Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prenatal Vitamins

I feel like getting back to my bed now as I don’t feel good staying late. I just recovered from back pains and from my fall last month and I can’t afford to be sick again as my work is affected. I’m thinking if I should go to my doctor and ask for advice on what vitamins should I take for my strength that would not make my appetite bigger. I want to be healthy but I don’t want to be over weight.

I’m not much so keen on taking vitamins because I’m more adapted to natural ones like fruits and the only vitamins that I took was when I was pregnant. Pregnant mothers should take prenatal vitamin to get enough nutrients for them and their babies inside the womb. It’s a kind of supplement that’s perfect and made only for the mother and babies. Guess I’ve passed by this stage already, I’m happy with my 2 daughters and son.


Working at Home

It’s getting late again and I know I should be stopping now because as per doctor’s advice I should refrain from working too late at night to restore my strength again. I guess I can’t help it once or twice a week especially if I have too many tasks on due. With the current economic crisis now you’re lucky if you have a stable job, some business that has enough earnings or if you have online job like me. It’s really comfortable to work in your own home and it’s like hitting two birds in one stone and that’s earning good income while taking care of the kids. Just the thought of not having a helper now made me smile because I don’t have to allot funds for them. These days every little expense should be taken in consideration and before indulging in some things we should be wiser in our spending ways.


Cleansing Diet

I’ve been reading books and glad that I’ve found some really good tips on losing some excess pounds through exercise, healthy foods and proper diet. I want to start a cleansing diet but afraid that it might be too soon for me. I know I should limit my intake of food first before diving into cleansing diet to train my stomach into taking lesser foods.

Cleansing foods are really good not only to remove excess pounds but to cleanse our system as well. I’d like to try this before I heed to my friend’s advice of taking some fat burners to eliminate some pounds immediately. I’ve been reading diet reviews like hydroxycut review and I think they’re not for me as I’m accustomed to having natural diet plan. I’ll try to remove pork meat in my regular food plan and replace it with fish and veggies.


Unconscious Mutterings : Week#364

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Weak :: coward, sick
  2. Flashy :: proud, showoff
  3. Sack :: rice, race
  4. Business :: capital, profit, company
  5. Purple :: violet
  6. Fan :: electric, manual
  7. Airline :: airport, international
  8. Guide :: tourist
  9. Lunch :: break
  10. Exercise :: physical, gym, workout
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School Days Reminisce

I was visited by my old friend in school and it’s been years since we’ve seen each other. School day stories were endless and look as if one day is not enough for us to recover from missing each other. She’s still working in accounting firm and was shocked to hear that I’ve been employed to do accounting works as well. She knows that my profession is Computer Engineering and she laughed at my stories of how I managed to work in accounting department with no formal education on it. Anyway it’s really a good-old-days’ chat but she didn’t finished the whole afternoon with me as she’s having some difficulty in her sitting position and she forgot that she has a doctor schedule for treatment for hemorrhoid. So that’s the reason also of her painful feeling but she said this doctor she had an appointment with is a good one and guarantees a good treatment. She’s promised to return again as soon as possible.


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