Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Read a Nutrition Label

The world we live in now is very different. We are constantly exposed to pollution, to the chemicals that is in our food, the bad effects of stress in our body, and a whole lot more. That is why it is important that we make a conscious effort to start living healthy.

We can do this with a simple change in our lifestyle, by staying away from bad vices like smoking and drinking, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep and rest and more.

Changing our diet can also contribute a lot to our health. Our meal should contain healthy foods that make up a balanced diet. One way of achieving this is by being aware of the contents of the food that we take everyday. This information is readily available in the Nutritional Label of the product. But do we all understand what this information mean?

Here are some information that can help you decipher the data contain in nutritional label:

1. Serving Size and Number of Servings. When looking at the Nutrition Facts of any product, these two measures should be the first one to be checked. The serving size is often in units of cups or containers followed by the metric measurement of grams or oz. It is important to check this information to know how big the serving is per package. This is important for those who are watching their diet so they can lessen their calorie, fat or sugar intake.

2. Calories from Fat. Calorie is the measure of the energy that we get per serving of a product. The Calories from fat measurement will tell us how many of that calorie is from fat. To achieve a healthy and balance diet, we would want our food to contain less than 30% of calorie from fat.

3. Fat. When checking in the Fat content in a nutritional label, we have to take into account both the good fat (unsaturated fat) and the bad fat (saturated and trans fat). Some products may have high fat content but if we look closely, it is good fat after all like in the case of peanuts, which has high unsaturated.

4. Cholesterol and Sodium. Since we live a very busy lifestyle nowadays, most of our diet constitute processed foods, which is high in cholesterol and sodium. Too much cholesterol and sodium is bad especially for someone who has high blood pressure and cholesterol level. So it is important to monitor our sodium and cholesterol intake to be within he recommended daily amount.

5. Total Carbohydrates. The total carbohydrates that you find in nutritional label consist of Fiber and Sugar. To eat healthy, it is recommended that we get only 10% or less of our daily dose of calorie from sugar. As for fiber, it is best if we consume 25-30 grams of fiber per day because it helps in slowing digestion to control our blood sugar level.

Eating healthy is a choice. If you are armed with information like the bad effects of sodium ad cholesterol, then you will be more motivated to eat healthier foods. As the cliché goes, knowledge is power. It can be overwhelming at first reading through all the information contained in these nutritional labels but you will get used to it in time especially if these information will help you make healthier food choices.

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Hand and Knee Care

I take care of my health to the best of my ability because I have three growing kids and I don’t want them to grow lacking my care and support. After my annual physical examination I was happy that all results turned out good except that I have to lose some excess pounds which I’m doing now for more than a month. I have planned for myself a vegetable diet program for 5 continuous days in a week and cut down on rice, sugar, coffee, sweet breads or cakes, fatty foods like pork, chicken skin and a lot more. The idea is to consume more healthy foods than less nutritious foods. Well now my efforts are paying off because I’m slowly losing weight and even my past light ailments are decreasing including the pain I’ve experienced with my hands when I’m overworked from writing online.

My hands are the most overworked parts of my body because I work for more than 10 hours handling computers at work and at home. I fear for any ailment because I would not be able to do the art of lettering if I will have shaking hands. I even searched for medical services about Hand Care should I will have a need for my own health. OSC provides expertise on hand treatment with the combined medical approach of surgeons and physical therapists treating injuries and problems on hand and wrist. Their hand services include endoscopic surgery, carpal tunner, physical and occupational therapy and ultrasound.

OSC offers medical services for orthopaedic and spine related problems especially on Knee Care. They make every effort to give the best orthopaedic care which includes medical professional experts, state-of –the-art medical facilities, well-trained and accommodating personnel, orthopaedic techniques and individualized care for patient. We know that most of our senior family members suffer from arthritis or other cases of knee pain due to old age so it’s good to know that there’s a place where you can entrust your loved ones to experience the best knee surgery and care services they deserve. Among the care and treatment they give are knee replacement surgery, knee arthroscopy, advanced knee cartilage treatment, patellar surgery and a lot more knee-related services.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Living in 55 Communities in Florida

Environment and community affects our living because it is where we spent most of the hours of our life. Sometimes our lifestyle depends on the type of community we live in. If it’s peaceful it will give you feeling of security but if it’s disorderly it will keep your heart in fear and anxiety will be felt all the time. So choosing the best community to live your life is of vital importance because it will give you the contentment of living. That’s why it’s good to know the mission of Cresswind team to provide an all-inclusive full-service luxury resort-style community with the best facilities and amenities you could ever dream. Living in one of their  55 communities in Florida would give anyone a satisfying lifestyle that would not only give them full access to the best amenities but offers them an active adult lifestyle. 

Cresswind team specifically developed and created a community for the active adults. It includes golf club access and club membership which they can avail of fully equipped wellness center with athletic classes and programs that will give them lifelong learning like active adult health information which teaches the value of being physically active, better fitness and healthier body. We all know that regular physical activity is essential to healthy aging because people 65 years and above gain significant health benefits from it. One should have 150 minutes of physical activity doing aerobic and other exercises of daily living will help prevent having chronic diseases. 

With all these health benefits people can derived from such community it’s also nice to know that there’s a community clubhouse where they can share the beauty of life like music, evening dance, art classes, fitness center and a lot more activities that will give them a happy social life. It’s like having a vacation in a resort and a permanent fulfilling healthy and social lifestyle as well. It’s a good investment for anyone to live their senior life here or even for those young couples who are starting out a new married life.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Pole Garages

When we visited my Mom’s hometown I’ve observed that most of the newly-built homes have spacious lawns and garages making way for beautiful garden and a space for several cars. One relative of ours is an operator of passenger jeepneys and he asked the opinion of my brother about the most economical garage for his increasing vehicles. Since his lot will provide for any design my brother could think of he has requested for a simple, less expensive yet stylish enough to complement with his house which is just few meters away.

