Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black Friday Discounts

I’m doing my wish list now for my birthday in two months time and of course it will include a new digicam to replace my 3-year old one which died on me last July. Since I don’t want to replace the over exposed lens once again I really plan to buy a new one. The old digicam which I bought 3 years ago is not actually useless as it’s still running smoothly on videos but since I really need a cam which has a higher megapixels and optical zoom I think it’s just worthy to buy myself a new one.

We’ll be having travels this coming months and it will be fun to have my dream digicam on those travels. Now I’m looking for the best store to buy and since I really need a discount and good deal I’m thinking of buying on Black Friday sale. I heard from my friends that it’s the best season to buy and discounts are overflowing. It will be also more relaxing and convenient to buy it online and use my PayPal or card. I just hope that the camera I want will be sold at desired discounted price.


Gifts For Special Men

My friend asked me to give her ideas on what to give her husband on their 12th wedding anniversary which is approaching this last week of October. Since they’re both working abroad we only communicate online and she’s asking me to help her find the best gifts for men to choose from. She wants to surprise her husband but they’re always together even at work so we’ll be working hand in hand to order it online.

Oh well it’s actually an easy task because there are many online sites where you can find the best and unique gifts for your special loved ones especially our beloved partner in life. For the men there are wide varieties of choices for them like watches, bags, car gadgets, accessories case and a lot more as the gift would depend on their preferences and hobbies. I’m actually thinking also of buying hubby small gifts to use for his Sunday service accessories like ties, cuff link and cases. I’ve seen some nice ones online and it will be very useful to him.


Memories Still Lives

When I visited the school of my second grader and paid for his quarterly school fees I noticed that they’ve nice personalized name tags in the administration department. There you can see their individual designation and position. Of course the most noticeable is the administrator’s and principal engraved name which are written in gold in a distinctive letter font that I love best. 

Suddenly I remembered my father’s name tag when he was still working in our town municipality. I love seeing it when I was a child, somewhat proud that he’s one of the best officials in town as proven by the appreciation awards and plaques collected from his twenty years of service. The name tag is still with us together with my father’s old personal things when he was still alive. He has passed away but his memories still lives with us.


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