Thursday, December 8, 2011

Affordable Quality Health Care

My friend who has suffered from broken bones ailment last year went through a lot of treatment and therapy before coming back to her regular routine and schedule. She was shopping for their weekly goodies in a supermarket when she slipped on one of the wet floors there. There was no warning neither a note that it’s wet so people continue to pass by the wet corner when suddenly my friend passed that corner and she slipped along with her grocery cart. The management was sorry enough for her that she was rushed to the nearest clinic at first. She didn’t demand for anything but for the expenses of the checkup and the management gave her a delivery benefits for the things that she would buy for the store until she was fully recovered.

Since all had happened so fast she was surprised how it made a big difference in her life. She has a sickness that would complicate with an ordinary surgeon so she consulted their family doctor to declare what’s the best treatment for her. Well she didn’t walk for more than six months which completely changed her life. She did looked for specialist for her bones and she searched for the likes of orthopedic surgeons Richmond because they offer personalized healthcare and she loves treatment like that. 

Stony Point Surgery in Richmond is an outpatient surgical facility which offers the best care, surgeons and the best facility to look into their patients’ condition. They specialized in orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, ear,nose,throat, interventional spine center and various surgeries. They’re not attached to hospitals and emergency clinics that’s why they can plan and schedule appointments easily. They can give their patients the same convenience and quality health care as when you go to big hospitals, best of all they’re affordable and provide quality service as well.


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