Friday, April 23, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #73


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My shot here was taken when I visited my former office and was happy to cross for the first time the long awaited overpass bridge that we prayed would push through. It was completed months after I left my work and it was just last week when I had the time to visit my office mates. I also had to arrange something for my tax refund.

Anyway this shot was aimed to feature the clouds over Eastwood City, a very busy place for business offices mostly call center companies, international banks and malls. It also has spendid restos and fast food chains. Sometimes I miss seeing this view from the glass of our office building. It was a sight I always see when we're at our conference room. Miss the view dearly but not the work lol!

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Greener Car Wash

I saw how hubby painstakingly cleaned and waxed our car every week before we went to our fellowship service. Sometimes it only takes a few days and it’s already dusty again. It really takes time to maintain and care for your car. It’s like having another baby because it requires careful attention in order to keep it clean and in running in good condition. When I see other shiny cars I wonder if they’re using some kind of magic product that we haven’t discovered yet. Now I have discovered what it is. I found this waterless car wash product which cleans and waxes the exterior surface of your car with carnauba wax which guards the car’s exterior against dirt and beads water up to 3 long months. Great isn’t it? Now car owners and users don’t have to waste their time waxing their cars as frequently as the shine lasts for a longer period of time.

But I was advised to carefully choose the kind of waterless car wash because some of them fade in a week or so. Better choose the ever-tested EZdetailer waterless car wash because it contains carnauba wax, special lubricants and cleaning agents that others don't, to give your car the protection it needs after cleaning. It would save you money, time and effort. If you’re an advocate for eco-friendly products this is perfect for you as it promotes greener car washing. Unlike other products EZ detailer has no contaminants that can harm our environment. Well, you can even use it on boats, RVs and airplanes. It can also help you with your household cleaning as it works on ceramic, porcelain, home appliances, outdoor furniture and more. You have the choice of plenty of wonderful uses without damaging our environment, it must be the better choice.


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