He wouldn’t care much for the looks if the garage would be in other place but since it will be in the same compound with his home he wanted it to presentable to his visitors. He should have seen pole garages offered by because for sure he’ll be ordering for fully-built building or a DIY building kit. They provide different styles to suit their client’s needs and they include a detailed set of plans for the customer to follow when they got DIY kits. It’s actually very interesting to do it themselves as they can choose options to make the garage more functional like adding sliders, windows, entry doors and a lot more. They also offer pole barns, horse stall, building options, attic storage truss and more. It will save not just time but money.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pursuing Education Degree and Investment

My daughters are in secondary education now and in few years’ time they will start chasing their dreams in life. In two years’ time my eldest will enter college just in time that DH will graduate from college. He returned schooling to earn a degree that will fulfil his dream of a teaching career. His job will only be good just as long as he’s strong and young and no future when he grows older. Before he resigned from 19 years of tenure he has experienced health problems due to hard work and that’s when we decided to pursue our plans. He’s good in school and hope to be good in his new career after two more years. 

Well our jobs wouldn’t be that enough to sustain our kids’ education if we didn’t think of business and investments so we’re also thinking of the best that will give us extra income. My friend who has the same needed expenses in the future has started to follow her heart and invest on silver bullion bars so after few more years she’ll reap the profit from high appreciation values of her investments. She’s right and I’m happy for her new found interest and business investment but for me I still don’t have enough money to get in that kind of investment. Hope I’ll have in the future.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Camp Meeting Preparation

Last Sunday we had a meeting in the church about our forthcoming summer camp meeting. We’ve already made reservation on our former camp site which is also the retreat place of my daughters’ school. We’ve grown used to the place since we’ve rented it for four camp meetings already and it’s more accessible than our camp site in Indang, Cavite near Tagaytay City. We always spent our holy week on summer camp fellowship where we bring all our things and food for 2-3 days on chosen camp site , sleep on tents at night and have fellowship services in the morning and afternoon.

We stay together for the whole period and no one’s going home until the camp meeting is finished. This is the reason why we need to bring our vehicles and carry all our things such as emergency kits, foodies, clothes, sleeping bags and tents. Most of our vehicles carry too much baggage that I’m thinking of having those whispbar roof racks on our cars so we will be able to maximize car space. Of course even with heavy baggage we still want our car to maintain its good looks so having nice roof racks will definitely be an advantage. It can carry high load capacity on different terrain without looking messed up.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 471

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Conditions :: situation, circumstances, settings
2. Transfer :: transport, transmit, relocate
3. August :: majestic, noble, grand
4. Glasses :: spectacles, bifocals, goggles
5. Crown :: tiara, coronet, cap
6. Release :: liberate, free, discharge
7. Incriminating :: implicating, convicting, giving away
8. Island :: land mass, isle, atoll
9. Manners :: etiquette, behaviour, conduct
10. Sentence :: verdict, judgement, decree


Monday, February 6, 2012

Shopping Coupons

Being a mother of 3 kids made me love shopping even more. I love buying variety of nice things for them. It always inspires me to search for good deals and discounts on the things they want for themselves. Now that my two daughters both entered adolescence stage they’re beginning to like the things that I want. We always look forward to the times that we’re together not just playing in the arcade but shopping for clothes, bags and girl accessories. 

We also love books and home decors and wish that we can have those hsn coupons to use for our shopping so we can maximize our money to buy more quality but discounted items. I love coupons and I always use some when I’m shopping online for my domain renewals, foodies, bags, shoes, home decors and a lot more. My daughters know this and they would sometimes ask if I have more coupons for their selected items also. As young as they are they already know how to make the most of their earned money and how they can help me save some of mine. I’m so happy that God has given me sweet caring kids to nurture.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Secured Wallets

I’m looking for leather wallets that’s unique in its special way. There are several wallets in the store that I frequent to but not one of them caught my fancy and attention. When I came upon the latest styles I’m glad that now there’s a kind that will protect my confidential IDs. I’ve learned that people will not be able to see the IDs even if the wallet is open because the wallet contains RFID shielding. That’s how good it is so I’m going to search for the price so I’ll be ready when I need to buy one. I’m actually excited to see how they’ve done it.


Unconscious Mutterings: Week 470

I say ... and you think ... ?
1. Every day :: daily, each day, day by day
2. Rinsed :: wash, douse, clean
3. Funeral :: interment, memorial service, death
4. Whitening :: lightening, bleaching, dyeing
5. I am :: me, my, myself,
6. Cooperate :: work together, collaborate, lend a hand
7. Blazer :: coat, jacket, cover
8. Valley :: hill, basin, gorge
9. Difficult :: complex, intricate, tough


Friday, February 3, 2012

Effects of Clean Environment

As my age increases by the coming of years I’ve become more conscious of my health and the effects of environment to me. I started thinking of having healthy and balanced meal foods since last year and began maintaining a regular exercise or workout if my health permits me. I learned that healthy diet, exercise and complete hours of sleep are three main things that will define your health level. If you opt to disregard one of these three you’ll soon be a candidate for sickness.

Environment or the place you live in plays a vital role on how healthy you can be because if your place is not that clean or infested with pests it could bring about various kinds of sickness on members of the family. We should maintain cleanliness in our house and if possible consult with professional pest control experts like Houston Pest Control when you’ve encountered pests lurking in hidden places. Don’t hesitate to call this roach control experts which offers help in identifying nesting areas and coming up with a plan that will keep cockroaches out of your dear home.


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