Friday, November 26, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #104: Afternoon Walk at the Beach

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This is my shot of my two church mates walking in the beach to look for shells.  The best time to find beautiful shells is in the afternoon when it's low tide.  The sky here is alarming us of impending rains and indeed it rained after several minutes.  Still I go my shot of the beautiful yet dark sky at the beach.  We were there for some relaxing day out with family and friends in our church.

I  really love sky watching wherever my cam takes me. God's creations are indeed beautiful. Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge below!



Excelling in Online Education

I place a high value on education, and am excited at the way educational opportunities have grown in recent years thanks to the increasing popularity of online schools. Now, you can go back to school for an education that includes a high school diploma, associate, bachelor, or masters degrees, and a number of certifications. This opens up countless doors and increases earning potential. Best of all, online schools provide the opportunity to pursue an education while working or taking care of a family.

A few things you can do to excel in your distance schooling include:

1) Stick to a schedule. Part of the beauty of attending school online is the ability to work on your own schedule. However, you should still create a schedule and stick to it. This is particularly helpful if you are easily sidetracked. Make a list of when your assignments are due and stick to your own deadlines if your program doesn't provide them.
2) Take advantage of support services. Most online schools have many of the same services you would find in a traditional campus school, including online tutoring, technical support, writing centers that will critique your paper, and more. These services are included in your tuition, so you might as well take advantage of them.
3) Keep your computer running smoothly. Your computer is the most important tool you have, as it is required to receive, send, and work on your assignments. Keep it running smoothly by keeping all of your systems and software updated, and install a virus protection. You can download drivers and updates for them for free on a number of different websites.

Taking charge of your online education will help you successfully complete your diploma or degree and provide new opportunities.


For Home and Business Comfort

We need comfort in our homes and more so in our workplace where we spend most of our day to do our particular jobs. In tropical countries concentration on keeping the offices in air conditioned system is a must because it’s mostly hot weather the whole day. When they encountered failure in electricity they usually have generators to support the lightest load possible and it’s more lighting only. When you go to the mall in the midst of electric interruption you don’t have to worry because they will provide the usual load to keep the lights and ventilation system going until electric hasn’t returned.

I know that in the other part of the world it’s more important to have heating provisions for all establishments especially in your own houses like heating richmond va which caters mainly to Richmond and central Virginia. They specialize in bringing their clients the best in home efficiency and home comfort systems. They provide home energy audit services to help balance power consumption and offer practical green solutions including solar, geothermal, insulation services and more. Visit James River Air now and see their wide range of services.


Help Desk Software

With the fast growing of technology all fields of life depend much on internet and computers. Businesses do their marketing online and more people are getting also into online businesses and even jobs like us. Now companies should have the most efficient software and communication tools in order to maximize the work done by employees. My previous job was in Telecommunications Company and we thrive on using the latest in telecommunications equipment and software that will enhance efficiency of employees. 

We also offer prepaid international card, wholesale termination minutes and direct inward dialling all help desk software that will contain all our customer information, reports, hardware and software information, problem and solutions logs, service agreements and more. This is the right helpdesk solutions that will fit the requirements of most companies especially those who need to have the perfect software for internal and external communications and for providing customer support and service. Help Desk Software makes it all possible by offering a comprehensive guide to helpdesk customer problems.


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