Saturday, July 28, 2012

Modern Displays and Exhibits

Education has progressed a lot since the days when my Mom was still a school teacher. Studying then was composed of traditional teaching aids such as illustration boards, papers, blackboard and old-fashioned materials. Now most schools and colleges are equipped with modern teaching aids like laptops, modern projector displaying powerpoint presentation, tablets and a lot more. I’ve observed that more teachers now adapts more than the past generation because they’re also the generation of students who have experienced major changes in their studies with regards to technology and modern curriculum.

When my daughter joined a science exhibit she has seen how schools have embraced the modern approach to displaying their trade. Most of the exhibitors in that science fair has used a great deal of project displays that visitors was very impressed with what they have shown. Well I’ve seen more modern presentation on some universities showing panel displays and banner stands. If you’re into advertising your products and services these are good way to promote them. There are more here which you can use for your school or company’s trade show exhibit where you can choose among varied selections that fit your specific needs. 

 I browsed through when my company needs a good display for our telecommunications equipment and storage devices for a mini trade fair and found plenty of marketing ideas on the site. They provide customized displays for client’s specific content and design requirements like pop-up and panel displays, tension fabric display, banner stands, sustainable exhibits, modular display and a lot more. They also offer accessories for your displays and stands such as workstations, kiosks and tradeshow graphics. These things would make your exhibit a totally exciting experience because it will surely attract attention from the crowd. So if you’re into school fairs or company’s trade shows choosing your displays will play a major role in the success of your whole exhibit experience.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unconscious Mutterings #495

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Missing ::
  2. absent, gone astray, lost
  3. Crowded ::
  4. crammed full, jam-packed, swarming
  5. Questions ::
  6. inquiries, investigations, queries
  7. Flavored ::
  8. taste, zest, savor
  9. Need you ::
  10. want you, require you, necessitate you
  11. Control ::
  12. direct, manage, organize
  13. Restaurant ::
  14. bistro, café, eatery
  15. Scattered ::
  16. dispersed, distributed, spread out
  17. Family ::
  18. children, relatives, siblings
  19. Regrets ::
  20. misgivings, doubts, qualms 
    Guess I've shared some unconscious thoughts here, feel free to do it on your own, visit LunaNiñ


Friday, July 20, 2012

Commercial Cleaning Services for the Office

In line with our company’s cost-cutting plans we plan to have a messenger that will act as our utility helper as well. Since the transaction in our office is very minimal messenger would find himself seating most of the day without a task to finish so we decided to let go of the daily help we have and find a male employee who would be able to do the job of messenger and utility as well. For the meantime we want to hire office cleaning  services while we’re finding the right person to fill up the vacant position. 

Anyway it’s also good to hire commercial cleaning services like JAN-PRO which provides industrial and commercial janitorial services for years. Their offer includes premium quality cleaning services for office, medical facility sanitation, floor restoration and carpet shampooing. Their group is skilled to do assigned cleaning jobs for small or big areas with high level equipment such as drum sanders, steam cleaners, floor refinishing machinery, microfiber cloths, mops, backpack vacuums that will ensure that they can provide the best cleaning services in town. Well I’m now thinking if it’s a better idea to just hire a janitorial service like them or maintain a regular one. Maybe we’ll discuss the idea and decide on what’s the better cost-cutting idea.


Value of Having Your Own Checklist

Every time we have camp meeting fellowship schedule on faraway provinces I always see to it that I do my own checklist to remind me of the things to do and to buy. I want everything planned and completely done so my checklist helps me a lot in doing that.

Since our camp sites were always far from the market and stores I see to it that I have my kids’ clothes, food and necessities carefully and neatly packed separately. Oftentimes I have extras for emergency purposes and these extras proved to be of help to my church mates who sometimes run out of stocks. I list everything from mineral water to food to clothes up to the things needed in our car. I’ve trained my kids also on checking my list so when it’s time for packing they do their own. How about you? What are your ways of ensuring that everything you need are packed?


Continuing Legal Education

Education is vital to our living as we depend our future on how we put prioritize things in life. I once attended a seminar in my son’s school and the speaker emphasized the value of education in our children. It’s the only thing that we can give them that can never be stolen by anyone because it will remain imprinted in our child’s mind. Wisdom cannot be brought and the knowledge and skills learned in school will take our kids to higher level of education that they can use as tools to reach their dreams. It’s the best weapon to fight poverty and when you have finished your education and have a college degree you have more potential in landing a good job. 

Now that innovation has reached a higher level there are more chances of attaining education. If we cannot attend a regular school we can study online as there are various online schools that offer quality education for various courses. If you’re aiming for continuing study for  Law Practice Management education courses you can visit West LegalEdcenter which provides online tools, customized programs and subscriptions for your continuing legal education. They offer online access to the largest library of live and on demand continuing legal education. 

They will let you complete your programs on your chosen schedule which will make it easier for you even if you’re busy. You can also choose among 80 monthly live Webcasts. They have everything you need from substantive law to practice to business management and a lot more. So it’s up to you whether you would want to choose programs or purchase a subscription wherein you can have unlimited access to comprehensive continuing education you need. If it’s of interest to you just view free sample program so you’ll know what you’re getting at before you purchase.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Myspace Forgiveness Graphics Quotes

In our daily lives we encounter daily problems, anxieties and pressures in our work but in everything we do we should be aware that you're exposed to different people that may or may not understand your actions always. So if ever they will accidentally hurt your feelings you should understand someone else reactions. Try to open your heart and learn to forgive them when they realized they're wrong. It's hard to forgive and forget but if it's the right thing to do maybe it will help both parties.  Holding a grudge is a heavy burden and if you forgive them who have done you wrong you will be able to feel lightness in your heart. If God can forgive why can't we?


