Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:WW - Dino Fossils Bulldog Tarpoon

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This is a presentation of Bioresearch of Dino Fossils of Bulldog Tarpoon. Well just an imitation but for kids they love it especially Josh who loves watching Dinosaur movies. He has collections of Dino movies and he smiled sheepishly when he saw the fossils feeling like he saw a real Dino :-)

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Camp Meeting Vehicle

We’re running out of time regarding our car which should be repaired before our camp meeting next month. Because of the high demand of mechanics here in our place our schedule with my cousin’s mechanic was cancelled. He told us he can’t repair the car anymore as he’s fully booked until December. Now that left us with no choice but to bring it to mechanic shop.

As for our long travel next month we will just use my brother’s other car which is actually much bigger and just right for our baggage. It can accommodate up to seven passengers and one driver with a spacious area for all our things. As this car was bought two months ago I’m not sure of its insurance status. Anyway I’ll only check some insurance quotes for it to be ready if ever its insurance is due for renewal. We wouldn’t want to travel without the car being insured.


My Cute Visitor

Whew! Got a cutie visitor today – my niece daughter 1 month old baby Sofia fondly called as IYA. Her Mom entrusted her to us for more than 2 hours before her checkup with her doctor. She has two grannies to look after her my Mom and my Auntie but when she cries she only stop when it’s me who will carry her, funny baby! My Mom told the others that nobody can make me get off my chair from blogging but when Iya cries I stand up as fast as I can and embrace her. She doesn’t want anyone to carry her but me. Oh dear with all my due tasks today I’m lucky that I finished more than half of it before Iya made it obvious that she only wants me to cuddle her. Anyway it’s worth it as she’s so cute, soft and smells like milk hmm. I can still smell her on my shirt. Lovely!


I Just Love Fountains!

I’m very fond of looking at different types of fountains. I can spend a whole day of just gazing through it while having some books on the side. When we travel we usually stop or slow down our car when we pass by beautiful fountains. My kids love it too!

When Josh and I went to an amusement park in their educational tour I stayed some time around the fountain and took some beautiful shots of it for my photo stocks. With the huge fountain they have I wonder what kind of pond pumps they used to power it. I hope they’re easy to maintain because if not their fountains wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is! Hmm I just love fountains, makes me dreamy in a way!


10 Things I Am Thankful For

In no particular order…

1. Three Angels in my life (Ruth, Gen and Josh)
2. Loving and understanding husband
3. My wonderful Mom and supportive sister and brother
4. Sweet memories of my father (he died 12 years ago)
5. For having God in my life, He who guides me and family whenever, wherever
6. Friends, Brethren in our church especially our dear Pastor Ed
7. For my online blogging job who helps my hubby in supporting our financial needs
8. For the life that God has given me
9. For the simple things in life that makes me happy.
10. For internet connection that makes my online tasks possible

I have more things to be thankful for because I feel blessed!


Feeling Healthy

I feel much better now with my health as I don’t feel so heavy with my weight. I can do some exercises in the morning and I don’t feel anything wrong with breathing. You see last month I always had chills in the night and sometimes I feel something in my chest. I figured that the chills have something to do with work overtime and daily stress on fitting into my time schedule and the chest pain came from being overweight. It’s in my body system that I reached a certain level of excess weight I feel something in my chest but when I lose some pounds I feel normal again.

Maybe I wasn’t really meant for obesity so I should watch my weight from now on or I’ll be sick again. I’m glad that now I don’t have to take appetite suppressant because I can just eat half a cup of rice and vegetable and I’m satisfied. I disciplined myself to stay away from too much fat and carbo intake because it’s really a hazard on health.


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