Monday, May 4, 2009

We've Made It Through!

Really time runs so fast and I can’t believe that we’re already married for 13 years, lucky number for me because we’re still happy together and still in love with each other. He’s still loving and sweet as ever!

What’s happiness to me? Happiness doesn’t mean you don’t argue sometimes, it doesn’t mean that you’re both perfect in all ways. Happiness is seeing your partner’s weaknesses and still loves him. That’s what makes life worth living for, the realization that even if your husband is not the best or not Mr. perfect you still want to be with him and care for him up to when your hairs are all gray and white.

What makes marriage lasts? There are three factors – love, respect, trust – we often heard it on seminars but we never really paid attention on this. Through the years that we lived as married couples and as parents to our three kids I realized the importance of respect and trust as lack of these two can overpower love and can lead to a broken marriage. Above all these God is the major factor of successful relationship. Make Him the center of your marriage and you’ll end up as a happy couple.


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