Saturday, September 22, 2012

Grade 3 School Retreat

My little boy was so happy when he returned from their school retreat. Grade 3 pupils had their 4-hour school retreat today and he brought home some prizes. He was so excited when he reached home before lunch time. He told us that their team won two of the retreat games played by them. They’ve won first place in poster making and another on answering questions. He showed me the mechanical pencil and correction paper prizes for them. He actually didn’t mind if there are prizes or none because the games itself made him happy. He told me that he’s very glad he’s well now because if not he’ll never be as happy as he is today.


Flooring Pros

Finding the perfect floor for your home needs careful study as it should be in harmony with the walls, ceiling and the ambiance you want to get from the combination of all. Choosing which kind of flooring like tiles, hardwood, vinyl, carpet or laminate depends on your living style and your budget. The Flooring Pros can help you decide which is right for your needs, your way of living and your financial capabilities. They offer quality flooring at low prices with an assurance of solid warranty. For us who have three kids and always active in our movement inside the house we need a durable and affordable flooring that will give us a warm ambiance and comfortable flooring to live day by day.


Don’t Want to Miss School Activities

LJCS Grade 3 students had their retreat today. I have to get early even when we had few sleep the night before. Josh had severe stomach pain and we thought he’d never make it in their retreat today. We were actually telling him that he’ll never be able to attend the retreat but he firmly told us that it’s not allowable to miss the retreat. I laughed at his serious talk because I find it hard to associate his decision with a 9-year old boy. At the height of his pain he still didn’t want to miss any school activity. Hope he’ll stay the same even when grows up. As early as now I can see a strong personality and high regards in education in my little boy.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Benefits of Carpet Flooring and the Likes

My niece’ three-year old daughter is super active and she’s so worried that she might trip or fall anytime during playing and walking. As they plan for their house which they’ve started building this year they were thinking what kind of flooring they would need to have with a child like their daughter. I can very well relate to their problem because I’ve been to that kind of situation when my kids were younger. It’s normal for parents to worry about their child’s welfare and how their environment will affect them. 

Well for cases like this one it’s better to think of safe flooring for them as safety should be first and foremost concern to us. I would recommend carpet flooring for children with super active inclination to minimize the risk of hurting themselves when they walk and run through the flooring. I can’t imagine a toddler running on smooth tiles. Just the thought brought fear so if you’re really concerned about the kind of flooring you would buy and install in your homes you can visit  for wide range of flooring for your home. 

They offer not just various patterns and colors of carpet flooring but also have hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, laminate flooring and vinyl. Enjoy their SelectAFloor wonderful tool system that will help and guide you to select your specific needs. To guarantee the quality of their work they provide “Life of Floor’ warranty.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Using Charts in Teaching Your Kids

The use of charts in teaching a child is an effective way to enhance the skills of the students naturally.  This way the child can see studying in a different way-an interesting approach in familiarizing the kid with the lessons he should learn.  We use charts like this in the house and paste it on one wall whenever our little boy has quarterly and midterm exams or sometimes if the lesson is not so clear to him.  As my husband is on his education degree himself he feels that Josh is adept to learning techniques like this. See for your own.


New Musical Instruments for the New University

After a year of ground breaking of the university where my husband is studying they finally moved to their new place, a place where the management finally settled their university for fruitful years of educating people. As DH former professor in electronics were the ones in charge of the program and music he requested DH to help him with arrangement of sound system and music. The Electronics’ course department are usually the people involved in it. 

Anyway as they want to deliver the best sound system for the special occasion of ribbon cutting and opening of URS they asked DH to buy brand new amplifiers and subwoofer from good source of musical instruments and devices like peavey electronics as they wanted the best for the musical presentation in the program. Well said program went well as planned and DH was relieved at the results. He went home tired but glad that in the next days to come they can start schooling in their new University home.


Relaxing Water Walls

Every day when I walk on my way to home from my office I pass by megamall place where I always like to see the beautiful huge water walls. Whenever I see those water fountains I feel relaxed and refreshed and my tiredness from work seems to fade away a bit. I was thinking that if I could possibly have the same kind at home maybe I’ll be able to be more productive with my writing. 

