Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning Mom's Birthday

Mom is suffering from arthritis pain again and I’m glad that after taking her medicine and massaging oil on her knees she felt much better. I’m actually surprised because she usually experienced those pains when we have cold weather. By the hot temperature we’re having she still feels the pain in her knee making me think of having arthritis knee brace for her though I know she wouldn’t have it. 

Anyway I hope that she’ll feel better soon as her birthday is just a month away and we want her to enjoy the celebration without pain on her knees. She’ll be turning 79 on May and we’re now busy planning where we will celebrate it. Last year we had it in Lake Villa Resort in one of the towns in Rizal where we joined with our relatives in Mom’s hometown province. They came all the way from our province and Mom was so happy. Hope we’ll have another happy celebration this year.


Open Office, Instant Messenger, Notepad Downloads and More

The online world which I embraced to be my sole workplace for nearly two years now has everything I need for my online writing job and more. It has given me access to downloadable software that helped me a lot in dealing with my everyday online tasks plus the daily chats with my friends. These are some of the beneficial sites that I came to find online:

1. Miranda IM
This free instant messenger is the smaller alternative to instant messaging because it has a low memory footprint. As a user of daily instant messenger I’m glad to find another IM that can give me ease and comfort in chatting with my friends plus I love their add-ons.

2. MPlayer
This is the software for your movie playing needs. It runs on many systems thus it plays many different video formats like DVD, DivX, WMV and a lot more. Can be use on Mac OS X or Linux user.

3. NotePad++ Downloads
I’m a constant user of Notepad and I find it just right for my usual notes at work. I’m glad to find NotePad++ offers plug-ins for various needs and supports several languages. 

4. OpenOffice Downloads
This one is the most flexible for me as it covers programs for the usual software I used in doing my tasks like word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations and more. Well OpenOffice has new updates and improvements and I’m yearning to explore its functions.

5. Pidgin Download
Communication bridge differences between people and with the influx of chat networks it makes communication faster and more convenient for people in all walks of life. Pidgin offers solution to connecting all of your chat networks simultaneously.


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