Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preparing for Yearly Car Registration

It’s nearing March now and soon we’re going to register our Mazda pickup for the first time. We had it October last year and we’re glad that now we were able to fully repaired and maintained it to good running condition. DH used it in his ROTC examination in a far town of our province and it runs well for two road tests. It’s a one-hour drive over an expanse of rice fields and few zigzag roads and I’m glad it came back well travelled. It actually became well conditioned after the long drive gauging from the sound of its engine.

Now we’re looking for cheap car insurance quotes so when the time comes for the registration we’ll be ready with the insurance. I’m confident that we can find a cheaper one this time as my friend is also finding some quotes for us. Whatever money we’ll save from finding cheap insurance will be used for other things we need for the car.


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