Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Additional Memory

I bought an additional 1GB memory for my computer last week but I haven’t installed it yet due to a very busy schedule which I can call a hectic one. Bigger capacity of random access memory is very important especially if you’re visiting many sites. Before I purchased an additional memory for my desktop I canvassed for the brand and price so I‘ll know which is the better choice for me. I also need to find some details and prices of mac memory for a friend’s computer.

We both need an upgrade in memory because we love visiting several sites and our existing memories are not enough for the tasks I’m always doing. Anyway when I bought my PC I’m just a new kid in blogging and didn’t know that I need to have a good traffic for my sites. I should have bought the maximum memory capacity then. Well now that I bought my new RAM next week I’ll install it when I have the time.


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