Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good Business in Building Houses

In line with my brother’s residential and commercial projects he has been updating his list of equipment used in construction. Most of the times he has three projects at one time so it’s better if he has few spares of the most frequently used tools and devices. It’s part of his investment in his construction business so it’s really a necessity to add more. Well I have no idea how many but when I looked at the list I can say that it will cost him a lot. He also has to buy some small machines for the finishing part of the construction which were mainly on the interiors. 

I will not be surprised if he will also need cnc tube bending or some other small equipment as he’s also up for some other business related to construction. Currently he’s eyeing some projects for a well known computer school that will open branches outside Metro Manila. He’s been shortlisted and just waiting for the final decision. I’m happy that his business is picking up so strong. After two more years his eldest son will help him as he has taken the same field of study in college.


Using Attractive Sticky Notes to Teach Reading

Having a hard time teaching your kindergarten kid to read?  Well you can try doing it like the picture shown here.  Little kids are known to react to teaching when you use visual presentation than just saying it.  I also did this to my little boy when he was in preparatory school doing some nice small notes and sticking it to our wall so he'll be familiar with the words.  Anyway it's not hard for me as my little boy loves learning words and it's actually fun for him. 


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