see the shadowy figures). I really have some fascination about the sky and I love taking tons of shots on them. How about you?

Happy sky watching! More on this villa sky shots next week. To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Choose the Safest Way to Lose Weight

I’m on my fifth week of having a cleansing diet but I stopped this week due to many activities that forced me to eat what’s on the table. I didn’t have the time to prepare my own foods. It’s easier to drink diet products but my meal plan is healthier. It’s fine to drink products that’s recommended by doctors but it doesn’t guarantee the effects just like what I read about lipozene which is not really effective contrary to what’s it’s been marketed for. Well it suppresses appetite as from the review I read but it will not help you lose much weight. So why the fuss if it will not make you slimmer? Better try something that’s guaranteed, safe and healthy.


Effects of Workout Exercise

When I look at the people who frequent the gym near the school I can’t help thinking if they’re really having the best ab workout they could get because one or two of them didn’t seem to decrease much in their tummies. Anyway I know different gym exercises didn’t work out the same way it should on people. It’s just the same as other people have faster metabolism than others. Some workout exercises may not always have the same fast effects on all people though it may work on them on a slower mode.

Now I’m thinking when I will have the time to have my regular exercise as from looking into the mirror my reflections told me to do it as soon as possible lol!


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