Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching Up

I have to catch up with my online tasks today as I’ve already lagged behind my schedule on the two days checkup of my connection. I was tired and sleepy from Wednesday bible study because we went home past 11pm giving me just a few hours of sleeping time before I cook and prepare for my kids’ packed lunch. Josh is having monthly exams these Thursday and Friday so I’m giving him some of my time for his review exercises.

Josh didn’t want to review for his exams in the past two years but he excels in his class. I think he has other style of learning so I just told him I’m only giving him review exercises which are just fine to him. Mom should really be wise in attending to their children’s need or their kids will turn out spoiled and hard to deal with. Anyway it’s the last day of exam so we can rest now with his subjects and I can go back to my work online.


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