Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Law and Human Rights

Family is the smallest form of society and they’re the first we came to live with after we’re born into this world. A good family can bring a person to its best advantage with a good breeding, right conduct, good education and faith in God. On the contrary growing up with a bad family with bad manners and wrong lifestyle can lead to bringing up difficult children in the future. Lucky are those who grew up with good parents and nice siblings pampered with love and attention because they will also carry the love they have enjoyed to their own children as well.

Anyway not all children are lucky enough to have a good family or good breeding. Some may even experience violation of human rights or beating from their own parents or relatives. I feel bad whenever I read news or heard over television that there are children who were victims of  abuse, severe beating and maltreatment by their own parents. Most of the times these cases are hard to detect as it happen inside their own homes and children are usually afraid to let others know of their situation. I know that it should be guided with family law that punishes violation of such kinds.

There’s a group of solicitors that handles this kind of violations involving families. They provide professional knowledge and legal expertise on such human rights violations on their own family members. They can actually ask for justifiable help to end up being abused of beating up and severe punishment. Free yourself of burden and consult this kind of case and other kinds of family law cases.


What Do Guys Like About You?

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

And not in that "cry at a drop of a hat" sort of way
You just get most guys - even if you're not trying to
Guys find it is easy to confide in you and tell you their secrets
No wonder you tend to get close quickly in relationships!

I really tend to get close quickly in relationships but mostly in deep friendship more like sisters and brothers lol! I have quite a lot of male friends since I was a student up to my working days.  They say that my boyish attitude makes them feel very comfortable with me.

DH used to be my close friend too and we're close friends for two happy years before we realized it's beyond friendship that we're destined.


Investment for College Education

Time flies so fast that every time I looked at my kids I noticed that they’re growing up so fast and soon they will be taller than me. I never considered myself short or tall as I’m a little taller than the average height only just one inch more than the required height. When I was their age I was small and I’m imagining how tall they would be when they reached their debut. 

Anyway few years from now our eldest daughter will be going to college and as early as now we’re planning some small investments here and there so when the time comes that she will be needing big amount for her desired college course I’ll have something to support her. Like all parents I know we want the best for our children so I’m thinking of investing on jewelries or buy gold bullion because I want a sure investment. I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on investment that sinks.


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