Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Kids' Future Jobs

I was having fun with the kids watching a movie when we talked about their ambitions in life. That’s the term they used when they want to talk about what they want to be after college. As young as they are they have their goals in life already. The eldest would want to be a Civil Engineer like my brother and I think she’s fit as she’s good in Math, has a gift with arts and design, has an analytical mind and a flair for beautiful homes and buildings. The second wants to be a Professor or Teacher just like my Mom. She’s actually the achiever among the siblings and I think that she’ll be a good contribution to the field of Education with her zest for learning things. She also has the best patience with teaching kids so I think she can deal with them.

I asked them if no one with go with Business Analyst Jobs in the future and my youngest kid answered me that he’ll think it over but for now he dreams of being an Architect. He whispered to me that our house will be his first project lol! Well time flies so fast and in time I’ll have an Engineer, Teacher and an Architect in the house when I’m older and writing again at home.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Luxury Bedding and Home Furnishings

My students are very happy that their teachers announced that they will resume classes on Wednesday. It's actually my youngest who is on second grade who told me that their classes are suspended on Monday and Tuesday. I asked him as if I didn't know the holiday and he explained to me that the government has declared the holiday. It was fun talking to him especially that he's really very patient in answering multiple questions lol! Since my students and DH are on vacation I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. I was sick at the start of the week and I really want to rest, sleep and just let the time pass on us. I was planning on cooking something special and doing some house arrangement. I had an inventory of things and I found out that we should be buying new things for the bedroom.

As we need to rest on the long weekend it would be more relaxing if we would have comfortable bedding I saw on Versai-la. They offer high quality luxury bedding, pillows, comforters, blankets and other bedroom accessories. For the other parts of the house they also have fine linens that you could use for your bathroom, dining, kitchen and for your home furnishings. It's important for me to have these things in the house because it will make us not only comfortable but will make the bedrooms look beautiful with these stylish bedding and home accessories. We find solace in our home so we might as well make it as nice and welcoming as it could ever be.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Car Reviews

Men love cars and it starts in their toddler years where they prefer toy cars than any other toys. Well most of the kids I know collect miniature and big toy cars and it pleased them to see them on their glass cabinets. That’s what men are even on their younger years. They only differ in taste and on their capacity to own. If you’re just an average earning employee you can settle for a simple but running good car but if you’re the type who can afford to have more than you’re likely to dream for the hot branded cars like lamborghini which suits those who want outrageous styling in a car. Just look at the car and you know what I’m talking about.

Just like cars men have different style to show. Some want the hot branded super sleek design inside and out but others especially the seniors want a simple but elegant look. Whatever your preference is be it mercedez benz, audi a4, Honda, Hyundai or any other beautiful cars be sure to check them for a complete list of reviews for all types, make and brand of new cars. They have a wide array of all brands and make of cars for review so they will be seeing the advantage and disadvantages of the particular car being reviewed.
I’m also fond of looking up for beautiful cars and I’m always reading reviews on the latest car on sale in the market. My sister works for a car company also and we share the same hobby of reading reviews. Just now I’m looking at the chevy traverse, one of the safest vehicles in its class and found out some likes and dislikes. The Chevrolet traverse has a solid build quality, decent fuel efficiency, refined ride and with smooth-shifting transmission but it has a luck luster styling and high cargo floor with unhurried acceleration. This car can seat up to 8 persons. For other car reviews you can visit them and search for yourself the car of your choice.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Added to My List

I went to the mall to buy ink cartridges for one of the printers that we’re using in the office. As I’m the one in-charged with the supplies in the office I should buy stocks upon using the last stock in the store room. Our part-time help in the office should buy it for me but she’s on other errands so I volunteered to do the job. As always store malls are quite an attraction to tempt you of nice things to buy. Well it takes a lot to tempt me not unless it’s a gadget. That’s my weakness and unfortunately that’s where I’m heading at that time.

I went to Cyber Zone and look for specific cartridges I need passing through shops selling discounted toshiba netbooks, laptops, digital cameras and many other accessories. I remembered that I should canvass also for a new digital camera with much larger zoom because my cam died down on me again with its lens. It’s still ok for video recording but not for still pictures , I went to my fave camera brand shop after the purchase and got the list of prices for cameras. Now I added a new notebook and digicam in my wish list and hope to buy at least one of them before my birthday.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Help in Consolidating Your Loan

Managing finances takes not only skills in budgeting but of discipline on setting up priorities. There should be a table of priorities so you’ll know what to buy first when you get your salary. Basic necessities should be the first priority then followed by other necessities. Purchase of goods on whims should be the last priority as things like those should be bought when you have extra money. Failure to come up with a good managed budgeting plan will bring you to debts and loans that will make your life miserable if you will not know how to solve it. It’s easy to get payday loans but we must instill in our minds that it also takes shorter time to pay thus the pressure on budgeting your money will soon bring problem. Anyway if you’re in this kind of dilemma there’s Payday Loan Debt Help which can help you understand advantages and disadvantages of payday loans and any other loans that you might have. Worse situation is if you have multiple loans in your hands that you find hard to handle.

Having plenty of cash advances and loans will take you nowhere but to bankruptcy. Sometimes due to nonpayment of some of your loans you’ll have nonstop collection calls on your home which can stress you all the more. Before this could happen you should know How to Consolidate Payday Loans so you will not be burdened with unwanted calls and you’ll be able to consolidate all your loans into one single loan which would require a single monthly payment with lower interest per month.

