Monday, January 18, 2010

Stop Vices and Start a Healthier Life

I’ve worked in a building where there are many call centers renting the place. It was the owner’s priority to have tenants with business like that. So I get to see some of the ways of their employees and I noticed that their employees go out of the office every break time just to have some smoking session at the ground floor outside the entrance foyer. It’s in their system that every time they took a break it would be for smoking one or two sticks. Every time I see them I’m very conscious of what might happen to their health if they continue living like that. Smoking is very dangerous to health and when you started early in your life smoking there’s a big possibility of having lung cancer when they grow old. Sometimes sickness comes early in life if the person’s body is not strong.

If they only knew that every single cigarette and alcoholic drinks that we inhale, smoke or take into our body decreases our life span and make us vulnerable to deadly sickness. Worst thing is they’re not the only affected people as anyone who inhale or smells the smoke can also be a candidate for lung sickness or disease. Non-smokers developed lung cancer if they’re exposed to smokers so people who smoke endanger not just their lives but the lives of other people as well. I hate to think that many people could be sick for someone’s vices.

It’s really better if people start to live a healthier life as it’s not only painful to be sick but costs considerable amount of money also. Same with having heart problems as this sickness is a traitor; you’ll never know when it will hit you. Cardiac arrest is frequently the causes of many deaths among people past the age of fifty but there’s a solution for this as early detection could save them their lives. With CVTSA’s provision of efficient and reliable treatment to cardiac patients there are bid chances of surviving. They performed cardiac surgery through experienced cardiac surgeons and nurse which results to fast recovery of cardiac patients. There are many operations performed successfully by them and these include lung transplant, heart transplant, robotic surgery and other related cases. In view of all these things to avoid deadly sickness we should all try to live healthy, eat the right kind of foods, have exercise and avoid vices.


Sunday Stealing: The Trivia About Me Meme

Do you get regular massages? Not so often.
Do you have an answering machine? None.
What cuss word do you use the most? None
Are you underweight or overweight? overweight
Can you see your veins? A little.

Soap? Safeguard
Fruit? Pineapple
Kind of red meat? pork
Fish? milkfish, salmon
Candy bar? Snickers, Happy Dreams

Have You Ever…
Eaten a whole bag of potato chips? With someone .
Eaten lobster? Yes
Climbed a mountain? A bit.
Been skydiving? No!
Been water skiing? No.

Do You…
Wish you could change something about your life? No.
Like your nose? Yes.
Like salt and vinegar chips? Yes.
Eat salsa? Yes
Own a boat? No.

What Is…
A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences? Needle!
Your most macho trait? None.
The longest relationship you’ve ever had? DH (dear husband)
Your most embarrassing thoughts? Secret :-)
Your most shameful moment? can't remember (don't want to remember)

Bath/Shower? Bath
Markers/Crayons? Crayons
Pens/Pencils? Pens
Jelly/Cream Cheese? Cream Cheese
Bagel/Toast? Toast

My greatest weakness is…Dark Chocolate
I wish I was…given a chance to have more time for traveling
Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are… eat insects, kill someone, sell my loved ones
The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is…raw mackerel
Credit card you had? Citibank
Loan you got was for? an appliance
Paycheck was for how much? PhP2,800
Time you had stitches?None
Time you went to the hospital for something? When I was born

List everything you ate in the last 24 hours? Tapsilog (beef tapa with fried rice and egg), Pinipig crunch, Ube dessert, steaming mami noodles with egg, ham, pineapple, boiled saba, cheesy ensaymada, ampalaya con tofu
Last thing you used a credit card for? Paid my domain
What was your job previous to the one you have now? I was an administrative and HR officer, accounting supervisor, billing and collection officer and international carrier settlement officer of a small telecommunications company for 6 years before I decided to leave my job and concentrate on my family and on being a work-at-home Mom blogger, well if you can consider it a job!
Last thing you celebrated? My second daughter Gen's 11th birthday!
Last time you were at a sports bar? I've never been to any sports bar.


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