Well these water walls especially those kenroy home water fountains can be a perfect piece of decor to any home and a good way to achieve serene environment as well. I really love to have those water walls and if I’ll have the budget for it I know that it will make my days calm and peaceful.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good Observation in TLE-Electronics and Electrical Subjects

My husband is currently taking BSE-TLE and I’d like to share some of his observations on field studies in one of the secondary schools in nearby town. Together with two of his classmates they observed real time teaching and came to some concepts in imparting education to high school students. Theories and other literal forms of instructions are not enough to enhance the skills of the learners. The students should put their knowledge to actions to completely grasp the meaning of those theories.

In TLE subject the teachers should be capable with knowledge and expertise in bringing up various points in education students in the field of electronics, electrical, woodcraft, business, agriculture, cosmetology and other livelihood education. In Benjamin Esguerra Memorial National High School they are equipped not just with the instruments and devices but talented TLE teachers as well. DH witnessed how the students have expertly assembled various electrical and electronic projects. Their teacher Mr. Panfilo Aldea gave them his full supervision in their actual training making them achieve complete knowledge in identifying and computing electrical flow of circuit.  


Beautifying Our Home on Mom’s Birthday

When we had our kitchen and dining area renovated last summer we also replaced our seat covers for the two sala sets that we have. It’s also the month of my Mom’s 80th birthday so my sister and I exerted all efforts to please her with regards to home decorating and housekeeping. She was delighted when the new custom-made sofa cover arrived at the house together with the new curtains and especially-designed velvet throw pillows which accentuate the living room. 

Even if Mom’s birthday was celebrated somewhere else we still made our house as presentable as ever for her visitors and some of our relatives who were not able to come with us on buffet restaurant. My siblings and I agreed on having it somewhere else because I didn’t want to cook for many people then. We also wanted to just relax, dine and enjoy our Mom on her 80th birthday.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cognitive Development Through Science Education

Jean Piaget, a known psychologist and philosopher studied the cognitive development of children and he called them as “little scientists”. Through his observation he came up with the belief that children are in continuous exploration of the world surrounding him or her and constructing their own theory and testing them. School serve an important role in the lives of the learner they assured their students to have a complete academic experiences. 

The school which my husband has observed for his field studies believes that laboratory experiences that will be acquired by their students are vital. They provided them different laboratory instruments and materials that are helpful to the student’s science activities and various laboratory tests.


Creating Good Ambiance In Flooring

We all want beautiful house and elegant interiors but sometimes we don’t know really what we should do to achieve this. It won’t take an architect or engineer to know this as there are things that even common people will know upon careful studies. When we want our homes to look beautiful it should start with good flooring because it serves as a base of your house. It won’t make a lot of impact if you just focus on the furniture; accessories and other related decorations in your house as long as your flooring is not in harmony with the whole environment. You can create a good ambiance with a good choice of flooring tiles or a carpet if you want a warm appeal.

Finding a good source or supplier is of main importance if you want to aim for the best like which offers various flooring options for specific needs of their clients. As people have different opinions on what is really beautiful they have a wide range of styles and designs for their products. For warm and welcoming mood one can opt for comfortable and trendy carpet. If you want durability and ease of use a choice of vinyl and laminate seem to be a good idea also but there are others like tiles, hardwood flooring which you can consider also for that traditional and elegant look. 

What’s best is getting your quality and stylish flooring at a rate lower than others. When quality products are paired with durability and affordability then it’s time to consider them as they give optimum value to your money. Aiming for beautiful interiors need not be expensive so we should get it from the one that can give us a good deal. With 900 plus stores in their group they can sell their products at low prices affordable to many.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Benefits of Having Audio Visual Room in Education

I believe that whatever perceived by the sight is retained more efficiently than just reading or listening to it. This is what my husband has observed on his recent field studies in Benjamin Esguerra High School. The school is equipped with high quality standard education through having well equipped and fully furnished Audio Visual Room. Its air-conditioned AVR classroom has 50 seats available, 1 hanging projector and wide screen in the middle front of the room. The motif of the room is blue which is pleasant and cool in the eyes of the learners. The school administrator and teachers main purpose of having this kind of facility is for the students’ productive learning as they also believe that education will be enhanced if both sight and mind are filled with needed data information.


