Friday, September 11, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #41


What a site to see as it looks the clouds are forming a big circle here on top of the buildings, actually I'm a bit scared on the multitude. Looking at the sky is such a lovely thing to do but sometimes the sudden formation of clouds invites some imagination on your mind. When I was a child my friends and I would always look on imaginary objects on the cloud. It's exciting on one end but often we see imaginary scary creatures. Anyway it's not always scary as on other occasion we see funny objects. How about you have you tried defining objects on cloud formation?

Happy Friday! Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Choosing the Right Web Host for Your Blog

I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I know how hard it is when your web hosting is down. I’m lucky to find a host that never gives me headache because I never experience the trouble of unreliable hosting. I’m glad that before I choose my web host I consulted my friend and read some reviews. There are many things to consider in choosing your host and it should meet your specific requirements on things pertaining to server time, reliability, technical support and package price plan.

Maintaining your own web site is not easy so you should be careful in selecting the host that will support your site 24 hours a day with minimal or no server downtime. If you want to search and find the best web hosting site for your blog you can try visiting It is a free research guide to help all interested users see for themselves the right and appropriate web host for their sites. They listed the top ten web host with their package price plan, reliability, capabilities, uptime and technical support that will help them with inquiries and trouble shooting.

Even novice can have a detailed idea on what they need for their site and can easily select from the detailed information written alongside each top web host. It’s really a big help and even if I already have my own domain and web host I still browse online for updates.


Friday 5 : Bottles

Just wanna be carefree this time as I'm having this friday 5 for this week, it's my first time here also. Here's what I have for an answer:

  1. When did you last drink something out of a glass bottle? Just recently when I visited my bestfriend.
  2. Whose energy would you like to bottle for those future listless days? My son Josh as he's so active and energetic since he was born :-) He keeps on playing his transformers while making some funny sound of helicopter. He also have a habit of asking 101 questions a day that will make your nose bleed lol! When he wants to relax he'll sing God is good all the time.....
  3. How many plastic bottles are there in your shower, and what’s in them? Two only for shampoo and conditioner
  4. Who in your life could be described as lightning in a bottle? There's no better answer than my hubby of course!
  5. You’re playing Spin-the-Bottle with your sixth-grade classmates. When it’s your turn, to whom do you want the bottle pointing? None I think! I'm not that interested lol!


Changing Weather Makes Us Sick

It’s raining hard these past few days and though I love rainy days I sometimes get worried that my kids would get sick on sudden weather changes. For the last two weeks I took Josh with me on attending my bible study but this week I opted not to bring him because he might catch colds. Sudden change in weather causes some sickness in the respiratory part of our bodies thus bringing us cough, colds and other respiratory related sickness. I don’t want my kids to be sick as it can make their bodies weak and I don’t want to go to hospital. I just go to hospitals frequently when I’m pregnant but when I’m not I dreaded the sight of dextrose hanging on the patients bed, the bag of blood being transferred to weak patients or being studied on the exam table. That’s the last thing in my mind these days as I’m also very busy in my online job. I just hope and pray that God will always protect my kids wherever they go, be it in school or in our house.


Catching Up

I have to catch up with my online tasks today as I’ve already lagged behind my schedule on the two days checkup of my connection. I was tired and sleepy from Wednesday bible study because we went home past 11pm giving me just a few hours of sleeping time before I cook and prepare for my kids’ packed lunch. Josh is having monthly exams these Thursday and Friday so I’m giving him some of my time for his review exercises.

Josh didn’t want to review for his exams in the past two years but he excels in his class. I think he has other style of learning so I just told him I’m only giving him review exercises which are just fine to him. Mom should really be wise in attending to their children’s need or their kids will turn out spoiled and hard to deal with. Anyway it’s the last day of exam so we can rest now with his subjects and I can go back to my work online.


Choosing A Reliable Host

When I looked back how I really got into this blogging world I remember my friend who called me one day and coaxed me into opening my own site. It was a new and exciting world for me as I’m getting bored with my work then. I’m not saying that my work is not a good one as I’m working in a small telco company then and I’m responsible for administration, HR, accounting, credit & collection and carrier settlement disputes. Wow I really had a quite multitasking job but it didn’t make my day exciting as it’s not what I want to do in my life then. With my stable job I can’t fully monitor my kids, I can’t go where I want and I didn’t want to stay long in my work. I’ve served the company for more than 15 years and I can’t stay longer because I felt my life can be more fruitful.

With blogging I can have a world of my own, my site is an expression of my life and I got to share inspirational thoughts on it. It’s a nice feeling when you can share God’s wonderful blessings worldwide. Well blogging hooked my life day and night and it also gave me a chance to earn money online which for me is quite a bonus as I’ve enjoyed blogging and I learned a lot from it.

After months of exploring things on my free hosted blog I decided to have my own domain and be hosted by one of the best web hosting sites. I realized that having your own hosted site is a lot of help also as it brings you more capabilities. Even now that I have my host I still read reviews online like just host review and I’ve found out that it reached the #2 slot in the web hosting list. It’s a new web hosting company based in London and offers low cost price plans. Being cheap and low cost doesn’t mean lesser quality as they provide good customer service, excellent technical support, and guaranteed reliability on their hosting services.


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