This loan consolidation proved to be of great help to those with several loans which can eliminate high and accumulating interest. With Payday loan Help you’ll be able to break the chain of spending hard earned money on accumulating fees and interest charges. Consultation is free and no upfront fees to pay. They will work things out for you and when you’re finished with their financial plan and loan consolidation you’ll be free from debts and you’ll return to your normal life free of debt. Isn’t it sweet!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Good Uncle

My uncle who is a second cousin of my Mom grew up with her like a best friend. Mom would always talk about him riding on a bicycle with her on the highway near the rice field and she was always protective of him because he was smaller and younger than my Mom. They were close up to when they finished studies and started working. Soon after they had their own families they missed communications as Mom lived in the town of my father and Uncle Ramon lived in the city. They both left their provincial hometown and reunited after 15 years. It was such a happy moment for the two cousins and we were part of it as every other weekend he would drop by the house after his golf activities. He even offered me a nice job in one of the prestigious companies in Makati but I declined as I found a job on my own in my career field. 

He was such a great help and inspiration to us and been like a father since my own father had undergone mild stroke. We never knew that behind the happy face he was suffering from diabetes and one day we learned that he died on severe attack of his diabetes. We were surprised, sad and from then on I considered diabetes as a disease that should be taken care of with intense monitoring and supervision because it can lead to complications of some sorts. It should also be cured with the right medicines that can give treatment and not severe side effects like that of Actos, an oral diabetes medicine that was found to cause cardiovascular and bladder injuries. I learned that victims of this drug can now file for Actos lawsuit since recent studies confirmed that it can lead to heart attacks, heart failure and bladder cancer. If you’re one of these people you can get help from Actos Injury lawyers at O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Lighting Fixtures

My brother is in the construction industry and works as the Engineer. In all of the projects that he deals with, he makes sure that he handles all the purchase of materials for his contract projects up to the finishing touches of the house. He's very careful in choosing the kind of material because after all his name is at stake with all his projects. Each project he finished are like accomplished medals on his name so he makes all his projects with all the high quality things needed. Like me he's also fond of decorating houses being a natural artist since he's a child. He designs his own house and it reflects all his moods, his preferences and his likings. Just like how he chooses his home lighting fixtures it reflects his personality and characteristics.

Lately he has made some renovations in his house extending the living room up to their previous office room location and transferred his office in the attic for a more peaceful ambiance. He's looking for a way to change the confined atmosphere of his kitchen and looking for stylish discount lighting fixtures that would turn the looks of their formal kitchen into a cozier kitchen area. I suggested that he add some pendant light fixtures which I found so attractive when I searched Echo Lighting Design Gallery. I of course recommended it to my brother who never seems to stop now with decorating his new attic office. Maybe he'll put some wall lamps in there to create a peaceful yet functional look of an office. The site has a complete for all lighting products and fixtures like ceiling fans, lamps, chandeliers, exterior lights, home accents and more.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Gift Ideas for My Siblings


I’ve been thinking about my siblings’ birthday and they’re just two if you must know. I have one brother and one sister which I thought in the past very few compared to my other friends’ siblings. They said that we’re perfect in numbers just like what you will see in the nursery books where there’s an elder brother, an elder sister and the youngest kid. We have harmony in our birthdates we have every other month birthdays starting in August and ending on December. We’re three kids in the family and we have 3-year gap each which you might say very organized and planned but it’s really a coincidence that we have 3-year difference in age.

imageAnyway what I’m thinking now is my gift for them on their coming birthdays and been searching the net for some accessories for ladies and men like bulova watches, bags, shoes or their favorite type of clothing. It’s much easier to think of gift for my younger sister as we have more or less the same penchant for things except that she has more class in taste lol! She goes for more trends in fashion while I opt for simple things. I prefer gadgets than women’s accessories while she fancies accessories. If I have more financial blessing this month I want to give her what she really wishes for her birthday as I’m her only sister who knows her wants the most.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Promise Ring

Every time I see the ring on my finger I remember how Ed and I have vowed our promise on our wedding day. Even before we got married we already said our vows that we will love each other come what may but the ring has symbolized the strength of our promise and our love. As our officiating Pastor said when we slipped the ring on each other’s finger that the circle shape of the ring symbolizes infinity meaning endless and boundless love.

And so love should be like that between couples, their love should see them through the storms of life and in every trial that they will meet along the way. Glad to find more about promise ring and how its meaning became the promise of one’s love or loyalty in makemypromisering.com. I love reading about love, marriage, symbolism of ring and everything about the promise ring. I even love seeing several beautiful rings which can also be your choice of promise ring to your loved ones.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Discount Fashion Jewelry

Wearing accessories is one of the things that women love to do. Fashion is not complete without a single accessory to match your chic dress. There are various kinds of accessories but the most common type is jewelry. It's been the oldest form of women accessories that dated back in the early age of civilization. Women love to wear necklace, bracelets, rings and other jewelry that will enhance their style of dressing. It's also the most common gift on courtship and dowry on weddings. Well with our modern technology now the love for jewelry accessories never runs out of fashion but today there are discount fashion jewelry to accentuate your beautiful clothes.

These days it doesn't matter if you're wearing a 24-carat or a low-carat necklace or bracelet as long as you carry it with style and chic fashion. Find some beautiful designer inspired jewelry at a price you can afford. You don't have to round up your favorite stores to look for the perfect accessory for your dress because you can search cheap costume jewelry online conveniently and in the comfort of your home. FindersKeeperJewelry offers visitors with exquisite designer quality jewelries without burdening their clients with designer jewelry prices.

They also accept wholesale orders and various methods of paying while ensuring your security. Get those costume jewelry rings with the help of printable ring sizer which makes shopping very enjoyable. Browsing through their wide variety of products makes you dream about having it for your own or giving your closest friends and family the best gift they deserve. So if you're really interested just check them out and experience the elegance and fashion of wearing designer inspired jewelry accessories without being expensive.


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