Friday, August 19, 2011

Added to My List

I went to the mall to buy ink cartridges for one of the printers that we’re using in the office. As I’m the one in-charged with the supplies in the office I should buy stocks upon using the last stock in the store room. Our part-time help in the office should buy it for me but she’s on other errands so I volunteered to do the job. As always store malls are quite an attraction to tempt you of nice things to buy. Well it takes a lot to tempt me not unless it’s a gadget. That’s my weakness and unfortunately that’s where I’m heading at that time.

I went to Cyber Zone and look for specific cartridges I need passing through shops selling discounted toshiba netbooks, laptops, digital cameras and many other accessories. I remembered that I should canvass also for a new digital camera with much larger zoom because my cam died down on me again with its lens. It’s still ok for video recording but not for still pictures , I went to my fave camera brand shop after the purchase and got the list of prices for cameras. Now I added a new notebook and digicam in my wish list and hope to buy at least one of them before my birthday.


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