Enjoy Quality Flooring Without Hurting Your Budget

We all want to have the best looking flooring in town but sometimes we can’t afford it and just settles for what’s within their budget. We just finished our flooring renovation few months back and though it’s a bit expensive to have such home improvement these days we’re glad we did it because now we enjoy looking at our new fresh green vinyl floors. It actually looks like real ceramic tiles at first glance because of its unique designs which my brother has approved when we chose among various displays. 

Every visitor who drops by the house comments about our new tiles and how it changed the whole ambiance of the house. If only they knew it’s not as expensive as they thought they would have done their own flooring renovation too. Some of our neighbours who were also affected by the big flood that hit us wanted to replace their old damaged tiles but lack funds for quality tiles. I suggested that they browse to look for stylish and quality flooring that they afford. 

They offer free-estimate, much-needed professional advice and competitive price fit for your budget. They provide low-cost and low-maintenance varieties on hardwood floors, laminate flooring, ceramic tile flooring, vinyl floors and carpet. So if you’re looking for the perfect flooring or carpeting to change the way your house looks just visit the site and enjoy choosing without hurting your budget.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Computer Technology Education in Secondary Schools

If we want students to learn basic computer knowledge and to keep in pace with advanced technology computer education should be supplemented with complete computer packages. Though this will incur expenses government should aim for higher computer education standard so public school students will not be behind those who are in private schools. 

DH observed in his chosen school of field studies that the students are given enough computers to study what should be learned. The school is equipped with computers, printers, computer peripherals and other related equipment needed in computer technology subject. There are also valuable informative guidelines posted in computer laboratory room to guide the students in their computer learning. 


Finishing Touches in Residential Construction

My brother renovated his ground floor and now it’s in higher elevation and looks a lot different. When he looks for new tiles for the renovated flooring he also canvassed for some claw tubs for one of his residential projects. His clients are getting trendy these days that they want the latest designs in their bathroom accessories. I told my brother that he really should search online for the latest style and designs available because there are more suppliers online.

Good enough he’s now having his own list where his customers can choose from. I now believe what he’s saying in the past that finishing touches in construction is the most tedious and meticulous side of construction. It also eats up more time and patience. Well customers are now more demanding also so Engineers and Architects should be on their toes always for the latest designs and technology in residential construction.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HS Observation and Field Studies

DH enjoyed his field studies with one of the public high schools in the town next to ours. It's only an annex to the main school but it has new building and facilities are good. As prerequisite to DH's subject in BSE-TLE they're required to submit a report on observing the teachers as they teach their students and give remarks and comments on the facilities of the school. 

DH told me that Benjamin Esguerra MHS is equipped not only with computers and equipment needed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students but with intelligent and talented teachers as well. He saw how the students were taught with TLE subjects and he was impressed with how the students easily solve and explain circuit flow and the whole performance of the class. Of course this cannot be done without the full supervision and teaching of their patient and intelligent teachers. DH told me that if all public high schools are like that then we could be proud that education is of quality standard level.


Monday, September 10, 2012

One Stop Source for All Your Needs

Flooring makes a room so if we want our homes to look like what we aim to be we should ensure that we install the right tile or carpet to enhance it. Well when we thought about our own flooring a year ago we considered a lot of things because it should meet our specific needs and requirements. For one we love to have the elegant tiles but I have 3 kids to think about when floors are wet and slippery. The most critical is actually my Mom who is already 80 years and for whom we fear wet tiles. We’ve chosen vinyl tiles and we just chosen an elegant and tile-looking design to make it look like a tile also. 

