Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Car Reviews

Men love cars and it starts in their toddler years where they prefer toy cars than any other toys. Well most of the kids I know collect miniature and big toy cars and it pleased them to see them on their glass cabinets. That’s what men are even on their younger years. They only differ in taste and on their capacity to own. If you’re just an average earning employee you can settle for a simple but running good car but if you’re the type who can afford to have more than you’re likely to dream for the hot branded cars like lamborghini which suits those who want outrageous styling in a car. Just look at the car and you know what I’m talking about.

Just like cars men have different style to show. Some want the hot branded super sleek design inside and out but others especially the seniors want a simple but elegant look. Whatever your preference is be it mercedez benz, audi a4, Honda, Hyundai or any other beautiful cars be sure to check them for a complete list of reviews for all types, make and brand of new cars. They have a wide array of all brands and make of cars for review so they will be seeing the advantage and disadvantages of the particular car being reviewed.
I’m also fond of looking up for beautiful cars and I’m always reading reviews on the latest car on sale in the market. My sister works for a car company also and we share the same hobby of reading reviews. Just now I’m looking at the chevy traverse, one of the safest vehicles in its class and found out some likes and dislikes. The Chevrolet traverse has a solid build quality, decent fuel efficiency, refined ride and with smooth-shifting transmission but it has a luck luster styling and high cargo floor with unhurried acceleration. This car can seat up to 8 persons. For other car reviews you can visit them and search for yourself the car of your choice.


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