Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Moving and Home Options for Military Families

Families should stay together come what may because it will define your bond with each other. Familiarity, love and constant communication plays a vital role in keeping the family together. This is so true but when I think about how military families  can adapt to this I can say that they will have some adjustments as working in military means setting aside your personal things when the call for service arise. 

I find their profession noble because they fight for the country even if it spells danger. Their families suffer when they need to move housing frequently to their new assignment thus schooling kids need to adjust when they do some moving. Imagine moving and transferring to new home every 3 years? Well that’s hard especially that children need to transfer to new school on that frequent basis. It’s good that now military men can chose housing of their own with off base housing and can be with their families. See infographic below showing some studies about house buying options for military families:


Storing Tools for Construction Needs

When we do some home repairs we sometimes look for small screws or bolts that we need for specific equipment. Oftentimes it’s not advisable to buy because you’ll just be storing the rest in your stock room since you only need two or three of that kind. This is the reason why most of the times I just ask my brother if he has any because he has a big stock room of tools, screws, nails, bolts and nuts and every equipment and accessories for his construction business. 

He always have two or three residential and building projects in construction progress and finds a need to store some tools be it construction, building or even reid tools to eliminate the rush in buying when they need it. He makes it a point that he has everything in his stock room when the construction starts rolling so he’ll be relaxed in planning and supervising most of his building projects.


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