We also planned on carpeting the bedroom for warmth and ease of actions especially when my niece’ 3-year old toddler visits us. She’s so active that we sometimes fear she would slip or fall. This is where the benefits of carpet flooring are found of great use because it provides durability, easy maintenance and comfort in using. Well for all of these flooring that I’m talking about we should choose good source for all our needs just in case you’re not decided what kind of flooring you want just like carpet and flooring Hyde Park. They offer one stop shopping source for all your needs such as carpeting, laminate, hardwood and vinyl flooring. 

Aside from nice flooring they also provide other services like custom window coverings, wallpaper, re-upholstery, paint and some renovations. They have experienced staff and experts t o help you find whatever you want plus the Idea Gallery which can help best in finding floors that will suit you best. Visit them now for a complete makeover of your room at a price you can afford.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Field Studies on TLE Subjects

As part of their curriculum in secondary education DH scheduled an observation study in one of the public high school next to our town. At first teachers on the subject outside Technology Livelihood Education declined to be observed but the principal insisted that DH and his group will gain more if they will do a round up observation on some other subjects. 

Anyway their focus is really on TLE subjects as it’s their major in education and they will have to learn and observed the current method and techniques in implying technology livelihood education to high school students. As the country started to implement the K+12 curriculum the impact relies heavily on the additional subjects on Grade 11 & 12 which they called now as senior high school. I’m glad that DH’s chosen major in education is interesting and in time for the new curriculum.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best Lasik Services

Our eyes are one of the most important organs in our body because through them we can see the beautiful things around us and we need them in all of our daily activities. I’ve learned the full impact of losing sight when my Mom got blind for 10 days 3 years ago. She was diagnosed with cataract on her left eye. Due to fear of operation my Mom declined the proposal to have her cataract operated to prevent partial blindness. She was shocked when she was suddenly robbed of her sight but it forced her to undergo the cataract operation to save at least one of her eyes. 

After the laser surgery she regained sight of her left eye and after few more days a miracle happened that made her right eye regained sight also. During those days when she was blind I realized how hard it is to lose sight because it affects all your actions and activities and it’s like the world has shut its door on you. After that experience I’m more careful with my eyes and began to consider having my nearsightedness cured by Lasik surgery. 

I was used to wearing eyeglasses since college and even if contact lenses are in nowadays I didn’t wear one of those as my busy schedule is not conducive to wearing such lenses. I will get rid of my eyeglasses when I’ve regained my 20/20 vision. I know I can only achieve that through Lasik surgery just like the best lasik services in Chicago being offered by highly experienced Chicago LASIK and cataract surgeon Dr. Sondheimer. 

He offers services such as Lasik eye surgery in Chicago, glaucoma treatments, contact lens fittings, Crystalens lens implants, ReSTOR Multifocal lens implants, toric lens implants to treat astigmatism and cataract surgery in Illinois. Their services also include the latest refractive technologies and techniques to bring about the best solutions in vision correction to thousands of his patients. With the help of great surgeons like him I see the future with less correction eyeglasses on many patients with eye defects. That would include my own nearsightedness. Soon I’ll be free from eyeglasses.


Fashionable Yet Affordable Flooring

My brother dropped by the house today to check on my Mom. He also told us about the recent renovation he did with his house. After the flood last month he decided to elevate his ground floor up to 2 feet higher so he’ll not be affected anymore when a sudden outburst in dams happened again. His house was hit twice with a knee-deep submersion and he did the general cleaning for two rounds. He’s so tired that he promised himself he will not let that happen again. 

They’re quite finished with the renovations except for the finishing and that includes choosing the best tiles for his ground flooring including kitchen and bathroom. As construction is his business and Engineer by profession he has plenty of Tile Options and suppliers offering him discounts but he wants to choose tiles with not just quality but style as well. He wanted his home to be a model of what he offers to his clients so he did take real effort in coming up with an impressive flooring. 

Well with all these consideration in mind he also wants his renovation to be affordable without sacrificing the beauty of his house just like what Viking Carpet One offers to those who want competitive price for quality and stylish flooring. They have a big showroom showcasing their tile flooring products with various patterns, sizes, and colors. As they have a broad collection one will be sure to get the perfect flooring for their homes at a price they can afford.