Monday, July 16, 2012

School Tutoring Academy

Education is very important in one’s life because it’s the bridge to wisdom and future success. I’ve learned that putting your kids in a good school and giving them the right education is one of the best things that you can give them. You may have riches in the world but if you don’t have education you will lack the confidence and wisdom needed to pursue your dreams. My parents once said to us when my siblings and I we’re still in college that the only thing that they can give to us as inheritance because education can’t be stolen and that it will remain forever in us no matter what happened. They told us that if we finish our degrees we can face life’s challenges with a great armor. True to their words it has given us good job and a steady source of income since we graduated from college. 

Education can be a little hard sometimes and students vary in learning abilities. Some can learn fast and others may not follow immediately. Understanding child’s abilities will be a great help in determining if they need special tutorial or not. My Mom is a retired grade school teacher and she has a lot of experience in tutoring every child in our neighborhood who had difficulties in reading, writing and counting skills. She’s a dedicated teacher up until now that she’s retired from her work because she renders her knowledge to every student who needs her teaching skills. Now I was so glad to see various centers that offer tutoring classes to those that needs one like, an Academy which provides home tutoring programs to different levels of learning. They have various programs to suit all budgets and specific academic requirements.

If you click here  you’ll be able to see programs such as flagship tutoring program for comprehensive tutoring and mentorship program from Academic Directors; Once-a-Week program which offers occasional tutoring on specific subjects and program intended for High School students for multiple subjects and concepts with parental conference calls. All these programs include one-on one tutoring, certified and college-trained tutors, secured environment, no hidden commitments, no hidden fees and best of all you don’t have to pay for a startup costs. With all these offers from them it’s not that hard to send your child to school and to get a special tutor to further enhance their knowledge.


Greatest Pleasure in Life

Myspace Inspiration Graphics Quotes

Yes for me that's one of the biggest achievement you'll have in your life - facing the challenge of life and doing the things that you're weak at. In our life doing what others think and say you cannot do is one big success and fulfillment in yourself. Trying is one thing and be able to do it is another good thing. We need to have confidence in our own capabilities and that's it - everything follows. Trust God and have faith in Him that He'll help you along the way.


Hiscox Business Insurance

I've been employed for several years and I know how stress can make your work and life difficult. It's best working in a stress-free environment where you can think more creative ideas. Since the stress is on both sides of employees and employers here's a graphic information which can help beat stress in the office.

How to beat stress at the office Hiscox infographic
This inforgraphic is provided by Hiscox Business Insurance


Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Do You Need To Be Happy?

I've been asking myself what do I really need to be happy? Well I'm happy now and I don't even started thinking what are those things that will make me happy. Just for fun I tried some personality test and here's the result:

You Need Friends to Be Happy

You are a friendly, social person. You seek out connections and relationships. Being close to others is very important to you, and you don't like discord. You feel great when you're cooperating and working with others. You enjoy belonging to a group.

Nothing makes you feel worse that feeling alone or alienated. You want to be liked by those around you. Actually I need Jesus in my life for me to be happy and now that my life revolves on Him I'm a very happy person.

How about you what do you need to be happy?


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Visiting our Dear Brethren

We were very happy in our church because our dear church mate has just survived a major attack of asthma and hypertension. She was in ICU for several days and amazingly recovered after the whole church healing prayer. When husband and I visited her on the hospital she’s looking better than when she first arrived in the hospital. We saw that her cheeks got some rosy color and she can talk and smile at us. I don’t like going to hospitals and seeing patients in bad state of health but I really want to see her so we decided to drop a visit after office hours. 

Passing by hospital reception we saw some patients in emergency room and equipments like pulse oximeter, ambulatory monitors, medical carts, blood pressure monitors and a lot more. Our patient was then located at the 7th floor and before we got there I prayed that everything will be fine which turned out good as many of our brothers and sisters in the church were already there attending to our sick sister. We conducted a prayer there and happy that our patient has showed positive signs of recovery. We’re hoping that by next week we’ll be able to see her in our Sunday fellowship.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Choosing New Musical Instruments

My nephew who knows how to play piano, guitar, drums and other musical instruments wants to buy a new electric guitar and accessories but he’s waiting for musicians friend promo code so he can buy his needed things at a much lower cost. It’s really nice when you’re buying your things through the help of promo code or special deals and discounts. It makes you feel very economical and wise at the same time. So my dear nephew will now have to choose what instrument she will be choosing.


Food Cart Business

As I go about thinking of how we can augment our family’s financial status I noticed the food cart being sold at the ground floor of our rented building. We’re renting at the fourth storey of a commercial and office building for our fellowship venue and at the bottom of the floor a well-known dealer and supplier of variety of food carts. Some of the carts they’re selling are those that can sell hotdogs, burgers, fried noodles, dimsum and a lot more. What I like about the carts are the presentation and nice design of carts enough to attract attention of buyers which is good in selling business. I also want to buy a franchise on one of those carts but I’m hesitant because there’s no one to manage my prospective business. Maybe I’ll think about it again when I’m ready to leave my corporate work and return to working at home again.


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