Laminated Flooring for My Duplex Plans

How I’d love to start the duplex project I’ve been planning for a year now but I need to have the funds. Our house really needs a renovation. It’s a huge house with just a bit of style so I’m planning to make it a stylish duplex home for my Mom & sister and for my family. We’ve been together for so long and now that my kids are growing up fast I think it’s time that we separate and build our own small house. Since the house can accommodate our planned duplex units my sister and I planned for its design and style. I would love to try laminate wood flooring if plans will push through on summer vacation. 

I’ve seen houses with that kind of flooring and I was impressed by the wide variety of looks and texture I can choose from. You can choose wood, slate or tile for lamination and be assured that it can withstand stains and moisture at the same time giving you that perfect finish as when you just install your favorite tile or vinyl. Your laminate will be mistaken for the real tile or stone and ideal for entryways, family rooms, kitchen and places where there’s plenty of traffic. No need to look for more when you want stylish tough floors at affordable price.


Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm A Twenty Dollar Bill

You are a pretty ordinary gal or guy. There's a lot of people like you in the world, and you probably tend to run in a pretty tight pack. You may not be able to buy everything you want in the world, but you do okay. You're able to be comfortable. Compared to most people, you're not really materialistic. You see how money is useful, but you don't obsess over it. As long as you have enough money to pay for what you need, you're happy. You don't feel rich or poor. 

This is just a quiz but all things said are true.  I'm not materialistic and I don't let money run my life.  We need money to sustain our needs but it's not all we need to be happy.  Working to have money is just right but we should only aim for enough that we need and not for everything that we want.   We should be happy with what we have and not with the things that others have.  It's ok if we can afford some of our whims but if we can't we should be contented enough.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good Source for Stylish Flooring

After careful studying and observation I can say that flooring is such a major part of the room. It can define a room according to what ambiance you want your room to look like. If you want an elegant looking place you can choose the granite tiles or any other high quality tiles. If you want the natural looking tiles that won’t be a hazard when it comes to slippage you can count on vinyl tiles just like ours. Now if you want a soft flooring that can warm not just your feet but your surroundings as well you can choose from various assortment of carpet. Some traditional may always opt for the hardwood flooring as it’s the most conservative and trusted flooring since the early ages. 

Well it all depends on what your requirements or needs are but you should be able to get your flooring to a source like where you’ll be assured of great products and good services to completely transform your room into the most lovable and comfortable place to stay with your family. They can offer their floor solutions not only for your home but for business as well. They also offer great savings with their spring special of 50% less. Now you can set your preferences and start living in a style you want with your flooring definition.


Getting the Most Accurate and Current Physician Database

As I’m now included in the Sales team in my office work I’m beginning to learn the basics of introducing our products and how to offer them according to client’s requirements. It’s completely new to me; I’ve rounded up almost all departments in my previous jobs but not the sales department. Well it’s only for a while to help in strengthening our company’s products and services. They’ve taught me the features and benefits of our telecommunications equipment and the requirements of the company where we supposed to sell it. It’s imperative to know the current volume of mobile to mobile calls before we can offer the right equipment for the company. 

Now what lies on our shoulders are the target clients that we should be calling and sending our product brochures because we should know the IT head’s name, contact numbers and email address. It’s our most wanted list on our department and the key to fully enhance our goal to get the sales into a good percentage. We need a list just like the physician database that our sister company have. Our sister company is into selling medical equipment and accessories and into the top list of the companies in their category. With the list they have plus the perseverance of the sales team to get every physician’s current database they’re always above their goals. 

Well if the list is the key to getting the most sales it will be of great help if you’re getting it from a trusted source. They provide the most accurate doctors database which is legit and up-to-date and can help you get started on your marketing campaign. For a small amount of cost you can get it minutes after your payment saving you all the hard task of searching through the most accurate contact information. Then you’re on your way to sending your marketing campaign.


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